Thank A Nurse With Custom Nursing Shirts

Today is National Nurses Day and is the official kickoff of National Nurses Week.  This week focuses attention on the many ways America’s 3.1 million registered nurses work to save lives and improve the health of millions of individuals. We all know that being a nurse is one of the hardest jobs that an individual can study for and make as a career.  A lot of time, knowledge, and devotion are contributing factors to what make a great nurse. Customized Girl wants to honor and celebrate all of the amazing things nurses do with custom nursing shirts!

Nursing Shirts

To say that nurses work hard is an understatement. During this week of appreciation, goodies and freebies are presented to hard working nurses. So why not make this week one they will never forget by showing appreciation with a custom nurses shirt? Customized Girl has a gallery full of simple, cute, and hilarious designs that will surely make your special nurse feel acknowledged for all that he or she does. Take any design from our gallery and customize it by including meaningful sayings or slogans or a funny inside joke.

Maybe a shirt, tank top, or sweatshirt just isn’t their style. Nurses almost always have to wear their fashionable scrubs anyways. With our easy to use design center you can swap any design onto any product. Customize a shirt design and effortlessly substitute it onto a phone case or tote bag.

Custom Nurse Shirts


Make sure to thank a nurse today or buy them an extra shot. Remember, safety first drink with a nurse. Happy National Nurses week!

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Custom High School Apparel

Custom Apparel For High School

Growing up and going to school goes hand in hand. It’s a unique and memorable part of life that every individual has to go through and for most, either you love it or hate it. Whether you want to admit it or not, high school is a period of ups and downs that you will look back and reflect on. Customized Girl wants to help brighten up your school experiences with custom apparel. When other students ask where you got your awesome backpack or amazing tee, you can say that you designed it all by yourself. Be an innovator, fashionista, or a statement maker – that is what makes high school so great. Discover your path and make your voice be heard with your own custom apparel for high school!

Senior Sweatshirt

Customized Girl has everything you to need to get ready for the school year but to rock it out with confidence. And we mean everything, we mean everything from marching band gear, promposal bears for prom, and even custom gifts for your teacher. Our galleries have a plethora of designs that range from simplistic to the most intricate to give the customer as many options as possible. Better yet, start from scratch! Add dates, names, school colors – as the designer every decision is up to you.

Straight Outta Band Practice Tank Top

That’s not even the best part! We offer the trendiest brands that include American Apparel and Alternative Apparel that are ideal for senior shirts to wear all year long or a one of a kind design for that last themed spirit day. You can even design a custom varsity jacket to highlight your graduating year or school’s mascot. Take any concept and create matching designs across multiple accessories with backpacks, hats, and socks and be decked out in school spirit from head to toe.

Marching Band Bomber Jacket

Customized Girl even offers fundraising tools for schools and sport teams. Open a custom apparel storefront by adding your school or team logo to any product and earn royalties for every design you sell!


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Military Shirts

Military Shirts For Military Appreciation Month

Many people may not realize that May is National Military Appreciation Month. This is a month to acknowledge and gather the people of the United States around its military family to honor, remember, recognize and appreciate those who have served and who are now serving.  A large portion of our customers at Customized Girl are dedicated girlfriends, wives, and fiancees to military servicemen. We offer a large range of military shirts to help significant others honor their loved ones and to thank all of the amazing men and women who serve our country.

Navy Mom Shirts

Although one month alone is not enough to recognize the sacrifices that not only these men and woman give to our country but for their families as well. Being away from someone you love for significant amounts of time is difficult  That is why Customized Girl offers a fantastic variety of military designs for everyone in the family. Wearing your soldiers name on your shirt or sweater allows you to have him or her with you wherever you go. Creating matching designs to welcome your solider home can be a touching and bitter sweet memory that you will never forget.

Army Girlfriend Jacket

Customized Girl offers designs in the following military branches:



Air Force

Coast Guard

Our gallery is full of military designs that are ready for you to customize. Personalize each design with names, dates, and military rank. You also have the ability to swap any design onto any product or color. We have the biggest selection of customizable women’s styles on the internet. Plus tons of great accessories like socks, hats, and more.  Providing custom military shirts to spouses, parents, and siblings is Customized Girl’s way of saying thank you for all you do.

