5 April 2013

No Boyfriend No Problem T-Shirts & Tank Tops

Customized Girl is for everyone. Boys and girls. The old and the young. But let’s be honest, it’s especially for girls. And we want to be here when our girls need us.

Break ups suck. But don’t worry, girl. We’re here to cheer you up.

Such was the case a few weeks ago when we opened our email to find this photo sent in by the mom of a happy customer. Her daughter had gone through a break up but she was feeling much better now, partly due to these hilarious tank tops. We’re glad our tank tops were able to help, but this photo also left us wondering: what guy would break up with either of these beautiful girls? Men, you can be a silly species.

No Boyfriend No Problem Tank Tops

Our most popular No Boyfriend No Problem Shirt is pictured below, designed on a Bella Flowy Lightweight Relaxed Fit Dolman Shirt.

No Boyfriend No Problem Shirt

No Boyfriend No Problem designs are particularly successful on Customized Girl for two reasons:

1. They are completely customizable (more on that later).

2. We carry the newest styles.

You see, most custom apparel sites will let you add your design to the standard Gildan t-shirt, and maybe a tank top. As we established, we built Customized Girl especially for girls, and many of our girls want to wear trendier stuff. That’s why we offer our No Boyfriend No Problem designs on Bella Flowy tops and on our American Apparel neon tank tops.

No Boyfriend No Problem Neon Tank Top

This American Apparel neon tank was recently featured on The Hunt, a cool new shopping discovery site.

You can check out all of our No Boyfriend No Problem shirts here.

If your break up was particularly bad, you can even use Customized Girl to get personal. Customize any of the designs from this post to add your ex-boyfriends name. It’s easy with the Customized Girl design center.

Here are some more examples of break-up shirts on Customized Girl.

Break Up Shirts

In fact, our I’m Not With Stupid Anymore Shirt was also recently featured on The Hunt.

In conclusion, our girls don’t necessarily have to personally attack their ex-boyfriends via t-shirts, but they do have that ability. So straighten up, fellas. Also, be careful with the women of The Hunt. There seems to be quite a few jilted lovers on that site, and they all have terrific taste in fashion.

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3 April 2013

Fun Custom T-Shirt Idea: Everyone Wears a Different Word

Get your friends together and order some custom shirts. On each shirt, put one word from a complete sentence or phrase. When you walk around separately, other people will probably get both confused and interested. When they finally see you together, it will all make sense. Plus, it makes for a terrific photo opportunity. Just be sure to stand in the right order for the photographer!  If you want to add a unique word to each t-shirt or tank top, be careful out there. You won’t have much luck with screen printers because they require a high number of minimums (like, 20 prints per design) or a high set up fee (like, $45 per design / screen). You need to find a place that offers custom t-shirts with no minimums. And you’re in luck! That’s exactly what we offer here at Customized Girl.

Four of our awesome customers have already thought of this clever idea and really ran with it. Through mud, in fact. These women used Customized Girl to purchase four custom performance wear tank tops and they wore them together at the USMC Mud Run. We offer a wide variety of custom tank tops, women’s performance wear tops, and plenty of awesome mud run designs.

Custom t-shirt everyone wears one word

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1 April 2013

Featured Fan Looks: Skull & Crossbone Rhinestone Shirt

Skull & Crossbone Rhinestones T-Shirt

Why not rock the skull and crossbones? Pirates may have made this look famous, but we make it a fashion statement by adding things we love to the design like Rhinestones!

This look was pined and tweeted by Customized Girl Fan Cheryl (@wittgrad2001)

Want to be featured on our website and social networks for the looks you love on Customized Girl? Simply tweet and pin your favorite Customized Girl looks and you could be our next featured fan!

Skull Bones Rhinestones

Source: customizedgirl.com via Cheryl on Pinterest


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