Woof Woof Dog Bowl

Design Details
Make meal time creative and more fun by getting a personalized dog bowl for your furry friend. Get creative in our easy to use design center by adding your own text and choose from our font styles to make your dog's name be easily spotted by your buddy.
Size Chart
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Width: 6.00
Height: 2.25
Product Details
No bones about it! Your dog or cat will love this customizable pet bowl. Heavy ceramic for no tipping. A popular design is, of course, the pet's name, but the possibilities are endless. Put your husband or boyfriend's name on it for a gag gift ...next time he ends up in the dog house!
  • 6" dia. white ceramic
  • 2.25" high
  • Heavy, 0.25" thick body
  • Vibrant, full-color printing
Sizing and Material Notes:
  • All measurements are provided by garment vendor; vendor tolerance for all measurements is +/-10%
  • All provided measurements are in inches
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Woof Woof Dog Bowl

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