We love seeing customer designs that support all branches of the military. Help share the love and appreciation by tagging  us in your pictures @CustomizedGirl via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


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The Best Tank Tops For Summer

The Best Custom Tank Tops For Summer

One of the best feelings in the world is packing away all of your winter clothes and wearing your first tank top of the year. Tank tops generally mean a sleeveless tee but in today’s fashion world there is a huge array of tanks tops to choose from. Racerback, spaghetti strap, and muscle are just a few styles but the list goes on and on. The best part about tank tops is the versatility to dress up and down a tank top to make it chic and classy or casual. Ladies might purchase a tank top to wear underneath a blouse or blazer to work, to lounge around in, or to hit up a night on the town. They are available in a variety of types and styles to suit many different occasions. Finding the perfect style to fit your personality and body type can be challenging and that is why Customized Girl wants to help you find the best custom tank top for summer!

Custom Tank Tops

Customized Girl offers the largest selection of custom tank tops online with well-known brands that include Bella, American Apparel, Gildan, and Alternative Apparel. Show off your shoulders in any and all of those styles that we offer. With all of the designs available on Customized Girl, you can find the perfect images to create your one-of-a-kind custom tank tops. Can’t find something you like? You can always upload your own photos, graphics or images! Add your own text to the front or back and customize your tank top to suit your taste. Our easy to use design center let’s users become their own fashion designer and be the ultimate trendsetter. Don’t worry fellas, we even have a great selection of men’s tank tops.

Custom Tank Tops

Each design is printed with a direct-to-garment process with a digital printer. This is the method we use for almost all of our apparel. It involves state-of-the-art digital printers printing high quality ink directly onto your item. This process offers several advantages over screen printers, including a full range of colors at no extra cost and no set up fees.

Our huge collection of tank tops aren’t even the best part! You can order one or hundreds of tank tops just for you or for a whole team. Customized Girl offers a no minimum policy and competitive group discounts as well as free shipping on US orders of $60 or more.  Don’t listen to us, hear it straight from our happy customers!

Custom Tank Tops

Are you a talented designer or just a trendy fashionista? Create your own fashion line and jump start your own brand with a custom apparel storefront!

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Custom Maternity Shirts

Custom Maternity Shirts

No matter if it’s your first or your third, having a baby is an exciting and unforgettable time in a woman’s life. Soon-to-be mommies and the hardcore pro’s will remember every minute of their pregnancy and do their best to cherish every moment. Make your pregnancy more memorable by creating custom maternity shirts!

Maternity shirts can be sweet and thoughtful, but they can also be fun and cute! Rock your baby bump or announce your pregnancy to family and friends, personalized maternity shirts will get you  noticed or warn off all those belly touchers. With our easy to use design center, the user has the ability to add names, dates, and even upload their baby’s first picture. Customized Girl provides a vast selection of pregnancy shirts and tank tops for you to choose from. We offer a comfortable maternity LA cotton tee as well as a large and trendy flowy collection that will surely suit your personality and style.

Dress up your baby bump for the holiday season with any or announce the baby’s gender in a cute and clever way. Whatever your style may be, Customized Girl has a variety of cute maternity designs to choose from. Below is a list of some of our favorite maternity designs but the option to add or subtract anything is up to you!

Baby By

Due Date

Funny Maternity

Do Not Touch



Baby On Board

Coming Soon

Need help designing the perfect maternity shirt for you or a friend? Our amazing customer service would be more than happy in assisting you achieve the design you are looking for!

Custom Maternity Shirts


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Rhinestone Mom Shirts

Rhinestone Mom Shirts

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be here today without your one and only mom. That’s right, your mother. She fed you, bathed you, and brought you into this world (as she so fondly remembers). Your mom has helped you through the ups and downs and has supported you from the stands in the snow and the rain.  Now that you are a little bit older and wiser, it’s time to make her feel as special as she really is with a custom rhinestone mom shirt.

Everyone knows that when you grow up playing sports that it is a family effort.  Mom’s spend their days driving you to practices, preparing for games, planning and attending fundraising events. She’s the mom that knows every player on the team as well as competitions team.  These amazing moms eat, sleep, and breathe for your games and practices. For some moms, simply being at the game is not enough to show their support and they want to take their cheering game to the next level.

