Fundraising For Breast Cancer: Funds Raised For 2019!

Another successful month of fundraising for the Side-Out foundation comes to a close.


The end of October brings an end to this years fundraising efforts for the Side-Out foundation. We’re happy to say that we raised $177.72 in the fight against breast cancer through royalties earned on our breast cancer storefront.

If there’s one thing we can learn from these kinds of events, it’s that every cent counts. We’re looking forward to next year when we can again use our company to help fight this terrible disease. Thanks to everyone that contributed to our cause.

See you in 2020!

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The Best 11 Custom Christmas Sweaters of All Time

‘Tis the season to get ugly! Ugly Christmas sweaters that is. The ugly Christmas sweater trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon, and we’re just fine with that. Custom Christmas sweaters are some of our best selling products, even when it’s not cold outside! So we decided to make a list of 12 of our favorite designs to share with you this year to get into the holiday spirit.

1. Christmas Beer Label Ugly Sweater

Christmas, the most wonderful time for a beer.

2. Matching Family Sweater Sets

Make sure to customize one for each member of the family!

3.Adorable Husky Dog Sweaters

These handsome hounds never looked so good on a Christmas sweater!

4. May All Your Christmases Bea+White

There’s just something golden about these girl’s Christmas sweaters

5. Ho Ho Funny Christmas Sweater

Santa must stay warm with all that jolly laughter…or am I missing something here?

6. Custom Photo Ugly Christmas Sweater

Upload photos of your friends, family or pets!

7. Custom Christmas Sweater Design

Our design center makes it easy to add custom text, artwork or even upload photos

8. Matching His/Her Christmas Sweaters

As long as you have each other, there is no greater gift!

9. Funny Baseball Fan Ugly Sweater

Buying these for your baseball fan is a gaurenteed home run.

10. Matching Pet & Owner Sweaters

Yes we sell shirts for dogs, and yes you should make one to match for yourself!

11. Start From Scratch

Don’t like any of our templates? No probelm, just start from scratch and make your own!

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Customized Girl Coupon Code November 2019

November is here! There’s always lots to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving is late this year, on the 28th, so you have basically the whole month to customize the cutest things for the holiday! Use code NVB19 for $5 off orders of $50+; good through the end of November, expiring at midnight on 11/30!

Enjoy and be grateful for family, friends, and food this November!

Start Shopping Now!

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Customized Girl Coupon Code for October 2019

Are you ready for all things October? Fall is here and we want to make sure you’re ready! Get to customizing and use code GRLTEN for 10% off your next order; good through the end of October, expiring at midnight on 10/31!

Breast Cancer Awareness month is the whole month of October. Make sure you grab your Pink Custom Breast Cancer Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, & More!

We also have some super cute Halloween costume and accessories so, make sure you check them out!

Start Shopping Now!

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Fundraising For Breast Cancer: Our Second Year With

We’re happy to announce that for the second year in a row, we have chosen to work with to raise funds and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.


Side-Out’s Mission:

Through youth education and empowerment, The Side-Out Foundation unifies the volleyball community to drive change in the way that breast cancer is treated.

By promoting healthy lifestyle initiatives through volleyball, Side-Out continues to make waves with their fundraising efforts in the war against breast cancer.

So, we’re excited to add once again to our growing list of charities:
2019 –
2018 –
2017 – The Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio
2016 – Think Pink
2015 – Think Pink
2014 – The Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research
2013 – The Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research
2012 – The Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research

Volleyball gear continues to be some of our best selling product . This year we’ve added some newer gear, including Volleyball Compression Shorts and Leggings which utilize our fancy new stretchy film. Just make sure you customize your own Volleyball Backpack before heading off to the game!

We couldn’t do this without the help of or our customers, so for that we want to thank all of you . As always, a portion of your Breast Cancer Shirt purchases will go towards this fundraising effort.

Since 2012 we have been doing what we can through our fundraising campaigns to stop this terrible disease, and we’ll continue to do so until breast cancer is SPIKED into oblivion!

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Designing Your Own Custom Tank Top is Fun and You Should Do It

Just look at these happy customers! They all used Customized Girl to make their own Custom Tank Tops and they love it.

Let’s start at the top. These ladies are celebrating the bride-to-be with custom tanks for the bachelorette party. They found our “All Aboard the Hot Mess Express” design and then they added their own flare: custom text that says “Caitlin’s Bachelorette”

Look at them! They’re having a blast in their matching tanks!

But you can customize more than just the text. For an example, see below.

If you have created your own graphic or illustration, just use the Upload Image tab in our design center. We’d love to print it on any tank, including this super cute slim fit crop top as pictured. (This Maine Vibes design is so cute, great work girl.)

But let’s say Halloween is coming up and you need a quick costume? Well look no further! Our next customer used our design center to create an homage to the incredible 1980s aesthetic of Olivia Netwon-John.

There’s a few accessories here to help: a super high ponytail, a fanny pack, and some leg warmers. Just tie your tank top in a cute little knot and you’re ready. Let’s get physical.

But what if you want to make a truly special memory with your best friend? You better believe custom tank tops can help.

These friends are wearing tanks that say “Nothing Sense We’re” and “Makes When Apart”. It makes no sense right?

Right! That’s the whole point! Put them together and they say “Nothing Makes Sense When We’re Apart”. Adorable!

These happy customers went the extra mile and personalized each design with their names. This shot makes for some incredible Instagram content, we have to admit.

You can shop more Best Friend Tank Top options here.

If you want to feel inspired by even more happy customers wearing their custom tank tops from Customized Girl then we have one last suggestion:

Follow us on Instagram!

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NoPantsParty Custom Black Undies

No Pants Party Is the Best Possible Brand to Sell Custom Underwear

No Pants Party is a brand that just so happens to have a storefront with Customized Girl. Like we mentioned above, they are the best possible brand to sell custom underwear! We’ll tell you why.

If you think about it, it’s not easy for just any old brand to sell their actual brand name on underwear. It really doesn’t make much sense. However, if your brand relates to not wearing pants – then it’s the perfect opportunity. Just like the No Pants Party DJs.

The No Pants Party brand is a pair of shenanigans-loving DJs. That’s why custom underwear fits perfectly with their brand. They’re all about creating personalized underwear for all kinds of occasions, like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Our storefront platform + custom underwear + and the No Pants Party brand equals the perfect mix. They found a creative way to use our products and their storefront to market their brand in a funny and fresh way. Also, a pair of cute undies that say “No Pants Party” on the back is the perfect excuse to, literally, not wear pants for a day.

If you think your brand is also the perfect brand to sell custom underwear, head to our site to get started by creating your own storefront.

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