15 November 2013

Movember Means Mustache Shirts

The month long dedication to men growing their mustaches (or beards) is finally here! Soon men everywhere will be channeling their inner mountain man to grow their facial hair long and proud to bring awareness to men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

While it may seem like men get to have all the fun in Movember by growing a beard or mustache, there is a way for women to support and celebrate No Shave November as well. Customize your own mustache or beard shirt to wear in support of men’s health or create one for your man to wear with his ‘stache! Now not only will you be looking trendy in a beard or mustache shirt you personalized yourself, but you will be showing your support for men’s health during Movember.

Mustache and beard lovers rejoice!

Mustache Shirts

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Mustache Love

It’s Movember!

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8 November 2013

It’s a Slam Dunk for Custom Basketball Mom Shirts

It’s basketball season! Time for great three point shots from down the court and quick moves to the hoop for easy layups! While your son or daughter is tearing it up on the court, they need their mom, aka their number one fan, getting people fired up in the stands! Since you can only cheer on your son or daughter so loud, you’ll need some custom apparel that will make some noise too!

Lucky for you and all the other basketball moms, we have an all-star line up of basketball mom shirts just waiting for you customize! We know you can’t have the other basketball moms showing you up with better shirts, and that won’t be the case when you choose to customize your shirts with us! Make sure your basketball shirt is customized with your son or daughter’s name, number and even team name on it. Once the moms from the visiting team get sight of your custom shirt, they will know the competitive advantage is on your team’s side!

Basketball Mom Shirts

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7 November 2013

Turkey Trot Shirts – No Guilt Later!

What do you have planned for Thanksgiving? Probably a big feast with all the fixings, watching the parade, and sorting through all the great deals you want to take advantage of on Black Friday! While these are all must-haves on Thanksgiving, create a new tradition this year with an activity that is growing in popularity by signing up for your local turkey trot or turkey run! Before dining on a bounty of turkey, yams and pie, choose to get a workout in, so the guilt is gone later!

If you are running a turkey trot this year, stand out from the crowd of participants with turkey trot shirts that are customized by you! We have tons of great designs already started for you so all you have to do is add in the details of your event. Choose a turkey trot design on one of our long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts so you are warm for the entire race or use our design center to place your favorite turkey trot design on any item you would like! Plus, at the end of the race, you’ll have a commemorative shirt to remember this year’s turkey trot and Thanksgiving for years to come!

Want Turkey Trot Shirts? We’ve Got Them!

Turkey Trot Champion Custom Shirt

Turkey Trot Neon Custom Shirt

Turkey Trot Race Custom Shirt

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Custom Shirt

Turkey Trot Custom Shirt

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24 October 2013

Halloween Maternity Shirts and Halloween Onesies for Trick or Treating

If it is your baby’s first Halloween and you want to take them out for their first trick or treating adventure, a custom Halloween onesie can make the perfect costume for your little monster! After all, you might as well get in as much trick or treat time with them as possible, because before you know it, they will no longer want to go!

We have many cute, funny and scary Halloween onesies that will be sure to bring lots of attention and of course, candy! Oh yes, since your little one will be too young for the sweet treats, they will be all yours for the taking (another plus to celebrating baby’s first Halloween)!

What if you still have a bun in the oven and want to join in on the Halloween fun? No problem! We have the best Halloween maternity shirts you can find! We have taken our popular peek-a-boo design and gave it a few scary twists! While the Halloween peek-a-boo maternity shirt is our most popular, we have many more Halloween designs that will make it a great Halloween for you and your baby!

Halloween Maternity Shirts and Halloween Onesies

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22 October 2013

Congrats Melissa Rycroft! We Love Your Peek-a-boo Maternity Tank!

When searching the internet we sometimes come across celebrities who have chosen to create custom shirts on Customized Girl. Today, we came across Melissa Rycroft’s custom peek-a-boo maternity shirt as she broke the news about her family expecting a new addition next spring!

We instantly recognized the peek-a-boo artwork and fonts from our site. Melissa was not the only one sporting a custom tee from us as you can see from the picture below. She also customized a men’s ringer tee and a girl’s tank top. She did a great job using our design center to create totally unique t-shirts and tank tops.

Here is the official announcement from Melissa Rycroft’s Facebook page:

“Sooo…It’s official, the Strickland Family is growing by one next Spring! Ava is so excited to be promoted to Big Sister!! We are so excited for our new little addition!!”

Melisaa Rycroft Baby On The Way Peek a Boo Shirt

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18 October 2013

Fries Over Guys Shirts and Accessories

Who needs a guy when you have warm delicious fries on your side. That’s why we love our new “fries over guys” designs and are excited to share them with you on Fry-Day! When boys are being boys and not listening or taking orders as they should let them know the simpler things in life, like fries, can easily replace them.

We have featured our “fries over guys” designs on a few of our fashionable flowy styles, but if you would prefer a to have the design on a t-shirt or a sweatshirt, you can easily make the change using the Customized Girl design center.

Don’t be caught playing ketchup and have one of your friends get a shirt before you!

Want Fries Over Guys Shirts? We’ve Got Them!

See more fries over guys shirts and fries over guys accessories at CustomizedGirl.com

fries over guys shirts and accessories

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14 October 2013

10 Costumes You Can Make For Halloween at Customized Girl

Shopping for a Halloween costume at stores can be frustrating! You are limited to what they have in stock and even if you do find one, there is no way to make changes to the costume before you buy it. At Customized Girl, you can create the perfect Halloween costume by using our design center! To help you get started, we have created some popular custom Halloween costumes that you can enjoy as is or customize further by adding any text or art you like!

Are you and a few friends looking for cute group costumes? You can design those too!


Skittles – Group Costume

Taste the rainbow and look sweet in these candy themed tank tops!

Hot Sauce Packets - Group Costume

Maybe you like things a little spicy on Halloween? Add whatever custom text you want to the white rectangle shape!

Playing Cards – Group Costume

Will you be the Ace of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, or Clubs?


Bayside High – Saved By The Bell

If you are a big Saved By The Bell fan, this Bayside High Sweatshirt and The Max Apron will have every other Saved By The Bell enthusiasts jealous!

Bayside Tigers Sweatshirt

The Max – Saved By The Bell

The Max Apron

Rydell High – Grease

Why it’s greased lightning! Flashback to the 50’s and bring the classic movie Grease to life this Halloween!

Rydell High School Shirt

Pink Ladies – Grease

Pink Ladies Cistume

Skeleton Baby

Have a baby on the way and looking to give people a spook on Halloween? This skeleton baby maternity shirt will do just that!

Halloween Maternity Skeleton Baby Shirt


This is my Costume

For those that need a costume, but really don’t want one.

This is my costume shirt


You can’t go wrong with a Halloween classic.

Halloween jack-o-lantern shirt

What will your Halloween costume be this year?

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7 October 2013

Need a Costume for Halloween? Create Your Own with a Custom Halloween Shirt!

October is here and soon you will be searching for that amazing Halloween costume that will be the best among all your friends! However, sometimes to get that amazing costume, you need to create it yourself. A lot of times you’ll find that stores either don’t have exactly what you were looking for or if it does, the costume is not what you expected it to be. Whether you need a custom Halloween shirt or other type of Halloween apparel to create the ultimate costume you had in mind, we can help!

Our design center is loaded with great Halloween art like witches, ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons and many more Halloween figures! Also, creating your own Halloween costume is the only way to ensure no one will have the same costume as you. You know how much of a bummer it is to be out for Halloween and then see three or four other people wearing the same costume as you. No matter what age you are, it’s always a let down to know your costume is not unique and has been done before.

Even if Halloween isn’t your thing, we bet you still get asked and pressured into wearing a costume; after all, you don’t want to be the only one that doesn’t dress up. In this situation, a custom Halloween shirt can be a happy medium! You can still be festive, but at the same time not be fully decked out from head to toe in a Halloween costume.

No matter who needs a Halloween costume this year, we have something for everyone at Customized Girl! Check out all the Halloween shirts, onesies, bags, aprons, dog shirts and many more items waiting for you to customize for the spookiest holiday of the year!

Custom Halloween Shirts


1 October 2013

Label Rebels – Hot Mess Express

Hot Mess Express Bachelorette Shirts - Bride and Bridesmaid Olivia

Label Rebel Olivia designed these awesome hot mess express shirts for her friend’s bachelorette party! They were a hit!

Here is the story behind Olivia’s “hot mess express” design!

“All of the girls LOVED the ‘hot mess express’ shirts for my friend’s bachelorette in Boston, including the conductor herself! We got tons of compliments and comments everywhere we went and the best part was that ‘hot mess express’ kind of became the theme for the rest of the wedding festivities! We also wore the shirts while getting ready on the wedding day and just could not stop with the ‘choo-choos!’”

“I have been going through Customized Girl for almost five years; ordered gear for my sisters’ weddings and a few of my friends’ weddings including bachelorette shirts, gear for the bride as a shower gift, and even funny personalized honeymoon shirts for the bride and groom. I think it’s such a different and thoughtful gesture for the Maid of Honor to design t-shirts for the bridal party because she essentially sets the whole tone for the party. And, if others are anything like me, I am ALWAYS last minute with this stuff. But my procrastination as never been an issue because most of the time I have ordered custom gear, it has literally been a week or two before the event and I don’t even have to pay for rush shipping because I almost always get the gear in a few days!”

Are you making a statement with your custom apparel? Are you creating your own fashion label? Let us know! We’d love to talk. Email CustomizedGirl@eretailing.com

Hot Mess Express Bachelorette Party Shirts Front

Hot Mess Express Bachelorette Party Shirts Back

Hot Mess Express Bachelorette Party Shirts - Olivia

Want The Shirts? We’ve Got Them!

Hot Mess Express

Hot Mess Express - Conductor

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27 September 2013

Ein Bier! I’m Celebrating Oktoberfest in My Oktoberfest Shirt

When the best beer festival arrives, all girls become German girls! It’s the time of the year when we channel the beer drinking expertise of Germany’s ladies while experiencing the local Oktoberfest in town. If you’re going to Oktoberfest, we’re guessing you’re going for the beer, sausage and polka music, not to wear your dirndl or lederhosen! While some will surely be wearing the traditional German attire, you can instead be comfortable and still fashionable in your own Oktoberfest shirt!

Create an Oktoberfest shirt or choose one we already have designed for you in our gallery at Customized Girl! Even if you have a slight inkling to wear the traditional German attire to Oktoberfest, you can always choose to go with a lederhosen design on your shirt! Remember, dressing the part is just as important as being part of the celebration! Happy Oktoberfest!

Want Oktoberfest Shirts? We’ve Got Them!

oktoberfest shirt never enough sausage

oktoberfest shirt oktoberfest last longer

oktoberfest shirt you like my mugs

oktoberfest shirt German girls kick ass

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