Where We Droppin' Boys Fornite Ornament

Design Details
How about adding your kid's latest obsession to the Christmas tree decor? Your little boy's eyes will definitely light up with excitement when he sees this hanging on the Christmas tree. Perhaps he's thinking you got him another Fornite game to add to his collection?
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Size Chart
  No Size
Width: 3.00
Thickness: 0.125
Product Details
Imagine how special it would be to receive a customized porcelain ornament with a personal saying, favorite artwork or even a photo of a loved one on it. Whether celebrating a special event or holiday, our porcelain ornaments make truly special gifts that will be remembered for years to come.
  • Porcelain
  • Comes with 4" long metallic string for hanging
  • Vibrant, full-color printing
Sizing and Material Notes:
  • All measurements are provided by vendor; vendor tolerance for all measurements is +/-10%
  • All provided measurements are in inches
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