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Customized Girl FAQs & Helpful Info
Here you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions about our products, shipping, and how to use the website.

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Looking for info about Storefronts? Visit our Storefront FAQs.
What is the quality level of your products?
Very high. We only carry the best brands like Gildan, Bella, and American Apparel. We use several different state-of-the art printing methods to make sure the right item gets the right method. Read more about our printing technology.

Here are some close-up examples of a red print on our sport grey Unisex Gildan Basic T-Shirt:

This is a blue and silver print on a white Bella Ribbed Tank Top:

The above prints were made with our Brother 541 direct-to-garment digital printers. Because we were printing dark colors on light items, we did not use a pretreat or a white underlay.

For a light print color on a dark item, we would first apply a special pretreat and then print one layer of white ink, and then print your full-color design. Here is an example of a white, silver, and pink print on a black Longer Length Next Level Tank Top:

Where can I find sizing details?
We encourage our customers to look at the Product Details section of every item they are thinking about purchasing. This is where you will find the Manufacturer's Recommended Size Chart.

Everywhere you see a product, you will see Product Details. For example, while navigating the "Start with a blank item" menu, you will see a "Product Details" link under every item (like our Junior Fit Custom Basic Shirt.)

If you are in the Design Center, you will see Product Details on the lower right side. If you are navigating our gallery of popular designs, you will see Product Details just under the product image on every design details page.

To get an accurate size, your best bet is to find an item you own and love, and compare it's size to the Manufacturer's Recommended Size Chart. If you need a t-shirt, for example, find one at home, lay it flat, and measure it in inches. Then match those measurements to our size chart. Unfortunately, every t-shirt maker in the world has some degree of manufacturing tolerance, which is to say, the distance in inches could have up to a 10% variation, plus or minus.

More sizing details:

If you see the phrase "Length from HPS", that means "Length from the High Point of the Shoulders".

The chest width is measured one inch below the arm holes.

Ordering blank items:

If you want to be absolutely sure about sizing, feel free to order blank items, try them on, and then return them. We will refund the item price, but we cannot refund shipping costs (both to and back).
How do the Women's shirts fit?
Our Women's Tops page is divided into five different fits: Junior Fit, Misses, Flowy, Unisex and Maternity.

Junior Fit means the shirts are cut to fit closer to the body and run small.

Compared to Junior Fit, Misses shirts are cut with a more generous fit, which means they will fit more like a basic t-shirt. Compared to a unisex shirt, a misses fit shirt tends to have shorter sleeves and a more feminine cut.

Flowy shirts, as the name implies, offer a flowy, loose fit that works with almost all body types. They are also very trendy.

Unisex shirts offer a roomy fit for all genders. All of our Unisex Shirts can be found on our Men's Tops page, but we wanted to include some on our Women's Tops page as well, because there are a few unique styles available only in a unisex fit, such as tie-dye shirts.

Always review the size chart for each item before making your selection, located on the 'Product Details' page. (example)

If you're looking for plus sizes, we offer a few items in our Misses section that go up to 4XL. (They are noted with a round icon). Also, some of our Adult Unisex items go up to 5XL.

Do you offer plus sizes?
Yes, we offer a variety of women's plus size shirts.

Are you able to get sizes other than what are offered on the site?
We try to stock all sizes offered by our manufacturers, so if you do not see the size you are looking for, chances are is it not offered in that size. If you find that there is not a size available in the item that you wish to purchase, feel free to email us and let us know! We will do our best to accommodate all requests and your feedback is very important to us.

What are your washing instructions?
Please follow the washing instructions on your item's tag. These include such suggestions as: turn item inside out, use gentle cycle, cold/cold, tumble dry low or line dry. Some items might have a very slight square impression around the printed area. Simply wash it once to remove it.

