Funny Running Shirts

Funny Running Shirts

All year long there are many organized running events – 5k’s, half marathons, whole marathons, color runs, charity runs, and everything in between.  Each event has it’s own theme and depending on if your running is purely fitness related or raising funds for a cause, this gives you the perfect opportunity to create amazing running outfits. Customized Girl has put together a gallery full of funny running shirts to help get you motivated for those long, monotonous runs. Start a healthier, fitter life and have fun with it!

Custom running shirts can be the best remedy for lack of motivation. Showing off your new workout gear can encourage healthier habits because you will want to wear it all the time! By customizing any of our designs you can easily add your own workout saying, slogan, or maybe some hilarious inside joke with your runner buddies. Maybe you are just incredibly clever and can start your design from scratch!  Our running gear is not only great for individual runners because of our no minimum policy but even better for bulk orders due to our  group discounts that are automatically adjusted in your shopping cart after 6 or more items are added. Now that’s a deal.

Customized Girl offers a variety of apparel that is perfect for any runner’s style. Our performance wear enhances your ability to workout more effectively with breathable material and moisture wicking properties that are sleek, comfortable, and good looking. We offer custom socks, custom bags, water bottles, and custom hats that are ready to customize with your city and date. Our design center makes it easy to upload your logo or sponsor logo’s to apparel that will help market your brand to potential customers.

We mentioned that our gallery is already full of hilarious running designs but if you are looking for specific team events we offer the following:

Mud Run Shirts

Color Run Shirts

Glow Run Shirts

Zombie Run Shirts 

Are you fitness trainer or own a yoga studio? Or are you just a trendy individual that has great fitness slogans and sayings? Take your business and brand to the next level by customizing apparel with your logo and opening an online storefront to sell your gear. Check out Customized Girl storefronts and what they can offer your business.

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Baseball Mom Spirit Jersey

Gear Up For Spring Sports With New Custom Apparel

The sun is shining and the weather is warming up. That can only mean one thing – spring is almost here! Spring can be a busy time of the year for most families with a new season of school sports starting. Customized Girl has added some amazing new custom apparel options for you spring sport fanatics. Whether you’re a proud mom in the stand or the player on the field – we’ve got gear for the whole family!

Letterman Jackets

What article of clothing is most associated with all high school sports? Letterman Jackets of course! Customized Girl is excited to have this option for all of our athletes and better yet, the ability to customize them!

Billboard Jerseys (aka gameday jerseys, aka pom pom jerseys) are those super-cute long-sleeve shirts you’ve seen with giant text printed across the shoulders. You can now create your own custom billboard jersey on Customized Girl!

Game Day Jerseys are perfect for girlfriends, moms, and softball players who are looking for a unique way to show their team love. These designs are meant to be worn baggy with slightly arched text across the shoulders. This way when you place your hands on your hips your design is prominently displayed.

Trucker Hats

Custom trucker hats are the trendiest addition to Customized Girl. You are already sitting in the stands all day cheering on your favorite player so why not add a cute or funny slogan to one of our designs to show support.

Custom Bags

We’ve added some great new bag options that include backpacks, cinch, and duffle  that are perfect for any sport. Customize any product or design in our gallery to include school colors, year, and position. What is also an amazing feature of our custom bags is our no minimums policy. Buy one bag or design matching sets for the entire team!

Regardless of the sport your athlete is playing, Customized Girl offers designs for the whole family. It’s simple enough to swap out any of our designs and add dad or grandpa to your favorite shirt. You can even create a whole fan club of matching designs for mom, dad, grandpa, your baby brother, and even your dog! Check out all of our amazing designs in the following spring sport categories:

Custom Baseball Shirts

Custom Softball Shirts

Custom Track Apparel

Custom Lacrosse Shirts

Looking for ways to raise funds for your school team? Create a Customized Girl storefront where you can add all of your trendy high school designs with logos and earn royalties for every design you sell. Customized Girl takes care of the ordering, billing, and shipping. Learn more about how Customized Girl storefronts can help you raise funds for your school team this season.

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Mardi Gras Ideas For The Perfect Soirée

Mardi Gras is almost here!

As many know, Mardi Gras is the party of the year. It’s the last hurrah before the start of Lent and everyone jumps on the opportunity to celebrate. There are so many activities and events to participate in when heading to New Orleans that it can be overwhelming. A lot of researching and planning must be done to make sure you enjoy every minute. At Customized Girl we understand your desire to plan the perfect event and we want to help you achieve that goal!

One of the best resources for any kind of planning is Pinterest. We love to use Pinterest every day not only as a marketing tool but to research the newest trends in custom apparel. Pinterest is a great resource for planning any event and we do our best to give our followers one of a kind ideas. We’ve collected all of our favorite tips and tricks and stored them on our Mardi Gras board!

