Brewed Awakening

Brewed Awakening

Selected Color: White
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Length: 30
Width: 33
Basic White Apron - $17.97

This customizable basic white apron is perfect for a small, start up business, cooking and grilling out at home, crafts, painting or more! Stock up for your business!
  • 7.5 oz, 65/35 polyester/cotton twill blend
  • Soil-release finish
  • Classic bib style with strong, tubular braid ties
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Category: Business > Food & Drink > Restaurant

Check out this killer apron, perfect for any restaurant that serves a lot of coffee. Or, I guess you could say it's perfect for coffee shops. What can I say? I love punny aprons. Get it? Huh? "Brewed" Awakening? Sounds a lot like "Rude" Awakening. And it also is great if you want your coffee to wake up your customers. It's a triple joke!

Custom Text: Brewed | Awakening