Design Center Tutorial
Video Summary:
Add Your Own Text
  • change color
  • change size
  • change font
  • arch
  • change outline color
  • add more lines of text
  • add multiple text styles & colors
  • center
Add Your Own Art
  • choose from our library of over 5,000 pieces
  • change color
  • change size
  • single & multi-color art
  • search functionality
  • category & subcategory functionality
  • add multiple pieces of art
  • center
Upload Your Own Image
  • supports multiple formats (jpg, png, & gif)
  • huge file size limit (10 Megs)
  • add multiple images
  • center
Add Names & Numbers
  • change color
  • change size
  • change font
  • enter name, number, and size
  • easy to create shirts for teams
Swap Out Item
  • see your design on a new item
  • category functionality
Rhinestone Text
  • large preview pane on the left
  • script font
  • standard font
  • athletic font
Distress Your Design
  • one-click checkbox
  • authentic distress effect
Zoom / Preview
  • displays a zoomed-in preview
Mobile Design Center
  • automatically switches when mobile browser detected
  • optimized for small screens
  • add your own text
  • add your own art
  • upload your own image
  • swap your item
  • change colors
  • distress your design
How to Upload Images for Printing

How to upload an image:

Step 1: Navigate to the Design Center using the Start with a blank item
or Start with a design menu on the left.

Step 2: Choose the Upload Image tab. It looks like this:

Step 3: Upload your image!

Helpful info:

Formats we accept: JPEG, GIF, and PNG

Max file size: 10 Megs (Note: any file larger than 1 Meg will take a moment to upload. Please be patient.)

For the best printing quality, upload the largest image size you have. We recommend images of at least 1000 pixels in height or width.

Please understand that there are certain colors outside of the printable spectrum. Neon and very bright colors cannot be produced with current digital printing technology.

Remember, looking at a color on a screen might make that color seem very bright because you are looking at a bright, lit-up monitor. When you print that color on fabric, it typically won't be as bright as when viewed on your monitor.

Tips & tricks:

You can upload more than just rectangular images. For example, if you wanted to upload a cut-out of a person or logo, you can. Use a photo editing tool, such as Photoshop, to create a logo without a background. (You'll see a gray and white checkered background.) Then save your image as a PNG with the transparency setting turned on.

Rectangular Boxes:

It's ok to upload an image with a rectangular box around it. Our art department looks at every uploaded image. If it's a white box on a white shirt, we will automatically remove the white for you.

If you would like us to edit your image in any way, or you just want to make sure we remove the rectangular background, please leave a note in the Special Instruction field that you will find near the end of the checkout process.

If you place an order that looks like the image on the left, we will send you a product that looks like the image on the right!

Adding Rhinestones to a Design
You can add both rhinestone text and rhinestone art using the Customized Girl Design Center.

To add rhinestone text, navigate to the Add Text tab. Click on the Text Style drop down menu. You will see three different rhinestone text styles. Choose one you like.

To add rhinestone art, navigate to the Add Art tab. In the Category drop down menu, choose Rhinestones. It's the last one on the list.

Rhinestone Text is $6 per line of text and Rhinestone Art is $6 per piece of art.

For an additional charge, we can help create custom Rhinestone Artwork based on your idea. Depending on the complexity of the art, we usually charge between $6 and $18 for designing and producing custom rhinestone artwork.

In the design center, the sizing tool is locked for rhinestone text and art. As you can imagine, sizing is critical to creating a great rhinestone design. If you have a letter "e", and you shrink it down too small, it could eventually render as three stones. And of course three stones would not produce a readable letter "e". Thus, for the sake of simplicity, the sizes are locked.

If you want to get a jump on things, choose your rhinestone text style here:

Standard Print Locations

If you want your shirt to be printed using standard print locations (such as full chest or left chest), please use the graphics on this page as a guide when creating your own design in the design center.

For the most part, we will print everything exactly as you designed it. However, we might adjust your design slightly if you are clearly aiming for a certain standard. For example, if a design looks like all of the elements are centered, but our art department notices one element is slightly off-center, we will go ahead and center everything for you.

Vertical Positioning:

When aligning your design vertically, it's all about centering. Try to get the center of your design to align roughly near your armpits, while also staying within the "full chest box" above.

Look at the examples below. The green dashed line is the centering armpit line.

For shirts with low neck lines, like v-necks or some tank tops, the top of the design usually starts at about 3/4 inch from the collar.

Helpful Tips:

If you have any specific requests, be sure to add them to the Special Comments field during checkout.

Let's say you would like a left chest design. First, look at the Left Chest graphic at the top of the page. Then, do your best to fit your design within that imaginary box in the design center. Then, when checking out, simply write “I want this to be a Left Chest design” in the special instructions. Our art department will use the Left Chest standard to make sure your design looks like a classic left chest design.

See below for more do's and don'ts when using the design center.

If you are expecting a standard center chest print, then....

If you are expecting a standard left chest print, then....

If you really want your design to be printed on your belly, and you want to be extra sure that we know it, please leave a message in the Special Instructions.

For maternity designs, it is usually clear when the design should be printed on the belly. Those are no problem.

Adding Multiple Text Styles & Colors & Pieces of Art
Would you like to add several different fonts to your design? Several text colors? Several pieces of art? It's super easy.

On the left side of the Design Center, look at the "Add Text" tab. Beneath the words "Add Text", you will see one tab that says "Text" and another that says "+Add A New Text Style". Click that tab, and you can add a second style of text. Keep clicking that tab and you'll be able to open up to five text tabs. This means you can have up to five different fonts and five different text colors.

The Add Art and Upload Image tabs work the same way. Clicking the "+Add More Art" tab let's you add up to five pieces of art. Each new piece of art can be a different color or size. Basically, this tab system works just like your browser.

By the time your design is complete, you might have a ton of colors on there. And here's the best part: there are no upcharges for additional print colors. Most screen printing companies would charge you an arm and a leg for a design with more than two colors, but we don't. That's because we use direct-to-garment digital printing for most of our items. Your design can contain as many colors as you want, and you can even buy just one item. No minimums.

There are a few items on our site (like our Lacrosse Pinnies) that are printed with an ultra-thin film material. For these items we only allow one color and one piece of art per side. This is a bummer in terms of design flexibility, but it's a very important restriction in terms of actual garment quality. You probably don't want five pieces of film layered one on top of the other. It starts to feel thick and heavy.
Adding a Distress / Retro / Vintage Effect to a Design
Step 1: Visit the Customized Girl Design Center by choosing a blank item or by customizing one of our designs.

Step 2: Click the Distress Design checkbox inside the Design Preview tab.

Adding Names & Numbers For Your Team

Video Summary: In the Design Center, choose Front or Back and then choose the Name & Number tab (it's right there next to Upload Image).

Once you are in the Name & Number tab, follow these simple steps:

1. Add a Name and/or a Number.

2. Choose an item size (Small? Medium? etc...) for each field.

3. Choose your font and color.

4. If you have a really big team, and you run out of entry fields, just click the Add Another Name button. (You'll see this button once you scroll down to the last available entry field.)

More helpful tips:

Do you need multiple item styles? For example, do you need men's shirts, women's shirts, and kid's shirts within the same order? First, choose an item and add your design and names & numbers that will be printed on that specific item. Then add it to your cart.

Once in your cart, click the "copy design" button. It looks like this:

This will take you back to the Design Center. Click the Swap Out Item tab, and choose your next item style. Go back to the Name & Number tab and enter all the names and numbers you want printed on that style.

Click Add to Cart again, and you're finished!

Oh, one more tip. Would you like to buy an item or two with the same design but without Names & Numbers? No problem. Within the Name & Number tab, use your spacebar to add a space to the Name field. Choose your size, and you're done!

It's Easy to Place Group Orders
Video Summary: There are three simple ways to place group orders:

A) Are you getting one design on one item? In the design center, simply enter your desired quantities into the "Size - Quantity" area.

B) Do you need to order a variety of styles (or personalize each design in your order)? No problem. Just create your first design and add it to your cart. In the cart, you'll see a link to "Copy Design". Clicking this link will let you customize that design. (If you need the same design on a different item, use the Swap Out Item tab.) Now just add it to your cart, and it will appear as a new item!

In the shopping cart, click here:
C) Do you need names and/or numbers on your item (as an example: a lot of sports team shirts have names and numbers on the back). Just use our Name & Number tool in the design center.

In the design center, click here:
See more about group discounts on our Group Discounts page.
Outline Your Text and Match Your Colors
How to create a great looking design using the outline text tool:

  1. Add your text.
  2. Choose a color for your text outline.
  3. Add a piece of art from our library to the background.
  4. Match the color of the art to the outline text color.

An example:

Let's say you're designing a white t-shirt (And why not, right? Did you know that light-colored custom shirts are a bit easier to produce, and therefore, a bit of a better deal?). Add some light-colored text, like pink. Then add a dark- colored outline color, like purple. The key here is to choose two highly contrasting colors. You don't want to use red and blue, because they are roughly the same tone. Instead, you want to choose black and light blue.

Okay, now you have two lines of pink text with a purple outline. One is arched and there is decent sized gap between the lines. You can tie these two lines together, and create a cohesive design, by adding a large piece of art to the background.

Since our example is a cheer design, we'll look at the mascots for art. This particular school is the Franklin High Aztecs, so we'll choose the Animals & Mascots art category and then the Aztec subcategory. Find a nice piece of art and add it to the design. Line it up and choose purple as the art color.

Because the art color matches the outline text color, the art blends into the text and the result is a polished, professional-looking design!

Create a Custom Vintage Look
Your School; Old School...

Let's say you are part of a team or organization with a rich history and you need t-shirts for an upcoming event. In fact, let's get more specific. Let's say you are a member of the Greenville High School softball team and you want custom t-shirts for everyone on your team. How cool would it be if everyone from the 1983 softball team kept their treasured t-shirts from high school and were kind enough to donate those shirts to the current team? The entire team would have a set of glorious, vintage shirts. The print would be a bit faded, with cracks starting to wear away the design. The font would be retro. The colors would be retro. The fabric would be delightfully soft. Your team would have the coolest shirts on the planet.

That very scenario can become a reality at Customized Girl. Well, not exactly. We'll have to fake it a bit. The point is: you can create a retro-themed design, with a distressed effect, and purchase brand new shirts for your entire team. Cool, right?

How to create a cool, custom, vintage look:

There are two ways to get started:
  1. Find a distressed, vintage design that you really like from our gallery, and start customizing it by adding your own text, art, and images.
  2. Start with a blank item and add your own text, art, and images.

If you go with the second method, we recommend these fonts for a great retro design:

To distress your design, simply click the "Distress Design" checkbox within the Design Preview tab in the Design Center:

Other examples of vintage designs:

Substitute a Letter with a Piece of Art
Here's a quick way to create an interesting and unique design: find a piece of art that somewhat matches the shape of a letter, and use that art as substitute for a letter in your design. When you are typing your text, just enter a few spaces using your space bar to leave room for the art!

Here are some examples:

Can I save my design?
Yes. Simply click the save button in the lower left side of the Design Center. You must be signed in to your account to save your design.

Saving your design will allow you to share it with friends. Simply copy and paste the URL of the saved design. Your design will not show up in the Customized Girl gallery, which means it will not be searchable using the search bar in the upper right nor will it be found by navigating the "Start with a design" menu on the left.

Another way to share designs is by clicking the "Email" button next to the "Save" button inside the Design Center.
How do I find my saved designs?
Sign in to your account. Then click "My Account" in the header. Then click "My Saved Designs".
Will you save my uploaded images?
If you are signed in to your account, then yes, we will save the images that you upload using the "Upload Image" tab in the Design Center.

You can save up to ten images per account. To delete an image, first sign in to your account, then click "My Account" in the header, then click "My Saved Designs". Then click on the link in the top left that says "Uploaded Images". You will see a link to delete each image.

How can I share a design on Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter or anywhere else?
It's pretty easy! If you want to share a design from our gallery, you will see buttons for Facebook, Email, and Pinterest on the design details page (example). If you want to share this design on Twitter or anywhere else just copy and paste the URL from your browser and paste it wherever you want to share it.

If you want to share your own design, just click the Save button in the lower left corner of the Design Center. (You will need to be signed into an account.) Once you save it, you'll see the design details page with all of the same options as described in the paragraph above.

Is my order safe?
Absolutely. Your order is guaranteed 100% secure. All orders are encrypted with 128-bit SSL technology, and no credit card numbers are stored in the database. Our website is also scanned daily by Qualys Secure to ensure safe ordering.

I'm ordering a lot of stuff. Do you offer group/bulk discounts?
Heck yes! Our group discounts start at six or more items. They don't even need to be the same item or design. If you order six or more of anything, you're getting a discount. Learn how easy it is to place group orders.

How do I get my design on different products, colors, or styles?
It's actually quite easy.
  • Choose your first item, add your design, and add it to your cart.
  • In the Shopping Cart, you will see a button to "copy your design". Clicking this button will take you back to the design center.
  • You can use the Swap Out Item tab to choose a different product.
  • Once you have your design on your new item, just click the Add to Cart button and you'll see both products in your shopping cart!

To see this process in action, watch the video on our group orders page.
Do I have to purchase a minimum number of items?
No! Buy one custom item or one thousand; we're happy to serve you either way.

Our "no minimum" policy is something we are quite proud of because very few custom apparel websites match us in this offer. Almost all of them have a minimum quantity of at least six on most of their items. This is because those sites will only offer screen printing as an option for those items.

