Military Wives And Girlfriend Shirts

The Best Military Wives And Girlfriend Shirts

May is a special month for those who has served or are currently serving . The entire month of May provides an opportunity to say thanks to all servicemen and the strong families who support them. Military appreciation month is important to us at Customized Girl due to the fact a large portion of our customers are dedicated girlfriends, wives, and fiancees to military servicemen. Customized Girl understands that one month alone is not enough to recognize the sacrifices that these men and women give to our country and we want to help honor our military all year long with the best military wives and girlfriend shirts.

Military Wives and Girlfriend Shirts

Our gallery is full the best military wives and girlfriend shirts that are ready for you to customize. Personalize each design with names, dates, and military rank. You also have the ability to swap any design onto any product and color of your choice. We have the biggest and trendiest selection of customizable women’s styles on the internet. Plus tons of great accessories like socks, hats, and more. While we may offer the best selection of women’s apparel that doesn’t mean we forgot about the fellas! Customized Girl also offers a huge variety of  men’s apparel with the same option of customizing  or swapping out any design in our vast gallery.

Our design team has created military designs for all family members who are supporting their love ones in the following categories:



Air Force

Coast Guard

Creating custom military shirts to spouses, parents, and siblings is Customized Girl’s way of saying thank you for all you do. If you have a specific design in mind reach out to our amazing customer service team and they would be more than happy to help you achieve that perfect design!

We love seeing customer designs that support all branches of the military. Help share the love and appreciation by tagging us in your pictures @CustomizedGirl via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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Lupus Awareness Shirts

Show Support With Lupus Awareness Shirts

May is the official month for Lupus awareness. For those who don’t know what Lupus is, it’s  a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. It is difficult to diagnose and currently there is no cure.  Dedicating an entire month to this disease  helps increase public understanding with fundraising, promotions and educational services.  In honor of those who are fighting against Lupus and for individuals helping spread awareness, Customized Girl has created a gallery full of Lupus awareness shirts.

There are a number of ways to support those affected by Lupus. One of those ways is to wear purple apparel to raise awareness. Customized Girl strives to bring the best in custom apparel and every year we want to provide our customers exactly what they are looking for. This includes adding new art and designs to help the cause against Lupus. We offer a variety of styles in apparel and accessories that include sizes for women, men, and children.  All our users have to do is simply upload an image or logo of the name of the event, cause, or charity and add it to any product.

Lupus Awareness Shirts

If Lupus is near and dear to your heart then Customized Girl Storefronts is a great way to have your message be heard. Storefronts are an excellent opportunity not only to spread awareness but to also raise funds towards your charity of choice. There are absolutely no start-up costs to open a storefront, nor will you ever pay a fee to maintain your storefront.  All you have to do is sign into your account or create one. Next you will be able to create a store URL, title, and description. Simply design the tees, tanks, sweatshirts, and accessories you’d like to sell for your organization, promote your storefront to volunteers and supporters, and collect the royalty earnings to use for upcoming events or general fundraising needs. It’s really that easy.

Interested in starting a storefront to spread awareness and raise funds for your cause?  Let us know at We can help you setup, advertise, and even assist with art. Check out our storefront FAQ and start designing!

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Custom Swimsuits

Make a Splash with Custom Swimsuits

When the weather starts warming up and the days start getting longer, it can only mean one thing – summer! Everyone loves to be out in the sun as much as they can during the summer months and when the heat peaks there is nothing better than a swim in a nice, cold pool. Many people make the extra effort to go to the pool as much as possible when the weather is nice so much so that their bathing suit becomes their wardrobe for the entire summer. The opportunity to have multiple swimsuit options to choose from can be limiting due to the variety at your local clothing store. Instead be a trendsetter this summer and make a splash with custom swimsuits!

At Customized Girl, we do out best to offer our customers the trendiest swimwear and the ability to customize it exactly how you want it. This year we are super excited to announce the addition of a custom one piece swimsuit! The Leonetti Swimwear one piece swimsuit is the perfect option for those who want to fashionably cover up while sunbathing.  With three different colors to choose from, it has a flattering cut and fit with a low back to show the right amount of skin. You’ll look so fabulously hot without even breaking a sweat.

Custom Swimsuits

Maybe a one piece isn’t your style. We have two other bathing suit styles from Leonetti you to choose from: a nylon tricot bikini or a matching halter top and bottom. You can start by choosing a design from our gallery and customizing the art and text. From there you can easily swap it out onto your favorite style or completely start from scratch. Mix and match the two different styles to have an even more unique look!

Custom Swimsuits

 Leonetti Halter Top and Bottom

Custom Swimsuits

Leonetti Nylon Tricot Bikini

Customized Girl provides custom swimwear all year long so it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or in the middle of the winter. Custom swimsuits are not only perfect for fashionistas but for vacations and romantic getaways.

