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Courageous Apparel

I believe that it only takes a little bit of courage over and over again to achieve our goals, make an impact and leave a legacy. But we don't have to do it alone. We are a team. Every day we show up with a little bit of courage. And if we do that, can you imagine the ripple effect?! I believe what has been placed on your heart is there for a reason. No matter what it is...if you are courageous enough to go after it, then I think we are a team. Together we are fighting...for ourselves and ultimately, maybe for those that didn't realize they could win. We aren't perfect. But we don't give up...because together we RISE UP! I believe in you! I will fight next to you. We are a team. This is our uniform. It represents us. Our dreams. Our scars. Our courage. We are a team...TEAM COURAGE

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