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Selected Color: White
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Top Diameter: 3.25
Base Diameter: 4.00
Height: 5.25
16oz Ceramic Stein - $19.97

Double Sided Design + $7.50

Have a person who's hard to shop for? Upload an image or customize with a funny saying to make a really unique, personalized gift. Great way to remember a vacation or celebrate Oktoberfest and St. Patrick's Day!
  • Holds 16 oz
  • Heavy, white ceramic
  • Vibrant, full-color printing
Sizing Notes:
  • All measurements are provided by vendor; vendor tolerance for all measurements is +/-10%
  • All provided measurements are in inches
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The adinkra symbol, ONYANKOPON ADOM NTI BIRIBIARA BEYE YIE means "By God's grace, all will be well". hope, providence, faith. (

Custom Text Front: I | S | t. | C | r | o | i | x | By God's grace, | all will be well