How to Make Custom Cheer T-Shirts for Your Entire Cheer Squad

Are you interested in ordering custom shirts for your cheerleading team? This post is a step-by-step guide on how to place an order for custom cheerleading apparel using Customized Girl. We hope you find that this process contains a few fun surprises along the way.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. You now have two options. You can either start with a blank item, and add your design from scratch, or you can use the start with a design menu to find a large category of Cheer designs. For now, let’s go with option one: starting with a blank item.

Step 3. Choose your item. has a huge selection from junior fit shirts to relaxed fit shirts to mens shirts to kids shirts. If you need more than one style (like both mens and womens shirts) for your order, that’s no problem. We’ll address it later. Just choose one of your styles to start.

Step 4. Let’s say you chose the Junior Fit Basic Tee. You are now in the Customized Girl Design Center. The first thing you can do is start adding your very own text. You can then change your text size, text font, text color, and even add an outline color. You can also arch your text. Let’s pretend you are the captain of the Franklin High Aztecs cheer squad:

Step 5. Now you can choose art from our enormous library. Click the add art tab. Let’s start by adding your school’s mascot. Click on the Category drop down menu and choose Animals & Mascots. You’ll see a huge selection of mascot categories. Choose a category and then your art.

Step 6. Just to be extra fancy let’s add some cheer art as well. Within the add art tab, click the “+Add More Art” tab. Now you can add additional pieces of art. This time, use the category drop down to find “Sports & Fitness” and then click cheerleading. Alternatively, you can also search “Cheer” in the search field within the add art tab.

Step 7. If you want, you can use the Name & Number tab to add nicknames to each individual’s shirt. After you add the name (and/or number), be sure to choose the size (Small, Medium, Large, etc.) for each name.

Step 8. If you don’t want to add names and/or numbers, then simply enter your quantity and click the Add to Cart button.

Step 9. Now you are in the shopping cart. Here is your chance to quickly and easily add more styles with the same design to your cart. Let’s say you need some men’s shirts for the guys on your squad. Just click the Copy Design button.

Step 10. The Copy Design button will take you back to the Design Center. Simply click the Swap Out Item tab, choose “Men’s Tops” from the drop down menu, then choose a Men’s Shirt.

Step 11. Use the Name & Number tab to add the nicknames for the guys on your team, or just enter your quantities and click Add to Cart. And you’re done!

Now, let’s take a quick peek at the second option mentioned in Step 2. You don’t have to start from scratch. You can also find a ton of great cheerleading apparel designs in our gallery, and simply customize one of them with your own text and art!

Don’t forget, you can also create your own custom hoodies, custom bags, and even your own personalized pillowcases. Any questions?




Update! 1-30-2012. We just want to use this blog post to let all you cheerleaders know about the most popular cheer t-shirt of the new year. Our Cool Stunt Bro Hit It Again Shirts are flying off the racks! Well, actually we print everything on demand so there aren’t any racks, but you know what we mean. It’s an incredibly popular design right now and cool people such as yourselves have to be in the know!

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Promo Codes for the Week of 8/15/11


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Custom Shirts – No Minimums

“Custom Shirts – No Minimums” – Customized Girl Really Means It

There are many places online where you can go and buy custom apparel.  A few have interactive design centers, where you can add your own text, art, and images (though none of those are as easy to use as Customized Girl’s, in my somewhat (very) biased opinion).   And a few even offer some of their inventory with “no minimums”.  But almost none of them extend that “no minimum” offer to every single item in their catalog.  Customized Girl, however, offers exactly that.  No minimums. On anything.

What exactly do you mean “no minimums”?

A lot of custom apparel sites require a minimum quantity to place an order.  Sometimes the minimum is 6 items.  Sometimes it’s 12.  Sometimes 50.  When a site, such as Customized Girl, says “no minimums”, it means you can create a totally unique item, and buy only one of them.  This is pretty exciting for someone who thought of a cute idea and just wants a single t-shirt printed.  Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to find a place that will sell you just one.

Why do some places require a minimum?

It all comes down to the production process.   Many custom apparel sites are screen printers that have moved their business onto the web, which is great. We’re happy to see small businesses thriving.  Unfortunately, it’s not so good if you are a customer that just wants one, or maybe five, t-shirts printed. This is because screen printing requires a big set up process.  You have to make screens for every color, and screens can get expensive.  To offset the sunk cost of the screens, most places do two things: charge a set-up fee, and require you to purchase a lot of shirts, so that the screens can be used many times.

The same might be true for embroidery.  If you have a complex image that you want embroidered, you’ll probably have to pay a set-up fee to turn that image into a file capable of being embroidered.

There are a few companies out there who recognize the inherent disadvantage of requiring minimum quantities, and they have invested in direct-to-garment digital printers.  These require no screens and no set-up.  The cost is essentially the same, whether you are printing one design or one hundred.  Customized Girl uses these state of the art printers for almost all of our soft apparel products.

However, even the companies that have recognized the importance of digital printers still require minimums on huge chunks of their inventories.  This is because they are still screen printing many of their items, such as koozies, drinkware, and performance shirts. At Customized Girl, instead of relying on screen printing and requiring minimums, we’ve diversified our production methods.

To produce custom koozies and certain bags, like sports duffle bags, we use a hi-tech film process.  We take your design and cut it out of an ultra-thin, highly durable material, and heat press it to your item. It’s so thin, it feels like it’s part of the item. To produce custom shotglasses, custom coffee mugs, and other drinkware, we use dye sublimation. We actually print your design on a piece of high quality transfer paper and heat it until the ink leaves the paper and merges with your item.

For all of these reasons, we think Customized Girl is pretty special.  We hope you do to.

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Promo Codes for the week of 8/01/11

Free back print is…BACK!

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