Glorious Metallic Crop Top

Designed By: AndHerStory
Black White Athletic Heather Mint Dark Grey Heather True Royal Teal Coral Neon Pink
Design Details
[Verse 1: Laura Mvula] Oh, love Kill my people and drown them dead Down in the river of lights I'll fall To drive us out to the end and take A dream and bury them deep [Pre-Chorus: Laura Mvula] Could I reach down deep inside myself? Pull out the gold? [Chorus: Laura Mvula] How glorious, this light in us We are a wonder How glorious, this light in us We are a wonder [Verse 2: Laura Mvula] Oh, love They strip us down and rape our minds Our skin was a terrible thing to live in And now With hand in hand, we free our souls Remind us of our glory [Pre-Chorus: Laura Mvula] Could I reach deep down inside myself? Pull out the glory? [Chorus: Laura Mvula] How glorious, this light in us We are a wonder How glorious, this light in us We are a wonder How glorious, this light in us We are a wonder How glorious, this light in us We are a wonder How glorious, this light in us We are a wonder [Verse 3: Wretch 32] Feel my flow Dark skin, I'm a GLO They gon feel my flow Dark skin, I'm a GLO, GLO We've seen the films, we starred in 'em They've done as they feel til we reached our limit They tied us to a car, let it reach its limit I can still smell the skin in the streets I live in Do you feel like quitting? Do you feel like quitting? Don't know if I can just believe again Don't know if I can trust a priest again This has gone way past reasoning Cause shere ain't no reason to reason with I'm sad I grew in it, cause now I don't know If I should grow with it or I should let go of it Let go of it, let go of it Trying to find answers (trying to find answers) That'll only make your head go missing My gran said "curiosity killed the cat" And her best friend went with it Life's a bitch, oh, life's a bitch Depending on what breed you is Depending on what shoe you fit Depending on what team you're in You're middle-class or you're class-A selling You're selling dreams from a living nightmare I'm gonna shine cause my people died here I'm gonna shine cause my people diamonds in the dirt So they don't wanna put the light here Put the light here, put the light here Smell Martin Luther in the air The moral of the story is glory So everybody's winning 'round here Ah, yeah Said ah, yeah (Ah yeah, ah yeah)
Size Chart
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Body Width: 19 20 21.25
Body Length: 20.375 21 21.75
Fits Sizes: 2-6 6-10 10-18
Product Details
The Bella Flowy Crop Top you love is now available in dark colors AND decorated with shiny metallic foil! We offer metallic gold, silver, bronze, and several other foil options. Make sure to stand out in the crowd with your custom reflective metallic design. Great idea for bachelorette party groups.
  • 3.7 oz, 65/35 polyester/viscose blend
  • Soft 30 singles material
  • Cropped
  • PLEASE NOTE: Uploads not available on this item
  • PLEASE NOTE: Metallic film cannot be layered on top of one another. Please do not overlap multiple art and text in the same design.
  • Design and font made from a highly durable, fade-resistant laser cut metallic film material*
*This material is applied to your item at a very high temperature and pressure for a long lasting, vibrant look. Please note, we are unable to use this material to produce some of the art in our gallery that is highly detailed and/or multicolored.

Care Instructions for Metallic Designs:
  • Hand wash only
  • Line dry
  • Do not iron decoration
  • Do not dry clean
Sizing and Material Notes:
  • All measurements are provided by garment vendor; vendor tolerance for all measurements is +/-10%
  • All provided measurements are in inches
  • Body Width is measured 1" below armholes
  • So what's viscose? It's a modern version of rayon that has a light, silky appearance and feel, breathes like cotton and has a flowy drape.
  • What does 30 singles mean? A higher number means a finer thread resulting in a tighter weave and a softer, thinner shirt. A typical adult unisex t-shirt is 18 singles.
Sizing Tip:
  • To get an accurate size, your best bet is to find a like item you own and love at home, lay it flat, measure it in inches then match those measurements to the manufacturer's recommended Size Chart.
  • Need help to find the right size? See this video.
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