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Melanated Kings and Queens (MKQ)

MKQ Apparel is on a quest to inspire all MELANATED people to actively LOVE & RESPECT themselves as KINGS and QUEENS of the BLACK community. In doing so we are demanding that same respect from others outside of our #MelanatedMafia. Throughout the line of designs, it will be common to see messages that promote self acceptance and knowledge of our ancestors. When you wear an MKQ design you have the opportunity to express yourself. Some designs are just fun interpretations of elements within our culture. Other designs create a vision countering all of the negative propaganda that is placed upon our people. MKQ appreciates the support of ALL melanated people. We will provide items for Kings and Queens of all shapes and sizes and will generate designs that inspire us historically, culturally, and musically. MKQ designs are printed on some of your favorite brands such as American Apparel, Bella, Champion among others. Please pay close attention to the sizing measurements as some items are unisex. ENJOY

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