Customized Girl offers the best products for every type of sports mom. No matter if you’re sitting in the hot, 100 degree weather or freezing in the blizzard of the century. We have a wide variety of misses and flowy shirts and products that are specifically for sports like our championship jacketcustom jerseys, and raglan tees.  But even mom’s can be competitive when it comes to their customized gear and they want to make sure they stand out in the crowd when cheering on their son or daughter. With the ability to add rhinestones to any of our sports designs, she will surely sparkle under those Friday night lights.

Customized Girl has provided amazing designs in the following sports mom categories to help you cheer on your favorite player:

Baseball Mom

Basketball Mom

Cheer Mom

Dance Mom

Football Mom

Gymnastics Mom

Hockey Mom

Soccer Mom

Softball Mom

Swim Mom

Volleyball Mom

Wrestling Mom

Each category has designs that are perfect for whatever sport your player participates in and include shirts, hoodies, bags, hats, and more with the option to add rhinestones. Mom’s are our biggest fan and you should let her know how appreciated she is with a custom rhinestone mom shirt!


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The Best Cinco De Mayo Shirts

The Best Cinco de Mayo Shirts

In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity for individuals to get together with friends and partake in Mexican cuisine and boozy drinks.  While Cinco de Mayo is not to be confused with Mexican Independence Day, it is a holiday that has come to promote and celebrate all of the contributions that Mexican Americans and all Hispanics have made to America. Cinco de Mayo traditions include parades, mariachi music performances and street festivals in cities and towns across Mexico and the United States. Customized Girl wants to help you celebrate in style by putting together a list of the best Cinco de Mayo shirts to kickoff your fiesta!

Cinco De Mayo Shirts

I Like Margaritas and Men Neon Crop Tank Top

Cinco De Mayo Shirts

Taco Before Vatos Girl Tank Top

Cinco De Mayo Shirts

Getting Smashed Neon Crop Top

Cinco De Mayo Shirts

Shake Your Maracas Crop Tank Top

Cinco De Mayo Shirts

Cinco de Mayo Texting Tie-Dye Shirt

Cinco De Mayo Shirts

Let’s Taco Bout Tequila Neon Tank Top

Cinco De Mayo Shirts

Script Cinco de Drinko Neon Crop Top

Cinco De Mayo Shirts

Adios Bitchachos Crop Tank Top

Cinco De Mayo Shirts

Ok, But First Margaritas Tank Top

Cinco De Mayo Shirts

Down To Fiesta Neon Crop Tank Top

Parades, fun runs, or just an excuse to meet up with old friends – whatever your reasons are for celebrating this festive holiday may be, Customized Girl makes sure to to provide you with the best Cinco de Mayo shirts online.  We’ve created some of the most unique and clever designs that will accommodate your style and any event you are attending.  Our art consists of tacos, margaritas, pinatas, and sombreros we well as a variety of products in custom apparel that will suit any and all styles.

But it gets better! Every design we offer can be customized.  You can easily create matching designs for your tequila drinking team or special tank tops for your restaurant servers. Take your fiesta to the next level this year with custom Cinco de Mayo shirts!

Need help creating the perfect design? You can always reach out to our amazing customer service team! They would love to help you achieve your ideal design to make any event or holiday extra special.

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Snuggle Up With A Custom Nap Shirt On National Napping Day

Nappers rejoice – It’s National Napping Day! National Napping Day is celebrated annually the day following the return of daylight savings time.  While some may say that National Napping Day is a bogus holiday, it provides everyone with the guilt free opportunity to have a nap and catch up on the hour of sleep that they lost due to the time change. Seems legit enough for me! Napping is great for your body and sometimes is recommended to help individuals live a better and healthier lifestyle. So what’s your style of napping? Power nap, cat nap, or do you think napping is only for the weak? Whatever your style may be Customized Girl has a refreshing selection of custom nap shirts to wear on National Napping Day.

I Love Naps and You Sweatshirt

Yeah, I Take Naps Tank Top

Power Raptor Napper Crop Top

Take any design from our gallery and add your own sense of humor and style by customizing it with your own art and text. If you don’t like the style or color of the design you can simply switch out the product. Some of our more comfy products include custom pajamas, custom hoodies and sweatshirts. We even offer the option of custom pillowcases so you can see your amazing design every day when you take your much needed nap or  when you’re getting that good night’s sleep. There’s no shame in your game – showing off your love of naps is that easy with custom apparel on Customized Girl. But seriously who doesn’t love a good nap? Celebrate national napping day with a nap… or two. Trust us you won’t regret it.

