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Upload your image above and we will remove the background and make it into the pattern. Or you can start from scratch and design your own custom sock here.
Design Details
Pet's make some crazy faces. We all know you have some photos stored up of your pet. Upload your favorite to a pair of socks as seen here. That's all you have to do, and we will do the rest and make it look as shown! These socks make such a great gift or comfy, funny pair of socks for yourself.
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Size Chart
For Mens Size: 6-13
For Ladies Size: 4-12
Flat Socks Length: 13.125 inches
Flat Socks Width: 3.5 inches
Product Details
Simply upload your image and we will take care of the rest. We'll remove the background and generate a print file that looks just like the pattern you see.

We'll print both the front and back, but please note: the pattern won't align perfectly at the edges. There might be some slight fading at the seams.

That all being said, these custom all-over-print socks are such a fun gift to give anyone! Imagine the look on the face of your best friend or boss or husband or wife when they see their face in a fun pattern on socks! (Here's a preview: everyone will laugh and you'll create a fun memorable and wearable gift.)

For the best quality print, please provide a high-quality image with one clear, visible face.

These comfortable socks have Polyester/Spandex construction that prints great and stretches well.

The patented Soft Touch thread provides a soft feel.

Black Heel on back/bottom.
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