Customized Girl, on the other hand, has eschewed screen printing completely in favor of a combination of other methods, most notably direct-to-garment digital printing on soft apparel. This means we have several advantages over screen printers, including no set up fees, no limitations on number of print colors, and no minimums.

You might think that because we don't screen print, we are not as competitive price-wise for large, group orders. This, however, is not the case. We know we need to compete with screen printers, so we offer steep discounts for group orders on our most popular items. This is particularly exciting for our customers because it means they can get full-color printing on group orders for incredibly good prices. You won't find this deal on any other site.
How does pricing work?
The price you see, whether you are browsing blank items or our gallery of designs, is the price you will pay if you buy one of those items. If you buy six or more of any item, group discounts will go into effect and the price will drop.

If you want to quickly see an order total, simply add each item to your cart with the correct quantities. If you are ordering one-sided designs without any specialty printing (like rhinestones or glitter), you don't even need to add the design before you add it to your cart, because we do not charge extra for the design, no matter how many colors you'd like to print.

If you do need to print on both the front and the back, and you want to see a quick quote, just use the design center to a bit of text to each side of the item, and then put it in your cart.

See our Price Includes Design page to see more details of extra costs like rhinestones and glitter printing.

For an additional charge, we can help create custom rhinestone art based on your idea. Depending on the complexity of the art, we usually charge between $6 and $18 for creating custom rhinestone art.

How do promo codes work?
If you'd like a promo code, sign up for our email newsletter at the very bottom of any page. We regularly send out great coupon codes for discounts.

The promo code field is in the lower left of your shopping cart. Just enter your code and click "apply". Your discount will show up right there in the cart.

Our promo code technology is pretty smart, so when you enter your code, you will automatically be given whatever discount is the greatest. For example, if you have a group discount that results in $15 off, but you have a promo code for $20 off, it will use the $20 discount.

Only one promo code can be used per order.
Am I getting a good deal?
Definitely. We guarantee we offer the lowest prices on full color printing for up to 48 items. If you find a better deal, we'll beat it. Learn more about our Low Price Guarantee.

How can I be sure my design will be aligned and positioned correctly?
We have a fully staffed art department and they look at every order. If it's obvious that you have tried to center your design, we will make sure to center it perfectly for you. (Honestly, almost all designs are centered. We are happy to print asymmetrical designs, and it is usually obvious if our customers want centered or not.)

If you are using our arch text feature to wrap the text around a certain piece of art, or maybe you're trying to place your text perfectly within a scroll, please don't worry. Our art department will make any adjustments necessary to be sure your arched text will look great.

If you are a bit concerned, please leave a note in the Special Instructions field during checkout.

Our art department will also use their skills to prepare your uploaded image for printing. If, for some reason, the image is too small or of a low quality our customer service department will contact you right away.
How can I make a change once my order has been submitted?

Please call 1-800-361-8811 within 1 hour of placing your order to make any changes. Please double check your designs for accuracy before placing your order, because the production process starts almost right away.

Can I leave a note with a gift purchase?
Yes. Please tell us you would like to leave a note along with the note in the comment box on the checkout page.

Can I order for a school using a purchase order?
Yes! Just follow these steps:

  1. Email us at customizedgirl@eretailing.com and let us know you would like to checkout using a School Purchase Order. Our Customer Service representatives will respond with further instructions including the following...
  2. We will ask for the email address associated with your Customized Girl account. We will then authorize that account which will allow you to place orders using a School PO.
  3. Sign in to this account and create your designs. If you like, you can click on the save button in the design center and save your design for future use. Or you can go ahead and add the design to your cart and continue with the checkout process.
  4. On the checkout page, under “Payment”, choose “I have a School PO” and enter your PO number. Please use your school's information in the billing section.
  5. Complete the checkout process. This will generate an order number.
  6. You will need to send us your School PO by fax. Our fax number is 614-334-0185.
Please note, orders will not proceed with processing until the PO is received. One business day will be added to your Shipment Received Date to account for each additional business day between the time your order is placed and when the faxed Purchase Order is received.

Once you have an authorized account, you can continue to use School POs without needing to email first. You will need to fax your PO for each new order.

How do returns work?
We want to make you happy.

Although it is rare, if we do make a mistake with your order, we will reprint it or issue a refund immediately.

If you are not satisfied with your item, contact us within 30 days. We examine every issue on a case-by-case basis and we'll do what it takes to make you happy.

