Shop custom fan apparel
Shop custom fan apparel

Start with a Template for Custom Shirts with Pictures

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Step 1

Choose a blank item. Now you're in the Design Center where you can add custom text, art, and pictures right from your device.

Step 2

Hit the 'Add Image' tab in the top right corner. Upload your photo, customize your design, and add it to your cart.
Step 3

Once your checkout is complete, our Art Team will make sure your print file looks great. We'll print it, and ship it off to its final destination, right to your house!

Consider the Following When Creating Your Photo T-Shirts

Your Image

We accept these file formats: PNG, JPG, and GIF.

Upload the best image you have. Luckily, fabric is more forgiving than paper, in terms of print quality. Your image doesn't have to be huge. 1,000 pixels in width is fine.

Our Art Team looks at every file before print.

If you upload a big picture of a face with arched text around it, we'll know to remove the background.

But you can always give us more details in the special instruction field at checkout. Or contact us.

Remember: adding a face to a shirt is a great way to celebrate (or ridicule) your friends & family! Especially if everyone in the room is wearing one.

We care a lot about quality so we've written a lot about it.

It's all about optimizing our processes, from print files to humidity settings to ink settings and more.

In fact, we've been making customers happy since 2004.
Happy customers wearing their pictures on their shirts! See more of our happy customers here!
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