26 October 2009

Connect Customized Girl with Facebook!

Hey Everyone Good News! You can Now sign into CustomizedGirl.com with Facebook! It’s really easy, just go to the sign in page, click the “Connect With Facebook” button, then log in! If you already have a Customized Girl Account you’ll want to follow the steps below to link your Customized Girl Account with your Facebook account. Linking Your accounts will pull up all of your old designs that you saved, as well as all of the images you have already uploaded.


Linking your Customized Girl Account with Facebook

Linking your two accounts is very easy. The First Step is to sign into CustomizedGirl.com with Facebook. Next Click on the “My Account” link.


Then Click “Link/Unlink Accounts”


Fill in your CustomizedGirl.com account information…


Click sign in and you’re done! There are going to be a lot more features coming to CustomizedGirl.com with Facebook connect so make sure you sign up for it today! Thanks CG Fans, now what are you waiting for? Get back to making more $10 tees!.

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