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Customer Reviews for Customized Girl...
"A Huge Fan"

I have been a huge fan of Customized Girl for a while now. I had placed an order back in January for a set of Valentines Day t-shirts for myself, my fiance and my daughter and was extremely pleased with that order!

The bacehlorette shirts looked great and people were commenting on them all night long! More importantly, the girls loved them!!!! They were so excited when we were getting ready and I surprised them with the tank tops!! I was so extremely happy with my purchase and I will definitely be logging back on to CG for my next big occasion!! Thanks Customized Girl!!!

"So Comfortable and Last Forever"

They really turned out cute! It was especially personal because everyone chose their favorite color for their t-shirt. We LOVE your t-shirts and had ordered them 3 years ago for another girlfriend's 40th and I think we all wear those t-shirts every week - they are SO comfortable and last forever!!!!

A group of 16 of our girlfriends got together last weekend at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, CA to celebrate a 40th birthday! Because we were staying in "Half Moon Bay", the idea of having the shirt to read "Half Moon Babes" came up and so the t-shirt creation was formed.

"We Absolutely Loved the Way Our Shirts Turned Out"

Thanks Customized Girl, we absolutely loved the way our shirts turned out. We chose a jersey style with our last name, my husband and I have the numbers 08 on ours for the year we were married and the kids each have the year they were born. This will be for our Christmas card. :)

"Simple and Easy to Use"

Let me first start by saying we are more than happy with our t-shirts. The customization process on your site is simple and easy to use and enabled us to get exactly what we needed, and we are more than pleased with the quality of the shirts and their designs. The shirts look and feel as professional as it gets and while wearing them we've all gotten some type of positive recognition, we will definitely be ordering more in the near future as we continue to grow our website. is an easy-to-use social networking site for gamers who want to compete against each other for money or on behalf of a charity of their choice, hence our tagline "play for more".

"Great Quality"

I think the shirts came out great - the picture was clear considering it was taken in the early 80's and the tshirt itself was a great quality.

These shirts were made for my brother Jeff's 30th birthday dinner. He did not want a party, but he wanted a personalized tshirt. I found this photo taken around the time the movie "Home Alone" came out. Jeff's face in this photo is priceless and as you can tell that thick mop of hair is gone (the birthday boy is the bald one in the middle!).

"Matching Tees for Special Events"

We have a tradition with our friends to do fun matching tees for special events (We have ordered from Customized Girl several times in thepast). This event was for Kristin's (aka Boogie - a nickname given to her a long time ago by her fiance) Bachelorette Party. We wore them on our big night out in Dewey Beach, Delaware. As you can see, we also squeezed 2 very pregnant girls in them as well. The Bride is getting married on Sept 10th and all 10 bridesmaids plan to wear the shirts again that day during our hair and makeup appointments.

"A Ton of Compliments"

The shirts were designed for a few Moms to wear at our sons' football game. It's actually M.V. Cougars for Mission Valley Cougars! We added our sons' names to our individual shirts. We received a ton of compliments on our tank top at our game! It was a HIT!!

"Something We Can Keep Forever"

We decided to create this design because we are a rather large family and rented a house in Scituate, Ma. for the week of the 4th of July. Every year there is a huge bon fire and fireworks and we all wanted something to unify us as a family. It was a great way of creating something that we can keep forever!

"I Love It All"

I order so much from Customized Girl and I love it all.

We had a total of 100 guests and we had and absolute blast on the cruise. Everyone knew who the wedding guests were because we were all having so much fun. My "homophobia is so gay" tank was a huge hit at the gay pride parade in Chicago.

"It Made Quite a Statement"

The purpose of the shirts was to support my 5 year old son who plays little league football. My family was from out of town and traveled to support my son, so this was very exciting for him to have his family support him and wear a shirt with his jersey number on it. It made quite a statement at the game as well.

"Your Prices Really Made It Easy"

It was my twin daughters, Megan & Brenna's 8th birthday party. Instead of giving away gift bags, we decided to make up a tshirt. Fortunately your prices really made it easy to do. By the time I would have but a gift bag together it would have cost the same or more than the t-shirt! We designed the shirts, then to add some color, we tie dyed them all different colors. To add to the party atmosphere we hung all the shirts around our pool as decorations. Here are some photos of the shirts, and the kids! Everyone LOVED the idea of the t-shirt instead of the goodie bag, and I think all the kids loved their new shirts.

"Reasonable, Creditable, and Flexible"

This summer, as my sister's maid of honor, I knew I had one, extremely large responsibility- host a phenomenal bachelorette party! I wanted the girls attending to dress similar one of the nights we went out. I chose to create a t-shirt for this memorable event. I searched several websites trying to find a reasonable, creditable, and flexible company. All of these goals were achieved by using!! I was able to create my own design at a reasonable price. The t-shirts delivered were exactly the same as what I created online and the quality was perfect.

"They Came Soooo Fast"

The shirts came out soooo cute! The t-shirts were ordered for my daughter and her friends so that they could wear their t-shirts on their 8th Grade Trip to Washington & New York City. The shirts were a great hit both here at home and in "The Big Apple". And they came soooo fast, I was pushing it and waited till the last minute but wow they came in just a couple days!! The trip will be remembered by my daughter forever and the t-shirt will be a treasured memory of it all!!! I'm now getting ready to order a birthday t-shirt for my daughter's 15th birthday.

"Many of Our Guests were Interested in Them"

TruSynergy is an event planning company that focuses on health and wellness. Our events, either in the home or corporate setting, can feature services like massage therapy, facials, empowerment workshops and fitness sessions. This was our launch event at the Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center in Baltimore, Maryland. It was a "ladies only" event where our guests enjoyed seated massages, facials, a workshop, catered lunch and a jewelry vendor. I will probably be ordering more shirts in the near future, as many of our guests were interested in them!

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