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The Customized Girl 2015 Scholarship Contest is now open!

The Customized Girl 2014 Scholarship was awarded to Maggie Noriega. You can read her interview on our blog. Congrats, Maggie!

The Customized Girl 2013 Scholarship was awarded to Mariah Dlugosch. You can check out her interview on our blog, too! Congrats, Mariah!


Customized Girl is organizing girls everywhere to become a community of statement makers. We believe that girls should be free to say what they want, when they want. As such, we are looking for a girl who is not afraid to raise her voice and captivate
the world.

The Customized Girl Scholarship is awarded to the girl with the most important message to share. Win our scholarship and you'll receive:

  • A one time $2,500.00 scholarship to help with your college expenses
  • A unique shirt designed and featured on our website
  • A feature interview which will be placed on our blog
Sounds pretty great, huh? Here's all you need to do to enter:

1. Be a girl.

Because we all know that girls rule and boys drool. Yeah, we went there.

2. Follow @customizedgirl on Twitter.

Yeah, we'll really make sure that you did. We like having friends.

3. Submit your statement.

It really does not get any easier than this. No essays, no projects; only a statement that is no longer than a tweet. Tell us, in 140 characters or less: What's the one statement that you think would change the world if people actually put it into everyday action?

4. Bonus Points: Share your statement on your social feeds and include #statement4theworld.

The scholarship will be awarded on January 30th, 2016. Submissions will be allowed until December 31st, 2015. Scholarship will be determined by a panel of non-biased judges who will carefully review each submission, choosing the winner based off three important criteria:

  • Credibility - Does this message really matter? What would the results be if the world took this message to heart and put it into action?
  • Creativity - Does the statement make a new and interesting point? Does it bring about a new idea? Is it presented with flare to draw our attention?
  • Customized - Is the presentation unique? Is it an original idea, or does it add an original perspective to an existing idea?
So, what are you waiting on? You've got 140 characters. Let's hear the statement that you think the world needs to hear.

Submit your application here.

Note: scholarship winners will be sent a W-9 form for tax purposes.

Here are a few Customized Girl customers making their statements: