12 October 2011

Customized Business T-shirts!

Want to make a last impression on your customers? Customizing t-shirts and apparel for your business is a great way to stand out, and can turn an ordinary event into one they will remember forever.

This is exactly the approach taken by Los Angeles based photographer Jen Parker.  Jen and her staff designed t-shirts for a children’s expo they were participating in. The expo took place in Santa Clarita California, where Jen offered to take free pictures of the children there. The pictures were later posted online where viewers could vote on what child had the  best smile.  Assistant Rachel says “Because we lacked signage, we turned to Customized Girl for some quick t-shirts to help spread the word.”

Jen’s shirt read “Smile for the camera,” while assistants Angie and Rachel both wore     t-shirts that said “Smile for a brownie.” The idea was that the children would have their picture taken in exchange for a brownie.  The shirts were used to give unity to their team, and helped the participants easily identify them.

It looks like the even turned out to be a huge success! You can even check out the winners!

Jen and her team chose to customize Junior Fit Tees, but here at Customized Girl, we have tons of options!  You can even upload your own art! Check us out and start customizing apparel for your business’s next event!

OH! And don’t forget to take a peak at Jen’s beautiful site!


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11 October 2011

Customize Tees for a Run, or Just for Fun! CG Fan Spotlight: Maggie

Hi CG Fans! This week we wanted to give a CG shout out to Maggie, one of our loyal customers! Maggie has used Customized Girl to customize tees for various occasions with her friends and family. Below is Maggie’s story!

“Hi!! My name is Maggie Cate Cunha and i will soon be making (hopefully) my THIRD group order through your site! Our First group expieriance with the site started when My husbands 86 year old grandmother and I were having a conversation about where the term FIGAWI came from. I had heard a story run on the news about FIGAWI weekend. It stems from years before.

The event began under informal circumstances on a late night in 1972 when three close friends sat at the corner table of Baxter’s Boathouse in Hyannis. The three sailors sat and talked shop, as usual good natured ribbing ensued, boasts escalated and finally, a challenge was put forth: “I bet I can sail to Nantucket faster than you.”
The sailors decide to race from Hyannis to the Island on Memorial Day Weekend in a test of speed and seamanship. Luby won that first three-boat regatta aboard Red Rooster and a classic Cape Cod sailing event was born.
So much fun was had that first outing that that winter over a giant wheel of cheese at the Old Yarmouth Inn , Joe and Bob Horan decided to organize the event and give the race its name. Its a closely held secret whose wife or girlfriend lacked the appropriate sense of direction and said, “Where the F*ck are we?!” = “Where the Figawi?” which spawned the race’s name, Figawi

My Husbands grandmother laughed till tears came into her eyes when I asked her if she had heard the term. I really thought she would have no idea. Before i could explain she had her hand above her eyes like she was searching the horizon and said “Where the Figawi?”, She then went on to share a family story of her husband (who has been deceased for years). It was like she went back in time remembering going on family trips and when they misread the map (<— funny for us to think about) and they were lost….her husband would say that’s ok “we’re the Figawi tribe!”

We decided to  honor that memory by making Tribe t-shirts to wear at the pool on the weekends we all spent together!! It has caused some weird looks from the neighbors and lots of laughs for us!

Our first group of shirts were such a hit we decided to make a second batch!!!

As a group of friends from college we were running a race in NY. There was one friend who couldn’t be with us. We decided to honor him and dedicate our run to him. We took his picture and put it on the shirts. Then everyone put their favorite saying from Steve on their shirt… United yet different lol. People asked us about them all day and we got to tell them about Steve and how he was with us in Spirit!!

My sister in law is getting married soon! so the next order MIGHT BE the biggest order yet! and I’m excited for the new memories it will create!!!”

Making custom t-shirts is a great way to forever remember any event, and here at Customized Girl, we have a ton of affordable options to help you create one of a kind pieces. With our no minimums policy, you can design an individual item, or large group orders.  And with our uploading option, customizing can be even more personal. Upload your own art for completely unique apparel! Whether it’s for a run, or just for fun, CustomizedGirl.com is the perfect for your personalizing needs!

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11 October 2011

Promo Codes for the Week of 10/10/11

With Halloween right around the corner, Customized Girl has a sweet treat for you! Use code CG1011 to receive $5 off! Hurry while this offer lasts! Code is valid through 10/17/11, 11:59pm EST.

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7 October 2011

Customize Birthday Tees! CG Fan Spotlight: Justin

Hey CG fans, this week we wanted to give a special shout out to 11 year old Justin, who designed custom birthday tees for his grandfather’s 80th birthday! Below is Justin’s story!

