Make Custom Dog Shirts, Pet Bowls, & Pet Bandanas

Use our design center to personalize these dog and pet items with your own text & art.

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How to Design Custom Pet Apparel

Uploading an Image

If you have a photo or logo to add, we recommend our classic dog tank top or our dog raglan tee. Both are printed in ink.

But note: we can't print white ink on this item. Your design will blend in with the color of the tank top a bit. It's a vintage aesthetic, and it's quite nice.

Our pet bowl and doggie bandana also allow for uploaded pictures.
Making It Shiny

If you want to a specialty vinyl, like metallic foil or glitter film, we recommend our film & foil dog tank top.

You'll be able to add text and choose a piece of art from our library. We'll decorate your design using ultra-thin, precision-cut vinyl.
Spread Your Message

Here's the beautiful thing about dogs: they always agree with you. So if you have a message to share with the world, your dog wants to help.

For best results use big, bold text. All caps. Make it readable at a glance. Don't make the text too small. Steer clear of outline text colors. Get creative and have fun!
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