Sad News About Our Marine Category

What we love most at Customized Girl is being able to create designs for groups of women to support the things they love; it’s what we’re all about! Over the years, one of our most popular groups that we have had the privilege of creating designs for has been our Marine moms, wives, and girlfriends.

Unfortunately, all of the Marine designs you have enjoyed customizing to support the Marine you love have been removed from our website. The worst part of this situation was that it wasn’t our decision and it was very upsetting for us to remove our Marine category. The Marines legal department issued us a letter demanding we remove EVERYTHING Marine related on the website. We don’t even have permission to use the word Marine on our website and we probably shouldn’t be using it in this blog post either, but we had to share our frustrations with you.

We’re investigating a licensing situation, but it looks like it will take some time. In the meantime, we’ve changed that category to “Military Love“. Here you can find subcategories for Military Wife, Military Girlfriend, and Military Mom.

Military Love Category 2

We’d love to hear from all the Marine wives, Marine girlfriends, and Marine moms out there! If you would like to see Marine designs back on Customized Girl, join us in the fight to get our Marine category back! Please email us at with your story of why you love customizing Marine shirts to support your loved one! We want to produce Marine designs for you again so we’re collecting as many stories as possible to show the Marines that our designs do way more good than harm to their brand!


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