10 January 2013

Custom Dance Bags

We’ve discovered a cool new trend on YouTube where dancers make videos entitled “What’s In My Dance Bag”.  We’re very excited to have our custom dance bags featured in several videos. These videos all showcase our Custom Name Dance Bag, which is a duffel style, but we have many other styles to choose from!

You can customize all of our bags with your name, dance troupe, school, or whatever else you would like. Plus, we have a variety of dance art to use on the bags. In addition, we have a great selection of dance t-shirts and other gear so you can strut your stuff in style!

Thanks for the kind words, ladies! We’re glad you love your dance bags!

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19 October 2009

CustomizedGirl.com Sponsors Miss America’s Outstanding Teen!

Customized Girl decided to sponsor Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competition this year! Check out how fabulous these ladies look our custom t-shirts with Rhinestones!! Enjoy!

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21 September 2009

Bella Canvas 2010 Photo Shoot [Video]

At CustomizedGirl.com we strive to give our customers the best products available in our field. We have been working with Bella to do just that! This video is from the Bella 2010 Canvas Photo shoot. You will see some of the future fashions coming to CustomizedGirl.com. Enjoy! Let us know what you think about it and which products are your favorite by commenting below!

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22 May 2009

Subscribe to Customized Girl YouTube Channel for a Discount

Customized Girl is on YouTube! Check out some of our latest and greatest videos that we post and receive a special discount code to Customized Girl just for subscribing! You’ll find a ton of funny video content that we produce right here at Customized Girl. Also, if you are looking for the latest deals that we have to offer we are going to regularly post our latest and greatest deals from there as well. Make sure you subscribe to the Customized Girl YouTube Channel to keep up with the all that we have to offer. After you have subscribed we will send you your discount code for 10% off of your next purchase via YouTube message.


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8 May 2009

How I Got Pregnant On Vacation [VIDEO]

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17 April 2009

Custom Race Tees For The Cure at Customized Girl

Here is the video Transcript:
“At CustomizedGirl.com, you can feel good about making a difference as you celebrate a survivor, or honor the memory of loved ones. Customized Girl already sells thousands of personalized tees to runners and supporters of Breast Cancer Awareness — this is our chance to do something great for our community, and support a cause we believe in. Not only will we give you $5 off your order, but we will donate 10% of the proceeds to Breast Cancer Charities. Here are some samples of designs made by other Customized Girls. See you at the races, and don’t forget to Custom Design Your Shirt To Find The Cure! From all of us at Customized Girl, thank you for your help in the fight against Breast Cancer.”

Shop Breast Cancer Race Tee Shirts Now

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14 April 2009

Customized Girl Spring 2009 Photo Shoot

Customized Girl has been doing photo shoots for awhile now. This is a video of Customized Girl’s Spring 2009 Photo Shoot. We hope you enjoy the video of the photo shoot as much as we enjoyed making it.

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31 December 2008

T-Shirt’s Have Gone Video

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share this cool t-shirt video we found while browsing Youtube. Enjoy. Courtesy of Vice Records.


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30 December 2008

Happy Holidays


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