Please email our friendly customer service department at customizedgirl@eretailing.com and provide a brief explanation. We're always trying to get better at everything we do, and your feedback is extremely valuable.

If you think it's a print issue, we'd love the chance to prove that we can knock your socks off.

Please remember to review your design and the product size chart prior to ordering, as each order is made individually to your specifications and cannot be resold.

Under certain circumstances we might ask you to return your items in order to receive a refund. We do not cover the cost of shipping.

At Customized Girl, we are proud of the ratings we have achieved both as a Google Trusted Store and with the Better Business Bureau.

What's this about free shipping?
We offer free economy shipping on U.S. orders over $60.

How long does it take to get an order?
We offer several delivery options, the fastest of which is Express, and choosing it means your package will be at your doorstep in only 3 business days. We also offer options for 5, 10, and 12 business days.

When choosing one of these options, the number of days represents the maximum number you might wait. Many packages will arrive earlier. However, to be absolutely sure you get your package on time, we recommend you choose the option that best suits your date.

On the checkout page, you won't have to do any "business day" calculations. We display the latest possible in-hands date next to each shipping option. When looking at the business days below, please note that those days are based on ordering before 4pm EST. For example, if you are ordering on Monday, May 1st at 3pm, and you choose the 3 business day option, then you will receive your package by May 4th (and May 4th is exactly what will be displayed on the checkout page next to the Express option).

Arrival time frames for the continental United States:
  • Economy (12 business days) $4.19 or FREE on orders $60 and up
  • Standard (10 business days) $7.18 (or 7.18% of the order total* if over $100)
  • Expedited (5 business days) $19.67 (or 19.67% of the order total* if over $100)
  • Express (3 business days) $29.83 (or 29.83% of the order total* if over $100)
Arrival time frames for Hawaii and Alaska:
  • Economy (18 business days) $5.95 or FREE on orders $60 and up
  • Expedited (5 business days) $19.67 (or 19.67% of the order total* if over $100)
  • Express (3 business days) $29.83 (or 29.83% of the order total* if over $100)
For international shipping, click here.

If you choose Express or Expedited as your shipping option, and you are shipping to a remote location, you might see an "out of area" surcharge on the order confirmation page. This surcharge is applied by our delivery providers to shipping addresses outside of normal delivery areas. For orders inside the continental United States, the surcharge is $3.85. For Hawaii it is $12.00. For Alaska and international orders it is $27.50.

Please note, each item is custom made for your order so it's not quite as simple as picking your item and packing it for shipment. For orders shipping to APO, DPO, and FPO addresses, we cannot provide arrival estimates - these orders will usually arrive within 21 business days but we cannot guarantee delivery time to these addresses.

*Note: "order total" refers to order total not including any discounts applied in the shopping cart.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes (for as low as $5.95!). We ship to these countries:
United States
United Kingdom
Virgin Islands

For most countries outside of the US, these are the arrival estimates and prices:
Economy (15 business days) - 12% of order - as low as $5.95 (or 20% of order total if over $200)
Expedited (5 business days) - $29.96 (or 29.96% of the order total* if over $100)

For the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands, the Economy option is actually 18 days instead of 15. For the Virgin Islands, we are not able to offer a 5 day option right now. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please be aware, you are responsible for any taxes or duties that might be applied to your package after it has left our facility.

If you choose Expedited as your shipping option, and you are shipping to a remote location, you might see an "out of area" surcharge on the order confirmation page. This surcharge is applied by our delivery providers to shipping addresses outside of normal delivery areas. For international orders this charge is $27.50.

*Note: "order total" refers to order total not including any discounts applied in the shopping cart.
Do you ship to APO addresses?
Yes. We ship to APO, DPO, and FPO addresses. These orders will usually arrive within 21 business days but unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery time to these addresses.
Which shipping providers do you use?
Depending on the option you choose, we will use USPS or FedEx. We try to use the method that will be the most efficient for your delivery.
How can I track my order?
There's two different ways you can do this:

If you have an account, just sign in. Then go to My Account and click "Track Order or View Past Orders".

If you don't have an account, just go to the Track Order page and enter your order information.

