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Welcome to Raw Talent Clothing Co. I own this amazing company, I started it in 2007 with no money and no experience and now we have over 1250 people in the Raw Talent Family including 470 models, 210 photographers, 58 managers and over 42,160 pics taken in our 13 different clothing lines, "fling" our women's line is sold in stores, we are published monthly in 5 magazines and have our own mag Raw Talent USA, our models are used for Raw Talent Promotion as well as other clothing companies they are also in music video and movies, we are in 41 states, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Mexico and Australia!! "If it's's gotta be good" Thanks for your support Chuck Rogers Owner/Founder.... Billy Conner [General Manager] Raw Talent Clothing Co. trademark #12188055 all rights reserved

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