Personalize these Best Friend designs with your own names, text, and art.

Tees, tanks, sweatshirts, hats, and more.
When using this page, we recommend opening each link a new tab. Each set is made of two links. Open the first shirt in a new tab. Add it your cart. Add the second one to your cart. Bing bang boom. Both shirts are now in your cart!

If you like, you can customize each design in our design center. Add your names. Add an inside joke. Put that design on a different item. The possibilities are endless!

Partners in Crime Shirts
Partners in Crime

Are you guys a couple of trouble makers? Do you like adorable graphics of guns and brass knuckles? Then check out all of our matching Partner in Crime Shirts & Tanks!

Best Bitches Matching Shirts
Best Bitches

That's right, we're taking back the word "bitch". Time for some re-appropriation! Get your friends together and celebrate being "Best Bitches" via custom shirts.

You Cant Swim With Us Mermaid Friend Tanks
Mermaid Best Friends

Funny mermaid tees. So hot right now. And maybe none are hotter than our matching Best Friend Mermaid Tees!

Thelma and Louise Matching Best Friend Shirts
Thelma & Louise

Okay, no need to drive your convertible off a cliff. Show off your friendship with these super cute Thelma & Louise Shirts. Geena and Susan would be proud.

Sugar and Spice and Nice Best Friend Shirts
Sugar & Spice

Sometimes, best friends come in threes. With most of these designs, it's easy to purchase a set of three (or four or five or more)! But with our sugar and spice designs, you have to consider adding one more to make it Sugar & Spice & Nice shirts.

Short Tall Coffee Best Friend Shirts
Tall & Short

Check out all of our Tall & Short Best Friend Shirts here. You know what else comes in tall and short? Coffee. Explore that concept. Add your own text. You'll have a great time.

Blonde - Brunette Best Friend Shirts
Blonde & Brunette

Best friends come in all kinds of combinations. Tall and Short (see above). Or sometimes Blonde and Brunette. At Customized Girl, we've got custom, matching shirts and tanks for all combos.

Matching Best Friend Shirts, Ready to be Customized