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Where Fashion Meets Sarcasm & StandOUT Statements! (TM) A unique, sassy, flirty, hip, trendy way to say what you feel or make a powerful statement of all things important to you. Our product and message is all in good cheeky fun with a twist of shouting out and supporting causes and awareness! Our Company Trademark Slogan, Tell 'Em to Pucker Up! (TM) At this Storefront you will find humor and sarcastic designs as well as our KissMyAssCheeksCANCER! (TM) Campaign which brings awareness and support to Cancer fighters, warriors, survivors and other causes with a large portion of each sale funding our Komfy Keeper (TM) Caregiver Chairs donated to hospitals and care facilities. Keeping you comfortable during caregiving (TM). Please connect with us at our website www.KissMyAssCheeks.Com - We are also pleased to introduce our other storefront that displays our baby & kids line: kissmybunZ (TM) baby and KidZ brand are trendy, unique, fun, cool and down right stinkin' cute! Stop on by and check us out!

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