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I Run For Breast Cancer

  Size Chart
Top (flat): 12.25
Bottom (flat): 13.50
Diameter (open): 8.50
Strap Length (before cinch): 15
Strap Length (after cinch): 26
Top (flat): 12.25
Bottom (flat): 13.50
Diameter (open): 8.50
Strap Length (before cinch): 15
Strap Length (after cinch): 26
adidas University Drawstring Gym Bag - $29.97

You can now customize adidas bags for transporting all your workout essentials.
  • 600-denier diamond ripstop polyester
  • Air mesh padded panels
  • Compression strap systems
  • Silver insulated lining and dual stretch mesh
  • PLEASE NOTE: This bag is not idea for carrying soccer, basketball and other larger sports balls over a circumference of 25"
  • PLEASE NOTE: Uploads not available on this item
  • PLEASE NOTE: Rhinestones not available on all nylon products due to texture
  • Design and font made from a highly durable, fade-resistant laser cut material*
  • Laser cut glitter not available on nylon items*
*This material is applied to your item at a very high temperature and pressure for a long lasting, vibrant look. Please note, we are unable to use this material to produce some of the art in our gallery that is highly detailed and/or multicolored.

Care Instructions:
  • Do not place in washer or dyer
  • Wipe with damp cloth to clean
Sizing Notes:
  • All measurements are provided by garment vendor; vendor tolerance for all measurements is +/-10%
  • All provided measurements are in inches
  • So what's denier? Denier is a unit of weight to measure nylon or silk, mostly seen used in hosiery to describe the thickness of the material used. It also relates to the opacity of the material: the higher the number, the less opaque the item. For example, sheer nylon tights for women average around 20 denier; opaque usually 40 denier. Most nylon bags on this site are 210 denier nylon, so they are very thick and durable, yet flexible.

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Storefront: Raising Funds to Fight Breast Cancer

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Customize a cute drawstring bag to show your support for breast cancer. This bag is great for events and races to carry your gear.

Art: Symbolic Ribbon. This design features the image of an awareness ribbon. Awareness ribbons have come to symbolize various concerns due to the color or pattern used. Some of the colors and causes represented with ribbons are pink for breast cancer, gold for Childhood Cancer, red for AIDS, yellow for "Support Our Troops", purple for Alzheimers, and more, including Autism! Ribbon art is also good for designs dealing with grief, loss, death, in memory of a loved one, remembrance, and rest in peace (rip or r.i.p.).

Custom Text: I Run For | Marilyn