From where do you ship?
All of our items ship from our production facility in Columbus, Ohio.
How do your printing processes work?
We have three different printing methods:

1. Printing ink with a direct-to-garment digital printer.

This is the method we use for almost all of our apparel. It involves state-of-the-art digital printers printing high quality ink directly onto your item. This process offers several advantages over screen printers, including:
  • A full range of colors at no extra cost. (Screen printers print only one color at a time, so each additional color is extra cost for you. But not with us.)
  • No minimums and no set up fees. (Our printing process is the same whether we are printing 1 item or 1,000. Screen printers, however, have a lot of up-front costs in setting up the screens, so they charge for it and require minimums.)

2. Using an ultra-thin "film" material which is laser cut and then heat pressed onto the item.

This is a great method to create an extremely durable design that won't fade over time. We use it on items made from thicker materials such as some bags and softer accessories. We don't use it on any soft apparel.
  • Items printed with this method offer a wide range of specialty color options including glitter, neon, and glow-in-the-dark. See a list of all items that allow for specialty films.
  • Because we cut this material before heat pressing, we must avoid complex shapes. Items using this method cannot be distressed or use the distressed fonts like Angelic War. Also, some of the art from our library is too complex for film. (These pieces of art are not selectable when designing a film-only item.)
  • As a customer, you probably don't want three or four layers of film overlapping each other on your item. To avoid this, we limit the design center to one text style and one piece of art for film-only items.

3. Applying ink using sublimation.

We use sublimation on our hard-good accessories such as custom mugs and shot glasses. It involves printing ink onto a very special transfer material and then applying that print to the item in a fancy heat press.

  • Sublimation results in very vibrant colors. You will usually notice that pinks and reds are brighter on mugs than other items.
  • White becomes transparent. For example, if there are any parts of your design that are white, it will show the color of the mug instead of a pure white.

How do you determine which printing method to use on my order?
Each item in our catalog is either direct-print-only, film-only, or sublimation-only. This is helpful for our customers because they will know that if they get ten of the same shirt, the printing method will be consistent on each shirt.

The items are typically divided into one method or the other based on the item's material construction. For example, it is not possible to use digital printing on dark colors when the item is made of polyester. Therefore, some polyester bags use film printing instead. Most of our apparel is 100% cotton, which works great with digital printing. Some of our custom dry-fit performance wear is mostly polyester, which is why we typically only offer light-colored performance wear.

(Note: if you are designing a direct-print-only item and you would like it to be produced with our ultra-thin film, please leave a note in the special instructions when placing your order. As long as the art and fonts aren't too complex, we should have no problem. If we do, we'll contact you.)

Because each item is printed with one method or the other, you might notice some differences within the design center based on which item you are designing. For example, all of our t-shirts are print-only, so if you are designing a t-shirt, and you click the text color drop down menu, you will not see "glitter" and other specialty film colors. If you are designing a koozie, which is film-only, and you click on the text style option, you will not see "Angelic War" and other intricate fonts. You will also only be able to add one text style and one piece of art.

Can I add a specialty film (glitter, neon, glow-in-the-dark)
to my design?
Maybe! It depends on the item. Specialty films are only available on film-only items, but not all specialty films can be applied to all film-only items (it all depends on the item's construction material). Some items only have regular and neon film. Some have all the glitter films too.

Just use the Add Text or Add Art tabs, and then choose the "text color" or "art color" drop down menu. You will see the specialty films listed near the bottom.

This will work for the following items...

Tops with specialty films:
Mesh Tank Jersey
Mesh Unisex Football Jersey
Mesh Misses Fit Football Jersey
Mesh Junior FIt Football Jersey
Mesh Soffe Football Jersey

Bottoms with specialty films:
Junior Fit Cheer Shorts
Youth Cheer Shorts
Boxercraft Running Shorts
American Apparel Running Shorts
Junior Fit Board Shorts
Unisex Board Shorts
Boxercraft Yoga Pants
Soffe Yoga Pants

Bags with specialty films:
Barrel Duffel
Large Square Duffel
Splash Tote

Here are some example glitter film colors:
Where can I get all the storefront basics?
Check out this Storefront FAQ section titled "All the Basics".

There you will learn how to get started, how earnings work, how to organize designs, and more.

Where can I see even more storefront info?
Check out this Storefront FAQ section titled "Advanced Users".

There you will learn more about how the site works, how to promote your store, and more.

Who are storefronts for?
Storefronts are for everyone! We really believe that. But of course this storefront platform might be particularly useful to certain businesses, non-profits, and other groups.

So we've organized those groups into a list and then built a specific page for each group, encouraging them to start a storefront on Customized Girl. Check out that list within this Storefront FAQ section.