Santa Claw Custom Gaiter

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Design Details
Be fun and festive this season with a face cover that shows what you are truly thankful for. You can also customize this design with your own words to give it the flavor that matches your party personality!
Size Chart
Width: 9.25 inches
Width stretches to: 14 inches
Height: 19 inches
Printed area: 14 inches
Product Details
Comfortable gaiter buff that is not only fashionable, customizable, and a PPE, but it also provides UV protection!

This Gaiter Buff is multi-functional and can be worn in so many ways: a neck gaiter, a face shield, a bandana, a headband, to just name a few!
    Important things to note:
  • Top 5 inches will remain white.
  • Fold the white section inside to make your mask 2-ply instead of 1-ply
  • These gaiter buffs measure 19" x 9.5" inches with a 14" x 9.5" inch print area.
  • They're made from 100% moisture-wicking microfiber Solar Fabric with UPF +50 UV-ray protection.
  • All-Over Print in the color chosen with additional customization available
  • Non-medical grade mask
  • Washable
  • Reusable
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