30 September 2009

Customized Girl Launches Facebook Quiz

Hey Fans! We have some more exciting news for you today! CustomizedGirl.com just launched the Official What Will Your Shirt Say Facebook quiz! It’s all in good fun really, just answer the 6 simple questions, and see what you shirt would say! If you want to take the quiz you can take it here. Let us know what result you go on the Customized Girl Facebook Page


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25 September 2009

Sweetest Day – Valentine’s Day in October

Get your Customized Gear just in time for Sweetest Day. On the 3rd Saturday in October we celebrate Sweetest Day in the United States. To help you celebrate this very special day for you and your loved one, Customized Girl is offering a sale on all intimate items, starting on Monday September 28, 2009. Get your Sweetest Day celebration off to the right start with Customized Girl!

Sweetest Day Promo

History Of Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day was first celebrated in Cleveland, Ohio on October 8, 1921. It was later picked up by other big cities such as New York City, who started celebrating the holiday in 1922. Sweetest Day is often referred to as Valentine’s Day in October! Today it is most commonly celebrated by the giving of small gifts, such as gift cards, candy, and flowers to loved ones. Many people also celebrate by dedicating their days and nights to their loved ones and by going out on romantic dates.

CustomizedGirl.com wants to wish all of it’s fans a Happy Sweetest Day! Now get out there and love someone!

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22 September 2009

Customized Girl Donates to U.S. Beauty Pageant Winners

Hey Everyone! Check out this picture of the latest U.S. Beauty Pageant winner holding her CustomizedGirl.com gift card. Isn’t she lovely? Becoming royalty is great, but the real prize is Personalizing your next cute outfit totally free! Congratulations!


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21 September 2009

Bella Canvas 2010 Photo Shoot [Video]

At CustomizedGirl.com we strive to give our customers the best products available in our field. We have been working with Bella to do just that! This video is from the Bella 2010 Canvas Photo shoot. You will see some of the future fashions coming to CustomizedGirl.com. Enjoy! Let us know what you think about it and which products are your favorite by commenting below!

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