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Customized Girl + Columbus Apparel Studio

The story of two small businesses in Columbus, Ohio.
It turns out, global pandemics require a lot of problem solving.

Columbus Apparel Studio

Columbus Apparel Studio (CAS) is a fashion design consultancy. They provide design services, sourcing ideas, and crucially, prototyping.

When Covid-19 struck, they realized that most people would not be able to sew their own masks at home. They wanted to help and immediately began production on a mask of their own design.

Customized Girl

Customized Girl (that's us!) is a print-on-demand custom apparel retailer. Our customers use our design center to make their own shirts, hats, and so much more.

When Governor Dewine announced the shutdown order March 23rd, we disabled our checkout button and stopped production immediately. Everyone was laid off.

The Search

We knew we'd be back. We knew our customers would need masks. We began searching for a mask supplier right away.

Some of our apparel manufacturers started to release their own masks. They were working fast. Maybe too fast. It seemed like they had cut the sleeves off of their t-shirts and called them 'masks'.

We needed something of a higher quality. We began calling around to local sewing groups. The Sewing Hive recommend Columbus Apparel Studio. CAS was kind enough to send us a sample.

We were blown away by the quality of these masks. They were perfectly designed and beautifully made.

Coming Back

Now, with the help of CAS, Customized Girl is bringing employees back to work. There's a new order from the Governor of Ohio.

We're ramping up as safely as possible. We're keeping our distance. We're staying safe. And we're extremely grateful to have a new partner.

This is the story of two small businesses coming together in a time of crisis to help each other out. We think that is as beautiful as the craftsmanship on these masks.

Gaiters, & Masks

A New Approach to Neck Gaiters

On our Solar Fabric Gaiter, we're leaving the top 5 inches white.

You can customize the bottom 13 inches, and get beautiful, full-color, edge-to-edge printing.

When you wear it, tuck in those top 5 inches. Your 1-ply mask just became a 2-ply mask.

How to Wear Our Gaiters

Just about any way you want. Wear it as a...

Headband, Do-Rag, Beanie, Hairband, Half or Full Mask, Sahariane, Foulard, Neckerchief, Balaclava.

It also helps when dressing like a pirate.

Upload Your Image

If you're looking for a true mask and want to upload your business logo, we recommend our 2-ply cotton mask or our 3-ply performance mask.

If you want to get a photo of your face printed on your mask (or your dog's photo), we recommend our solar fabric gaiter or our performance gaiter.

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