Customized Girl Coupon Code for April 2019

After dreaming about it for months, it’s officially, officially spring. April is here and we’re all about it! In honor of it being the first of the month, as always, we’ve got an awesome deal for you to use on your next purchase. It lasts all month long, expiring on 4/30/19 – take $10 off any order of $70 or more with code: APRL

We know you’ve got a lot coming up in the next few months. If you’re planning a family vacation, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re hopping on a cruise, heading to the mountains, or laying low in a cabin — matching tees for the whole team is a must. Just think about all of those awesome family photos you’ll get.

We also want to mention that it’s not too late for graduation and senior apparel. Looking to add a last minute addition to a graduation party? Customize a tee by putting the big grad’s face on it — make it as embarrassing as you want! Order one for everyone at the party to wear while you celebrate. Seniors, you still have time, too. Check out our selection of Senior 2019 accessories and apparel. Customize something special for you and the crew to wear on the very last day of school or at your group graduation party. A custom tee will also serve as great memorabilia of your high school days.

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From Custom Shorts to Mythical Backsides to Supporting a Cause

For those of you that don’t know, Customized Girl offers more than just awesome custom shirts. We also have custom shorts AND a really great storefront platform that allows anyone and everyone to create and sell their unique designs through their very own store hosted by Customized Girl.

Some of our store owners are really killing it. We wanted to call out one of those people in particular, Carly Leeson. Carly owns the store Mythical Backsides. Here, she sells shorts that have fun mythical creature names written across the back. How did she come up this idea? And why is her store one of a kind? Keep reading to find out.|

We reached out to Leeson to get some insight on how her store came about. She told us that “The store started with a silly text post on Tumblr by user typhlosionns: Booty shorts that say goblin on the butt.”

This sparked an idea. “I thought this was hilarious and decided to create a few designs for different mythical creatures. Enough people were interested in buying them that I decided to make this store.” Leeson explained. She saw an awesome opportunity to create something unique and went for it.

Although Customized Girl offers royalties to their store owners for every design sold, Leeson’s end goal was not to earn money for herself. She had something much bigger in mind. Carly shared with us that “Depression and suicide and addiction are quiet, sometimes invisible killers – in the past 5 years I have lost both of my parents and several friends to depression and suicide.” Because this topic is one that is so close to her, she decided that anything earned through her Mythical Backsides Store would be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention¬†(AFSP). Carly chose to donate her earnings to AFSP because it does a great job at promoting and providing education centered around mental health issues and is actively trying to change the negative stigma around this topic.

We were also curious as to why Carly chose to use Customized Girl to launch her creative Mythical Backsides store. She said: “I chose Customized Girl because of the user friendly interface that has a ton of options for tweaking designs to make your garment perfect. The quality of printing and the options available really are top notch compared to other custom sites.”

This is something we pride ourselves in. We love being able to offer our customers tons of different products to design on while making it as easy as possible. We’ve also really started ramping up our selection of Plus Size Apparel, which happens to be another one of the reasons Carly chose Customized Girl for her storefront: “I am a plus sized girl and Customized Girl is one of the few sites I could find that offered any plus options at all. It’s an amazing feeling for bigger women to see clothes we want actually available in our size!” We have plans to expand our selection of curvy items even further. One of our goals is to cater to all types of bodies, so it’s great to hear positive feedback!

We just wanted to give a huge shout out to Carly for doing something really great and allowing Customized Girl to be a part of it. Are you a storefront owner doing something spectacular? Let us know! Shoot us your story at:

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