“I call my grandfather “Nonnyo” because when I was little I couldn’t pronounce the Italian for grandfather, Nonno.  Since I was the first cousin, all 8 of them now call him Nonnyo too.  This past July Nonnyo turned 80 years old. All my cousins and aunts and uncles planned to gather and celebrate.  Since Nonnyo had been in and out of the hospital most of June, I wanted to do something special for the celebration.  My mother said I could design T-shirts for everyone. So, I searched around online and found Customized Girl.  That was the best website because I needed shirts that fit my aunts, my girl cousin and my 3 year old cousin and my 3 month old cousin.  On the back of the shirts it is like a sports jersey and says “Nonnyo’s 80th” with 80 really big like a sports number.  On the front is a cupcake with a candle so you know it is a birthday.  

For Nonnyo’s birthday celebration we all secretly put on our shirts and then started coming into the room and eventually he caught on that we all were wearing the same designed shirts.  He was thrilled!  We took a walk to the beach and several people asked about and complimented the shirts.  I was thrilled!  After the birthday, Nonnyo gave me a present because he was so happy that I had designed the shirts myself.  Then I was even more thrilled!

Thanks for making this possible!”

Is someone special in your life celebrating soon? Celebrate with a custom birthday t-shirt! Great for any age, and perfect for parties!

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6 October 2011

National AIDS Awareness Month

President Ronald Reagan wrote the National AIDS Awareness and Prevention Month proclamation in October of 1988.  President Reagan’s goal was that knowledge would be gained by observing this month of awareness.

AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Disorder, which is the final stage of the HIV infection.  When someone is infected with HIV, their immune system destroys cells needed to fight disease and infection. Eventually, if enough cd4 cells are destroyed, the virus can lead to AIDS.

In 1988, when the proclamation was first written, 75,000 Americans had been diagnosed with AIDS. Recent studies show, well over a million Americans have been infected since the beginning of the epidemic.

It is estimated that over 2 million people die from HIV/AIDS every year, making it the world’s leading infectious killer. This is why it’s so important to understand it’s transmission and prevention.

The World Health Organization provides these key facts on how HIV is spread, and how it can be prevented.

HIV is transmitted through:

-Unprotected sexual intercourse or oral sex with a person who has HIV/AIDS

-Transfusions of infected blood

-Sharing needles with someone who is infected

-Mother to infant through childbirth

HIV can be prevented by:

-Abstaining from sex

-Practicing safe sex

-Avoiding injection drugs, or, using dirty needles

-Get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV

The number of people infected worldwide with HIV/AIDS is staggering, making this month of  awareness more important than ever.  Show your support by honoring those who have been affected by this disease. Participating in an AIDS walk or run for the cause is a great way to get involved in this month dedicated to those battling HIV/AIDS. Customize your own AIDS awareness shirt today at CustomizedGirl.com to show your support!

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3 October 2011

Self Breast Exam


To kick off the month of October, and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we at CustomizedGirl.com wanted to share with you the importance of monthly self examinations, and how to properly do a self-check.

Beginning at the age of 20, most doctors recommend that women take time to do a self breast exam at home.  Women who regularly examine their breasts have a better idea of what is normal, and are more apt to notice changes-including lumps or masses that could be early signs of cancer.  The best time to do a self exam is about a week after your cycle when your breasts are not tender or swollen.  Or, if you no longer have a period, you can simply set aside a specific date each month for a self-check.  Most of the time, changes in  your breasts are not cancer, but if you do notice any, you should always consult your doctor.

What to Look For:

According to Women’s Health Resource, there are a few main changes that you should check for during a routine self breast examination.

  • Any change in shape or size
  • Skin irritation or dimpling
  • Nipple pain or an inverted nipple
  • Redness, soreness, rash, or swelling
  • Scaly-textured nipple or breast skin
  • Nipple discharge (other than breast milk)

Note that breasts can change from month-to-month, so not every change is cause for concern. If you do notice lumps or abnormalities, check for the same thing on the other breast.  If you notice the same thing on both, they are probably normal.  As your self-exam becomes more routine it will become easier to distinguish what is normal and what is not.

Self Breast Exam Tests

WebMD offers six different tests that can be used for your monthly self-breast exam.

Test 1: Using a mirror, inspect your breasts with your arms at your sides, with your hands on your hips, and with your arms raised while flexing your chest muscles.

Test 2: Look for any changes in contour, swelling, dimpling of skin, or appearance of the nipple. It is normal if your right and left breasts do not match exactly.

Test 3: Using the pads of your fingers, press firmly on your breast, checking the entire breast and armpit area. Move around your breast in a circular, up-and-down, or wedge pattern. Remember to use the same method every month. Check both breasts.

Test 4: There are three patterns you can use to examine your breast: the circular, the up-and-down, and the wedge patterns. Use the pattern that is easiest for you, and use the same pattern every month.

Test 5: Gently squeeze the nipple of each breast and report any discharge to your doctor immediately.

Test 6: Examine both breasts lying down. To examine the right breast, place a pillow under your right shoulder and place your right hand behind your head. Using the pads of your fingers, press firmly, checking the entire breast and armpit area. Use the same pattern you used while standing. Repeat for your left breast.

The key to surviving breast cancer is early detection, and by taking just a few minutes each month to give yourself a  breast exam you might be giving yourself the chance to get ahead of this disease.

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