How to use our design center to upload images to t-shirts, apparel, and more:
Step 1: Choose an item.
Choosing an item takes you to the Design Center. You will see tabs to Add Text, Add Art, and Upload Your Image.
Step 2: Choose the Upload Image tab.
Step 3: Upload your image. Boom.
Helpful info:
Formats we accept: JPEG, GIF, and PNG
Max file size: 10 Megs (Note: any file larger than 1 Meg will take a moment to upload. Please be patient.)
For the best printing quality, upload the largest image size you have. We recommend images of at least 1000 pixels in height or width.
In the Design Center , click the Swap Out Item tab and you will be able to choose from our huge selection of items.
Tips & tricks:
You can upload more than just rectangular images. For example, if you wanted to upload a cut-out of a person or logo, you can. Use a photo editing tool, such as Photoshop, to create a logo without a background. (You'll see a gray and white checkered background.) Then save your image as a PNG with the transparency setting turned on.
The design center on a computer looks like this:
The design center on a mobile device looks like this: