Be Merry and Bright with Custom Christmas Sweaters

‘Tis the season for custom Christmas sweaters!

Let’s face it – Ugly Christmas sweater parties have become the norm. Each and every year has become more difficult in the search for that one amazing sweater. These days you can’t just buy anything online for the fear of wearing an identical sweater and nobody’s got time to scour through thrift shops. Why waste the time and money when you can design exactly what you want? Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle instead create your very own Christmas sweater just in time for the holidays!

Make your friends envious and your coworkers laugh at loud with a custom Christmas sweater. Our gallery is full of funny, pop culture mashups that are ready for you to add your special touch. Choose from one of the designs that our in-house design team has provided and swap it onto your favorite color or style of choice. Who said ugly Christmas tank tops weren’t a thing? That’s right. Make it a thing this year.

Still can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Go the extra mile and start from scratch. Customized Girl’s one-of-a-kind design center makes it incredibly easy for users to upload their own art and images. You can even upload your besties friend and add accessories like elf ears and hats!

Show us your custom Christmas sweaters via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram @customizedgirl!

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Raising Funds For The Breast Cancer Fund Of Ohio

October is the official month for Breast Cancer awareness. For the last several years, Customized Girl has donated a percentage of our breast cancer design sales in the fight for raising funds and awareness for breast cancer research. This year we decided to collaborate with an organization that hit a little closer to home. Raising funds for The Breast Cancer Fund Of Ohio really stood out to us not only because they are based out of Ohio but because we truly love and admire what they do to help breast cancer patients.

The Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was originally formed by survivors. They distribute funds from the sale of Ohio’s Breast Cancer Awareness License Plate to organizations around Ohio for emergency financial assistance to breast cancer patients. Their main mission is to help Ohio breast cancer patients with the day-to-day challenges of living while being treated for breast cancer. 100% of funds raised stay in Ohio to benefit organizations and patients in the local community. It’s no secret that Customized Girl is a Columbus, Ohio based company and we take pride in doing all of our work right here in Columbus.  The buckeye bond and Ohio connection was too perfect for a partnership in honoring and supporting those fighting against Breast Cancer.

Raising Funds For The Breast Cancer Fund Of Ohio

This year Customized Girl is happy to announce that we were able to donate $614.79! Raising funds for The Breast Cancer Fund Of Ohio could not of been done without the help of our customers who designed and purchased custom breast cancer shirts. We would like to thank all of our customers for making this possible. Many of those orders were for breast cancer shirts were personalized with a charitable walk or in memory of a loved one.  Your breast cancer purchase is providing support and critical services to women and men in need.

Raising Funds For The Breast Cancer Fund Of Ohio

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October 2017 Selfie Instagram Winner!

You scream, we all scream for our October selfie winner!

October 2017 Selfie WInner

A lot of customers at Customized Girl are not just fashionistas but are small business owners. Having a small business and providing customers merchandise branded with your logo is a big deal. Our selfie winner for the month of October did just that by taking his love of ice cream and turning it into a brand with custom sweatshirts for all his followers and customers. This original yet tasty design mixed together with the ideal props was the perfect recipe to be our October selfie winner!

Make sure to share all of your custom apparel selfies via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram @customizedgirl! But first, make sure to follow us on Instagram and learn how sharing your selfie can earn you prizes!

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Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

The holidays are quickly approaching and before you know it you’ll be scrambling to find gifts for all your family and friends. It can be incredibly difficult finding gifts for everyone on your list that is personal yet budget friendly. Customized Girl has the solution to your holiday shopping woes with custom jigsaw puzzles!

Customized Girl has recently added custom jigsaw puzzles to our vast selection of products. Users now have the option to customize a 12, 30, or 120 piece puzzle with their own art and images. Select one of the hundreds of designs in our gallery or start from scratch. We even provide an extra option to add a metal tin container to hold all the pieces as a better way to present it as a gift and an additional keepsake to be cherished for many years.

We personally think custom puzzles are fantastic gifts but here is our list of favorites ways our customers use custom jigsaw puzzles

  • asking your bridal party to participate in your wedding
  • promposal
  • pregnancy or gender reveal
  • wedding guest book
  • mother or father’s day gift
  • business promotion
  • graphic designer showcasing new art work
  • fundraiser
  • get well gift
  • you’re a puzzle fanatic!

These are just a few reasons why custom puzzles are a great and unique gift but the best reason is that you can easily turn all and all of your favorite photos into a custom jigsaw puzzle!

What’s your favorite reason for customizing jigsaw puzzles? Share and show us via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram @customizedgirl!

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Make Your Feet Happy With Customized Socks

More and more people are looking for new and original ways to express themselves. One of our favorite ways is through custom apparel because it plays such a huge role for individuals to let their voices be heard. Many know Customized Girl as a print on demand apparel and accessory company with heavy focus on trendy designs. While we may have started out selling custom t-shirts, we’ve evolved into a community of statement makers. We feel that it is empowering to make a custom shirt and to wear that statement across your chest. We now have expanded our product inventory to include more accessories so our customers aren’t just limited to tees and tanks.  Over the last year we’ve really upped our customization game with customized socks!

Custom socks? We bet you didn’t see that one coming. The ability to customize socks has taken off and are a huge hit among trendsetters and fashionistas.  How come? Socks can be overlooked as boring and bland but when it comes down to it, socks always fit and everyone needs a pair at one point. They add a unique touch for marathons, holidays and themed parties but are even better for lounging around. Our group discounts and no minimums makes it incredibly easy for your to create matching designs for a group or a single pair just for you.

Customized Girl offers three different pairs of custom socks – American Apparel striped knee-high socks, ladies no-show socks and Hanes crew socks that includes unisex, ladies, and children sizes.  The ladies no-show sock is the newest addition to our sock family and we’re super excited about it.  This sock has the printing ability for the design to be on the bottom of the sock. Then you can sit back, put your feet up, and share your message with the world!

Our gallery is full of designs from runners to specific sports teams but you can easily start from scratch. Swap out colors, fonts, and art then add your own text!  The best part is if you love your sock design so much you can easily swap it out onto a tee, tank, or even a hoodie. What will your design say?

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Custom Plus Size Shirts

Our mission at Customized Girl has always been to offer the trendiest and best selection of custom apparel for our customers. We take immense pride on not only having the best selection but we also want to provide every customer with as many options as possible. This year Customized Girl has made it our top priority to add and expand our variety of custom plus size shirts!

Customized Girl offers custom shirts for plus size women of all shapes and heights. Currently we have five different styles to choose from that includes tees, tanks, and a sweatshirt but this is only the beginning! We are continuously searching for more styles and products to expand our curvy collection. Take a look at some of our customers showing off their personalized designs with our custom plus size apparel.



Customizing apparel is incredibly easy. All you have to do is choose your favorite design or product then add your own art and text.  With our one-of-a-kind design center the user can simply take any design and switch it onto your product style and color of choice.  Need help? Here’s step by step instructions to guide you through our design center or contact our awesome customer service team. They would be more than happy to assist with the entire process from designing to ordering. Happy designing!

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September 2017 Selfie Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to our selfie winner for the month of September!

September 2017 Selfie Instagram Winner

Every month we are surprised at what our customers design and submit to us as their entry for our selfie contest. We are proud to say we have a large range of audiences who create custom apparel through our site. From sports mom cheering on their favorite player to fashionistas making their visions come to life – there are so many different reasons to customize apparel. One of the biggest reasons people create custom shirts is for special events for a group of people.  Our selfie winners for the month of September did just that and created matching shirts to represent their group unity throughout a race. This ladies are on fire with their hot sauce inspired tees and we can’t take the heat!

Make sure to share all of your custom apparel selfies via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram @customizedgirl! But first, make sure to follow us on Instagram and learn how sharing your selfie can earn you prizes!

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