5 July 2013

Pregzilla Maternity Shirts

Pregnancy is not easy and it definitely has its ups and downs along the way! But, while you have a bun in the oven, you might as well embrace the time you have with your baby before he or she says hello to the world!

A really interesting way many soon-to-be moms are making pregnancy more memorable is by creating custom maternity shirts! Maternity shirts can be sweet and thoughtful, but they can also be fun and cute!

One way to make maternity shirts fun is to play with characteristics that are most associated with pregnancy, like mood swings for example. It is a common perception that pregnancy can make any soon-to-be mom into a ticking time bomb of emotions so we took this and turned it into a cute and fun pregzilla maternity shirt! You and others will not be able to help, but crack a little smile at a pregzilla shirt!

But if there is a pregzilla, then there has to be a babyzilla who is just itching to get out and welcome the world! Our peek-a-boo maternity designs are the perfect way to announce your bundle of joy is about to arrive!

No matter how you choose to design your maternity shirt, you’ll enjoy the memorable experience of being pregnant with one of our customized shirts that you can keep forever! Before you know it, your little babyzilla will be here and crawling around on the loose!

Pregzilla Maternity Shirts


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3 July 2013

Matching Onesies

Babies need to have a style that is all their own to show off their unique personality. Take on the challenge to outfit your baby in something fun and cute that shows off how adorable they can be. Onesies are a must-have item for any baby, but plain onesies can get boring and old quickly compared to the matching onesies they could be wearing.

Check out some of our most popular matching onesies that will have any baby rolling in style!

If you or someone you know has twins, matching onesies are the perfect gift for two peas in a pod. Matching onesies are also ideal outfits for babies who are cousins close in age and for those babies who will more than likely be BFF’s in the future.

Besties Matching Onesies

If the babies in your world already have a strong connection with each other, dress them up in matching onesies that will have them finishing each other’s sentences.

It's Like Looking Into A Mirror Onesies

When babies are always together, they become partners in crime and follow each other’s every move. For an inseparable pair, matching onesies with other famous pairings on them are a must!

Copy Paste Matching Onesies

Babies are already cute, but put them in matching onesies, and they will instantly turn any adult into a softy!

More matching onesies.

Ctrl Matching Onesies

Hip Hop Matching Onesies

He Did It Matching Onesies

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1 July 2013

Last Minute 4th of July Party Ideas

There are only 3 days left until the 4th of July! If you’re still looking for last minute ideas to bring your 4th of July party together, check out the great ideas we have on Pinterest!

Our Red White & Blue board is dedicated to inspirations for a 4th of July celebration. It is filled with over 100 pins of DIY projects, decorations, 4th of July shirts and recipes to complete your patriotic get-together!

Last minute 4th of July party ideas

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1 July 2013

Customized Girl Coupon Code for July 2013

Use coupon code BLG71 at checkout and get $5 off your order of $30 or more!

Use this promo code to save on all the custom shirts you will need for summer. With so many summer activities like family reunions and running events you can create the perfect custom shirts to make these activities even more fun! Offer expires 07/31/2013 at 11:59PM EST.


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