Make Custom Tie-Dye Shirts & Tank Tops

Use our design center to personalize tie-dye tees with your own text, art, & images.

Start With A Template

Need more inspiration? Check out our best-selling tie-dye design templates!
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Tie-Dye Details to Tide You Over

Transparent Print

It's tricky, but any fabric with high contrast colors (like camo or tie-dye) will show through your ink a bit.

Your design will be slightly transparent, and we do our best to render this effect in our Design Center.

Pattern Variation

These shirts are truly tie-dyed, meaning no two shirts look exactly alike. The pattern will vary from tee to tee.

In the Design Center, it might be tempting to match your design with a specific shape on the fabric of the shirt, but we do not recommend this.

Big & Bold

We recommend big, bold, and easy-to-read text. All caps will help get your message across.

But most of all, have fun with it. The Design Center is a playground, so enjoy!

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