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15% Off Sitewide! Use code PRIME24

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Use our online design center to add text, art, & images. Get 1 custom t-shirt for $14.99, or buy 6 or more for group pricing.

We have better prices than the big guys with all the personal care of a smaller brand.
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Benefits of Choosing Customized Girl for Personalized T-Shirts

Actual People Are Here to Help

Speak with a real person via chat, phone or email.

A professional artist will format your final custom shirt print file at no cost to you.

Got a group order? Email our concierge team at concierge@eretailing.com.

2 Ways to Get a Quick Quote on Custom-Printed T-Shirts

1. Contact us

2. Choosing an item will take you to the design center. Simply enter in your quantities and the price will appear.

Getting several different styles? Just add your personalized T-shirt designs to your cart, and you'll see the full discounts there. (Full color printing on one side is free.)

Happy Customers

We've been making customers happy since 2004. You can see photos and read their reviews here.

We printed 250,000 custom shirts online last year. We'll print even more this year. Join us!

Get Custom-Printed T-Shirts for Your Group

Does your group include people of various ages and body types? Get them each something that actually fits.

See our matching shirts in a variety of options, from Onesies to Plus Sizes:

Customized Girl Has Custom-Printed T-Shirts for You


All of our pricing is optimized to give you the lowest possible price for your individually customized products. You'll be hard strapped to find a better deal on no minimums custom printing.

Group Orders

Group discounts automatically kick in once you have 6 items in your cart. Unlike screen printers, your designs don't have to be the same. Any 6 designs. Any 6 items.

The more you add to your cart, the more the price will drop, both for new items and for the items already in your cart!

Fast Shipping Options

Normally, we offer very fast shipping options. Currently, however, global supply chains are slowing down shipping and deliveries across the globe. Read our shipping FAQ here.


We think our quality separates us. It all starts with our website. We render your design so that it looks exactly like your completed order. Then we make sure your print file is perfect. And then we print it beautifully.

We can do this because we've tested and optimized every tiny detail, from ink settings to humidity settings. Learn more.

We print everything right here in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Why We're Different

Most custom shirt places want to print the same men's tee for everyone in your group. It's just easier for them. But your group has people of all sizes and styles, right?

Your friends and family want something that genuinely fits. Something they can wear again and again. So just add your design to your cart and hit the Copy Design button. Then use the Swap Item tab to put it on a different style.

It's That Easy to Create Custom Shirts

We have something for everyone, from slim fit to plus size. From tiny babies to grown-ups.

So don't settle for the same old unisex tee. Add something special to your cart. Copy it. Use that swap tab. Add that to you cart. And keep going! Have fun! Our design center is a playground.
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Delivering Customized T-Shirts Since 2004

A Brief History of Custom T-Shirts

The Short Version

Our company started in the early 2000s, printing custom shirts and tanks for sororities on the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University.

Over time, our customers graduated from school and moved on to the next stage in their lives. Sometimes, that meant getting married.

They came back to us and asked 'Will you make tanks for our bachelorette party?' We said 'Of course!'

As this happened more frequently, we realized it something special was happening. In 2004, we launched CustomizedGirl.com.

We were one of the first custom apparel websites with a fully interactive design tool. You could add your own text and art. Change fonts. Change colors. Move things around. It was great. We try to keep it great by keeping it simple.

We started serving our customers as sorority sisters, then as brides, and now, 15 years later, as moms. They've stuck with us all this time, and we couldn't appreciate them more.

So now we invite you to join our community. Make your moment.

The Long (But Illuminating) Version

Early Days

As we said, we started by selling custom tees to sororities at Ohio State. We built long-lasting relationships, and after they graduated, they started getting married and throwing bachelorette parties.

They needed custom tanks for the bachelorette parties and we were inspired to launch CustomizedGirl.com in 2004, which included a very early interactive design center.

However, bachelorette parties don't always require a large number of shirts. Sometimes just 4 or 5. Screen printing didn't make sense, so we shifted our decoration methods to an ultra-thin, precision-cut vinyl material.

We would create a vector file using the text and art chosen by the customer. Then we could cut out the vinyl, heat press it onto the item, and presto, one singular custom t-shirt. No minimums required!

Around this time, you might have noticed all the personalized apparel ads in the back of magazines like US Weekly. That was us! With the new design center technology, we were selling lots of simple tees, but also custom underwear with phrases like 'I Heart John'. Perfect for a square ad on the 2nd-to-last page of InTouch.

From Vinyl to Ink

Of course, there were limitations for film as well. You couldn't apply it in layers which meant you had limited color options. We were also limited to just text and art from our design center. You couldn't even upload your own image!

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Digital Printing machines had been invented, but the technology wasn't mainstream until Brother launched their DTG Printers in 2005. We'd been watching this development closely. By 2009, we felt that the technology was reliable enough to dive in.

Finally, we could print true personalized t-shirts, including uploaded images. Over the years, several factors all came together with fascinating results:

  • We realized quickly that we were competing against screen printers for the people who were searching for 'custom shirts online'.

  • With screen printers, the more you order, the lower the price for each shirt. It's called a 'group discount'.

  • We could have offered screen printing too, but our website was built on the foundation of 'custom shirts, no minimums'. We really didn't want to give that up.

  • So to compete with screen printers on price, we added our own group discounts. Over time, the discount got steeper and steeper.

  • Now, with each item you add to your cart, the group discount will get bigger. Which means that the price is dropping for the stuff already in your cart!

  • This is pretty normal for screen printers, but imagine this: all of those screen print designs have to be identical. It works fine for a big organization.

  • We can sell to big organizations too. But with us - and this is the fun part - you'll get screen print prices for any random assortment of items. You can buy a unique, personalized gift for everyone in your extended family, and we'll treat your pricing as though you're getting one identical design for a big group.

Do you know which group loves that pricing structure the most? That's right: bachelorette parties. Why? Because you can add a ridiculous nickname to each tank! It's the Bride Tribe with The Bad Influence, The Feisty One, The Dirty Dancer, and so on. It's super fun.

First they were sorority sisters. Then they became brides. Now they're moms and we're constantly adding new kids t-shirt options! With each new step, we've evolved our business to keep up.

One More Fun Fact

Remember that time when we were decorating with ultra-thin film and foil? Well, we still have that capability.

This is very important, because film is the only way to decorate certain items like duffel bags and mesh jerseys while also offering no minimums. Which means we're now one of the only places to offer custom football jerseys with no minimums.

You can design your own 'Mom of 00' (enter your son's jersey number) football jersey, and we'll decorate it with any kind of film, including metallic foils!

The same is true for Dance Bags and Custom Sashes and so much more.

We loved our sorority sisters, we loved our brides, and now we love our moms. Are you ready to make your moment?

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