For those not in the Big Easy but who still want to celebrate, the only way to mark the holiday is to party and we have plenty ideas to help you do just that! Our Mardi Gras board also includes decorating tips, amazing Mardi Gras shirts, and delicious recipes. No matter if you are hitting up Bourbon Street or planning to celebrate at home, we want your Fat Tuesday to be extra fatty so take a look at our Mardi Gras pinterest board and start planning!

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Stand Out In The Crowd With The Best Mardi Gras Shirts

When you think of Mardi Gras you think of epic parades, amazing food, and wild nights. But for many that make their way to New Orleans it’s all about the bead status. You’ll want to be heard and be seen at all times to achieve the optimal amount of beads. The best and PG rated way of accomplishing this goal is to have the most outrageous Mardi Gras shirt. For those of you who are adventuring out to Bourbon Street, we’re put together a list of our favorite Mardi Gras shirts to make sure you really stand out in the crowd!

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Bow down to the Queen of  Mardi Gras.

Food baby? Real baby? Same thing.

No one parties harder than a Louisiana girl.

Crowns, hearts, beads, and  fleur de lis – yes please!

Nothings says New Orleans more than this iconic moon and stars water meter design.

Good whiskey + bad decisions = Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras is my happy place.

Food, parades, and booze – what’s not to love?

I have one goal and one goal only – beads.

All of our Mardi Gras shirts are ready to customize. Our talented designers have provided an amazing gallery full of designs that you can switch out the product style, text, or color. You can even include names, dates, or your favorite thing about Mardi Gras! You’ll really let the good times roll in your custom Mardi Gras shirt!

Share your amazing time with us in your custom apparel on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @CusomizedGirl!

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Get Fit In The New Year With The Funniest Fitness Shirts

Cookies, booze, and grandma’s famous casserole – it was fun while it lasted but a new year brings new goals and expectations. New Year’s resolutions are a tradition where an individual promises to do an act of self-improvement whether it’s mentally or physically. As many know, one of the trendiest resolutions is get in shape and have healthier eating habits.

Working out is hard, maintaining a routine is harder, and let’s be honest, skinny doesn’t feel as good as pizza tastes. One of the best ways to increase your workout motivation is to indulge in new workout apparel. Customized Girl is a great place to shop for workout gear and an even better place to put your motivation on a tee or tank. We’ve put together a list of our funniest fitness shirts to point you in the right direction!

Aren’t we all?

Leg day means more delicious fries.

I take my workouts as seriously as I do my men.

Don’t skip leg day.

Actually, pizza tastes better.

Because the best kind of princess is a healthy princess.

Gotta get to that boss level!

Chocolate, fries, pizza… all food.

For the rest of your days!

That’s a pepperoni bicep you’re admiring.

We offer socks, bags, water bottles, and performance wear that are ready to customize with your favorite workout saying or slogan. If you are exercising to eat fries and chocolate then let everyone know! We already offer some hilarious fitness designs but if you don’t like the style or color of the design you can simply switch out the product. Our performance wear enhances your ability to workout more effectively with breathable material and moisture wicking properties that are sleek, comfortable, and good looking.

Are you fitness trainer or own a yoga studio? Or are you just a trendy individual that has great fitness slogans and sayings? Take your business and brand to the next level by customizing apparel with your logo and opening an online storefront to sell your gear. We offer a large variety of apparel and accessories including gym bags, water bottles, and phone cases to help spread your brand awareness. Check out Customized Girl storefronts and what they can offer your business.

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Bling In The New Year with Metallic Shirts

New Year’s Eve is a night to reminisce the good and the bad of the year before and to celebrate what is all to come. While New Year’s can be an evening of traditions, individuals take advantage of this special occasion to gather together to celebrate in style. Whether you are gathered around the television or standing elbow to elbow in the cold streets, you know that are going to dress to impress because 2016 is all about new beginnings.

Start the new year off right by designing your own New Year’s Eve shirt. This year we have added an incredible foil option that is available in either a trendy gold or silver metallic material. These glimmering designs will make you stand out and glow in any crowd. But if metallic isn’t your thing, we have other New Year’s Eve apparel that ranges from super trendy to downright comfy.

Customized Girl has already created as assortment of New Year’s Eve designs that are ready to customize or purchase as is. All you have to do is add your favorite New Year’s slogan or simply show your love for champagne. It’s as easy as that. Our design center has a variety of options in product styles, fonts, and art to allow the user to be as creative as they want but also the effortless functionality to achieve the ultimate, one of a kind design.

Now celebrate the New Year in style and start designing!

