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How to Design Your Own Sweatsuit

Tops & Bottoms

We recommend opening each link in a new tab. Customize your hoodie, and add it to your cart.

Then customize your sweatpants, and add those to your cart. Now you have the full set and you're ready to checkout!
Match Up

We also recommend choosing the same brand for both hoodie and sweatpants. That way, you can be sure that your colors match.

For example, the Heather Grey pants will match the hoodie if both are Alternative Apparel.
Consider Your Hair

Do you need custom sweatsuits for the morning of your wedding? Getting your hair done? If so, get a Full Zip hoodie for easy removal.

Also you might want to consider how low to put your design on the back of your hoodie, if you want it visible at all times.
Huge thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Sorrentino (aka The Situation & his bride) for choosing us.

And thanks for posting great images!

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