Little And Loud Floral Cheerleader

Little And Loud Floral Cheerleader
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Little And Loud Cheer Case
Little And Loud Cheer Case

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Little And Loud Cheer Case
Little And Loud Cheer Case
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Width: 2.75
Height: 5.5
This iPhone 7 Plus Snap Case makes it easy to slide your phone into a pocket or clutch. Its slim form factor, hard-shell case, and lightweight design give it a modern look. Popular, trendy, and great for every design to make your Apple phone more stylish than it was before. The Snap case delivers high spec protection to your device.
  • Slim form factor & lightweight
  • Impact resistant Polycarbonate material
  • Minimal impact on overall device size
  • Vibrant, full color printing
  • Clear, open ports for connectivity
  • Decorated by and shipped from Who's On Your Case
  • All-Over-Printing covers the entire case, edge to edge
  • PLEASE NOTE: 3 day shipping option is disabled for orders that include this case
Sizing and Material Notes:
  • All measurements are provided by garment vendor; vendor tolerance for all measurements is +/-10%
  • All provided measurements are in inches
  • Earn 10.00% when you sell this item.
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You are little and loud, and oyu can tie a bow into perfect placement every time. you are a cheerleader, and you are proud of it. You are so proud that you want to deck out your phone with this awesome phone case. The floral design is classy, just like you are.
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