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Spread the Holiday Cheer with the Best Christmas Sweaters

With Christmas almost here everyone is in brighter spirits and spreading joy for all to hear. People look forward to decorating their homes, listening to Christmas music, and most importantly celebrating with their loved ones. Individuals anticipate the holidays because all the wonderful customs and festivities that only come once a year. Old memories are remembered and recreated, while new rituals are established with new family members and friends. Why not heighten your cheerfulness with a custom Christmas sweater? Customized Girl’s Christmas sweaters are the best at getting you in the holiday spirit and are great to wear all winter long. Funny, simple, or cute – we’ve listed our favorite sweaters to to really get you in the Christmas spirit!


Who doesn’t love a Christmas pun?

Have yourself a meowy little Christmas, eat catnip til you sway.

Haters wanna hate – I just crush a lot.

The louder the better!

Gimme gimme I’m worth it.

Throw your mittens in the air if yous a true player!

I’m dreaming of a white wine Christmas… just kidding. I’ll take whatever you got.

We want to wish you a furry Christmas from the bottom of our hearts!

And may all your days be merry and bright.

Like we said before, the best part about our Christmas sweaters is that you can customize them.  Our design center makes it easy for you to swap out sweater styles, art, text, and colors. We’ve even provided matching Christmas sweaters so you can really get into the festivities with your best friend or your significant other. Now start spreading your holiday cheer and start designing!

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Make Your Holidays Extra Bright with Best Friend Shirts

It’s only the first week of December but soon Christmas will be here and you’ll realize you forget a couple people on your list. We all know that finding the perfect gift can be time consuming and stressful. Customized Girl wants to help you give the best Christmas gifts this year by offering one of a kind, custom gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. The most difficult and the hardest gift of all is the one you will give to your partner in crime, your one and only, best friend.

Your best friend is the one person you go to for everything and they know all of your deepest secrets so your gift to them has to express all of your appreciation that they are indeed your best friend for life. Well you have come to the right place! Customized Girl has the finest best friend shirts offered online and we guarantee you will not find anything better than our designs.

These holiday themed best friend shirts are ideal for shopping, baking Christmas cookies, and memorable snowball fights. You and your sister from another mister will wear these shirts for forever and create longlasting memories that you will both cherish for years to come.

Not seeing exactly what you want? You can customize all of the designs in our gallery by simply clicking the “start customizing the design now” button. Add your names, favorite colors, or even your graduating year! Not only is our design center is loaded with great Christmas art like reindeer, snowmen, and elves but we have original best friend art  that is great for matching shirts. You can even switch out the product onto a tee, tank, or sweatshirt to achieve exactly what you are looking for.

Maybe Christmas just isn’t your thing but matching with your bestie is. Customized Girl has the largest and greatest collection of matching best friend shirts that you will surely find the perfect design for you and your BFF.

We love seeing pictures of you and your bestie rocking your matching shirts. Share your pictures with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram @customizedgirl!


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Bundle Up With The Best Custom Hoodies and Sweatshirts

The season of sweaters and hoodies is officially upon us and layering your outfits for extra warmth has become a must. Finding the perfect sweater, sweatshirt, or hoody to go with your wardrobe can be tricky these days.  You don’t like the color or you wish the design was on a different style, whatever your preference may be sometimes it is easier to just start from scratch. We are here to help put an end to those endless searches for the ideal sweatshirt.

Customized Girl has plethora of sweatshirt and hoody options to choose from. Cardigans, zip up, and slouchy – we have items that will fit everyone’s style. We also pride ourselves in having the trendiest and most stylish selection of hoodies and sweaters online. We carry the top brands in custom apparel that include: Hanes, American Apparel, Alternative Apparel, Canvas, and Jerzees. Not to mention that each and every design provided in our gallery can be customized! That’s right, take any design from our custom hoodies and sweatshirts and swap out the design onto any style you like or even better, start from scratch. Take full reign of your assemble and become your own fashion designer!











These are only a few of our trendy and comfy sweaters that we offer. Not only do we offer comfortable and trendy options but we also use direct-to-garment digital printing that result in amazing quality prints that gives the already cozy products a luxurious feeling. You’ll want to wear your design all day and all night long!

You might think that designing or customizing clothing is too difficult or expensive. We offer no minimums and group discounts for all of our products making it incredibly simple for you to just order one sweatshirt or a dozen hoodies for your entire team. Customizing the perfect design is effortless to do in our easy to use design center.

1. Choose a hoody or sweatshirt style

2.  Start designing by:

– adding your own text
– adding art from our massive art library
– uploading your own image
– or even add a little extra flare by adding rhinestones or a distressed effect!

3. Select a size and add to cart!
These step-by-step instructions are simple to follow, but if you have any questions feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

Looking for more information on our design center? Check out our tutorial here.


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