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Custom Sashes

Custom Sashes For Every Occasion

To sash or not to sash? Sash of course! Honestly when isn’t a custom sash a good idea?

Custom Sashes

Custom sashes are a huge hit with all of our customers due to their versatility. They’re not just for beauty pageants anymore even though we cannot get enough of the contestants that share their incredible photos with us. You can customize a sash for literally anything. Take a look at the list all the reasons our customers love designing their own sash:


Halloween Costumes

Business Promotions

Contest Winners

Prom and Homecoming


Bride and Bachelorette Parties



All you have to do is pick your favorite design from our gallery or start from scratch. We even have two options in an adult and youth size. Every sash is printed at a very high temperature and pressure for a long lasting, vibrant look. Customized Girl offers a large variety of colors that can printed with any message you would like. Easily add your own art and text within our unique design center and swap out whatever color you love best. From there, select the quantity and then add to cart. Congratulations! You just designed a custom sash for your special event!

Custom Sashes

It doesn’t matter if you need hundreds of sashes for a group event or one sash to be the pièce de résistance of your Halloween costume. Customized Girl offers competitive group discounts and no minimums. This is particularly exciting for our customers because it means they can get full-color printing on group orders for incredibly good prices. You won’t find this deal on any other site. Buy 1 or 1,000. We don’t care. We’d love to print it!

Custom Sashes

What do you use your custom sash for? Share your pictures with us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! @CustomizedGirl

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Pizza Shirts For National Pizza Day

Tasty Pizza Shirts For National Pizza Day

These days there are a lot of national holidays that honor just about anything but February 9th has got to be the tastiest one of them all.  No it’s not donuts and it sure ain’t pumpkin spice. We’re talking about National Pizza day of course! This joyous day can be celebrated with copious amounts of pizza in any style and toppings you love best. Stuffed crust, deep dish, or just old fashioned meat and cheese – this delectable pie can be enjoyed in so many different ways. It’s really hard to top pizza but Customized Girl has just the thing for you die hard enthusiasts.  Show how much you truly love this carby dough ball and celebrate with custom pizza shirts.

Pizza Shirts


The majority of foodies agree that if they could only eat one food item for the rest of their life it would most certainly be pizza. Americans consume a whooping 23 pounds per person of pizza per year. Just to help wrap your head around that figure, that is a total of 46 slices of pizza.  Some fanatics have stated that they would rather eat a pizza than have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Who can really blame them? Bread, cheese and sauce will never break their hearts. Customized Girl’s custom pizza shirts give you the opportunity to say exactly how you feel about this glorious, greasy goodness.


Pizza Shirts

Our pizza designs are hot and ready for you customize with your own art and text. Choose your favorite from our gallery of hilarious and one of a kind designs and express everything you have ever felt about this tasty treat. Love pizza so much that you need it every day of your life? Swap out any design onto a different product like a hat, phone case, or even pillow so you can experience the joy of pizza all day, every day.

Stop what you are doing right now! It doesn’t matter if it’s 9 in the morning or 11 at night – order that pizza and start designing!




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Custom Jean Jackets

Custom Jean Jackets

The evolution of the jean jacket is a huge part of American history and fashion. This timeless piece has reworked it’s way into fashion every decade by taking new and trendy shapes. In some ways, this article of clothing can be seen as iconic.  From cowboy to punk-rock, how does this denim piece develop for the future? With customization of course! Be the fashionista of the future with custom jean jackets.

Custom Jean Jackets

This classic denim jacket has been modified into a figure-flattering style for her with a more modern fit as well as the additional capability of customization. Customized Girl’s one-of-a-kind design center allows trendsetters to voice to their ideals, opinions, jokes, and pretty much anything they want. Are you a sports mom who is trying to step up their game and find new ways to cheer on their favorite player? Or are you graphic designer who is searching for a new way to showcase their art? There are so many opportunities with custom jean jackets that they are easily the perfect solution for anything and everyone.

The best part about these trendy denim jackets is that our printing process offers several advantages over screen printers that include a full range of colors at no extra cost. Since we use state-of-the-art digital printers, it allows us to print high quality ink directly onto your item and not have added up-front costs or minimums. Our printing process is the same whether we are printing 1 design or 1,000.

Custom Jean Jackets

What will you put on your custom jean jacket? Share with us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! @CustomizedGirl


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Harley Quinn Shirts For Your Next Cosplay Event

Dressing up into costumes isn’t just for Halloween anymore. There are thousands of people who transform themselves into a specific character on a regular basis. These die hard fans are more commonly known as cosplayers. What makes cosplay different than just putting on a costume? Not only do they wear specific outfits but they adapt habits and personality traits of this character. For those of you who don’t know about cosplay – It’s a big deal.  Social media platforms are helping this way of life grow each and every day.