We love seeing our customers in their one of a kind designs. Share photos of your custom items with us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! @CustomizedGirl

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Funny Running Shirts

Funny Running Shirts

All year long there are many organized running events – 5k’s, half marathons, whole marathons, color runs, charity runs, and everything in between.  Each event has it’s own theme and depending on if your running is purely fitness related or raising funds for a cause, this gives you the perfect opportunity to create amazing running outfits. Customized Girl has put together a gallery full of funny running shirts to help get you motivated for those long, monotonous runs. Start a healthier, fitter life and have fun with it!

Custom running shirts can be the best remedy for lack of motivation. Showing off your new workout gear can encourage healthier habits because you will want to wear it all the time! By customizing any of our designs you can easily add your own workout saying, slogan, or maybe some hilarious inside joke with your runner buddies. Maybe you are just incredibly clever and can start your design from scratch!  Our running gear is not only great for individual runners because of our no minimum policy but even better for bulk orders due to our  group discounts that are automatically adjusted in your shopping cart after 6 or more items are added. Now that’s a deal.

Customized Girl offers a variety of apparel that is perfect for any runner’s style. Our performance wear enhances your ability to workout more effectively with breathable material and moisture wicking properties that are sleek, comfortable, and good looking. We offer custom socks, custom bags, water bottles, and custom hats that are ready to customize with your city and date. Our design center makes it easy to upload your logo or sponsor logo’s to apparel that will help market your brand to potential customers.

We mentioned that our gallery is already full of hilarious running designs but if you are looking for specific team events we offer the following:

Mud Run Shirts

Color Run Shirts

Glow Run Shirts

Zombie Run Shirts 

Are you fitness trainer or own a yoga studio? Or are you just a trendy individual that has great fitness slogans and sayings? Take your business and brand to the next level by customizing apparel with your logo and opening an online storefront to sell your gear. Check out Customized Girl storefronts and what they can offer your business.

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Baseball Mom Spirit Jersey

Gear Up For Spring Sports With New Custom Apparel

The sun is shining and the weather is warming up. That can only mean one thing – spring is almost here! Spring can be a busy time of the year for most families with a new season of school sports starting. Customized Girl has added some amazing new custom apparel options for you spring sport fanatics. Whether you’re a proud mom in the stand or the player on the field – we’ve got gear for the whole family!

Letterman Jackets

What article of clothing is most associated with all high school sports? Letterman Jackets of course! Customized Girl is excited to have this option for all of our athletes and better yet, the ability to customize them!

Billboard Jerseys (aka gameday jerseys, aka pom pom jerseys) are those super-cute long-sleeve shirts you’ve seen with giant text printed across the shoulders. You can now create your own custom billboard jersey on Customized Girl!

Game Day Jerseys are perfect for girlfriends, moms, and softball players who are looking for a unique way to show their team love. These designs are meant to be worn baggy with slightly arched text across the shoulders. This way when you place your hands on your hips your design is prominently displayed.

Trucker Hats

Custom trucker hats are the trendiest addition to Customized Girl. You are already sitting in the stands all day cheering on your favorite player so why not add a cute or funny slogan to one of our designs to show support.

Custom Bags

We’ve added some great new bag options that include backpacks, cinch, and duffle  that are perfect for any sport. Customize any product or design in our gallery to include school colors, year, and position. What is also an amazing feature of our custom bags is our no minimums policy. Buy one bag or design matching sets for the entire team!

Regardless of the sport your athlete is playing, Customized Girl offers designs for the whole family. It’s simple enough to swap out any of our designs and add dad or grandpa to your favorite shirt. You can even create a whole fan club of matching designs for mom, dad, grandpa, your baby brother, and even your dog! Check out all of our amazing designs in the following spring sport categories:

Custom Baseball Shirts

Custom Softball Shirts

Custom Track Apparel

Custom Lacrosse Shirts

Looking for ways to raise funds for your school team? Create a Customized Girl storefront where you can add all of your trendy high school designs with logos and earn royalties for every design you sell. Customized Girl takes care of the ordering, billing, and shipping. Learn more about how Customized Girl storefronts can help you raise funds for your school team this season.

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