My Feet Aren't Cold But

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Product Color: White
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Design Details
If you can read the bottom of my socks, that means my feet are up, probably resting on a stool. I'm the bride-to-be, so you might be worried that I'm getting cold feet. But don't worry! These comfy socks are preventing cold feet, and they are also kindly requesting a cold beer. Please, stop asking about my cold feet and start bringing me a beer.
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Shoe Size: 5-9
Product Details
Looking for softness and cushioning in a no-show ankle sock? We've got what you want. These Hanes ankle socks are great for any occasion, whether you are attending a sporting event, playing in a big game, or relaxing around the house. Pick or create your favorite design in this comfortable Hanes no-show sock.
  • Compact cushioning gives you all the comfort without all the bulkiness.
  • Breathable cotton blended with spandex for a better fit.
  • Wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry.
  • Extra-durable, long-lasting heel and toe areas.
  • Comfort toe seaming, our most comfortable seam ever.
Sizing and Material Notes:
  • All measurements are provided by garment vendor; vendor tolerance for all measurements is +/-10%
  • Earn 16.02% when you sell this item.
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