One of the most recent and popular cosplay costume transformations is none other than Harley Quinn. Her Daddy’s Lil Monster shirt and trendy Property of Joker jacket are so easy to replicate that admirers can’t get enough of it. Why waste money on a prepackaged outfit that EVERYONE will be wearing when you can design your own on durable and fashionable apparel? Wear it to your next cosplay event, Halloween, or all the time – Customized Girl gives users the option to design whatever they want to tell their stories and make their statements.

Daddys Lil Monster Burnout V-Neck Tee

Our designs aren’t limited to just Harley Quinn shirts. Customized Girl’s design center gives users the ability to customize our designs or to start from scratch to recreate any outfit they want. Maybe you’re not looking for an entire outfit but a shirt or hoodie to represent the love for your favorite franchise or a simple tee stating the name of the event.  Our design center make it easy and affordable to create matching designs for an entire group or that one accessory to make your transformation complete!

Property Of Joker Letterman Jacket

Are you a hardcore cosplayer or a graphic designer who specializes in cosplay shirts?  Learn more about Customized Girl custom apparel storefronts and how you can earn money for every design you sell. Check out our FAQ or email us at We would be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions!

Harley Quinn Red Diamond Bikini

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Coffee Shirts

Coffee Shirts For National Coffee Day

Now that fall has officially started that can only mean one thing – more coffee!  More of our favorite hot beverages are reappearing as cooler temperatures approach and with each new year brings delicious new flavor combinations. Coffee has become a big part of every day life and for many, a necessity to start the day or keep the day going so it only makes sense that there is a national holiday for it!

Your caffeine preference can say a lot about you and your personality. Three cups of straight black coffee: hardcore. Pumpkin spice latte: so basic. Whatever your style may be we all have one thing in common and that is our love for this delightful brew.  Why not celebrate this wonderful hug in a mug day with a custom coffee shirt!

Coffee Shirts

Some of our favorite coffee designs that we just have to share with you are:

But first, coffee

Coffee is my spirit animal

Make coffee not war

Nama’stay Caffeinated

Mug Life

I love you a latte

I can’t feel my face till I have brew

Frap Queen

This is only a small list of our favorite coffee slogans and designs that we offer in our gallery but with our amazing design center you can create your own, one a kind coffee shirt! If you don’t like the style or color of any design already in our gallery you can simply switch out the product. Put your design on a shirt, bag, or even better, a custom coffee mug. Our design center makes it easy to swap out the product, color, art, font, and text. We see a matching mug and tote bag combo in your future!

Do you buy that fancy espresso or is just enjoy using your favorite mug? Tell us how you celebrate National Coffee Day!

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Custom Bathing Suits and Cover Ups

Custom Bathing Suits and Cover Ups

It’s officially summer and first thing on your agenda is to hit the pool, relax, and get some sun! So why spend all that extra time trying to find that perfect bathing suit when you can create it yourself? Don’t get caught at the pool or on the beach wearing the same style as someone else instead design a one of a kind, custom bathing suit!

Customized Girl currently offers two bathing suit styles for you to choose from. Our Omni Swimsuit has a a full coverage bottom, but with a flattering fit, so that you feel slim and sexy while our American Apparel Nylon Tricot Bikini gives you more of the itty, bitty string bikini style. Every design in our galley has the capability to be customized.  You can make your design as simple or as unique as you want. You can even combine the two styles together! Customize the Omni bottoms for more coverage and the American Apparel bikini top for less tan lines or vice versa. The option is completely up to you as the designer.

Custom Bathing Suits

But why stop there? We also have a great selection of custom cover ups for you to complete your entire ensemble. Like our bathing suits, you can choose to be more conservative for more protection against the sun or more moderate with a strappy style. With our design center, you can easily create matching looks between your bathing suit, cover up, and accessories.

Customized Girl provides custom swimwear all year long so it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or in the middle of the winter. Custom bikinis are perfect for special getaways like bachelorette parties or an all girls trip. Be unique and different this summer with a custom bathing suit!


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Customize a Toddler Cheer Dress for your Favorite Little Cheerleader!

We’ve recently added a custom toddler Cheerleading Dress to our collection of custom toddler apparel! Gift your little sweetie a custom cheer dress for her birthday or create the CUTEST Halloween costume out there! Customize a toddler cheer dress for her to wear to all of the games and help cheer on the family’s favorite team!

Custom Toddler Cheer Dress

A bulk discount is automatically applied when you order 6 items or more. Customize toddler Cheerleading Dresses for the whole little squad this year! They’re sure to be adorable, b-e adorable on the sidelines!

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Custom Cheer Shirts

Label Rebel: Custom Cheerleading Sweatshirts

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