Customized Girl Review by

Recently, Gabrielle from took the time to write a review on Customized Girl. She even did a video review, which you can see below. Gabrielle designed a flowy tee, hoodie and yoga pants!

Why Gabrielle needed custom apparel:

“Since I recently finished my Yoga certification (which was awesome BTW), I wanted to customized a few things to wear while teaching and out and about to promote my brand!!”

Why Gabrielle loved customizing on Customized Girl:

  • Easy and fun to design
  • Great prices
  • Fast shipping
  • Soft fabrics
  • Tons of options with fabrics and styles

Gabrielle’s Designs



Gabrielle’s Video Review

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Customized Girl Review by Mama Love

Recently, Sarah from Mama Love took the time to write a review on Customized Girl! Check out what she had to say and view the shirt she designed below!

Customized Girl Shirt Mama Love

“I love this shirt! It’s way soft and vintage-y! I ordered a medium, and it’s great! It’s a flowy tank and so wonderful to wear like a tunic or with shorts or jeans or whatever! And I finally decided on a design and went with, ‘bless your heart.’ It’s the southern belle in me that had to have it!”

Read more of Mama Love’s Customized Girl review on her website.

Want to hear what other bloggers are saying about Customized Girl? View more blogger reviews at the bottom of our reviews and testimonials page!

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Custom Navy Shirts for the Navy Girlfriend and Navy Wife

When someone you love is in the Navy, they are always on your mind and you count down the days until you get to see them again. When they finally do come back home, you want to make those moments you spend together last that much longer. Keep your sailor and those wonderful moments you spend together even closer by creating a custom Navy shirt or other custom Navy apparel. We have some of the best Navy art available to make your custom look stand out! Our customers love our selection of anchors, captains’ wheels and Navy pinup girls to complete the look they have envisioned. Whether it’s a Navy girlfriend shirt, Navy wife shirt or other type of Navy apparel you choose to create, your sailor will love seeing the support and the thought you have put into your creation!

Check out what @Navybaby1021 and @Navy_gf_pride created using our design center. Thanks for sharing your creation on Twitter!

What if your loved one is not in the Navy, but in a different branch of the military? No problem, we have custom military shirts and apparel available for every branch of the military.

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Personalized Maternity Shirt, Future Fan On The Way!

Custom Concert Shirt

What are some of the ways you could stand out to get noticed by your favorite band? You could create a sign. You could use the ol’ scream and shout method. What about creating a custom shirt? Well, that is just what one of our customers did and it was a huge success!

This is how our customer, Ginessa, described it:

This shirt design came to mind when I was sitting in the front row of the Matchbox Twenty concert in February at the Palace Theater in Columbus, OH. I wish I would have thought about it before that show but knew I had another show a month later in Richmond that also included a meet and greet with the band. I knew I had to make a shirt for that show. I did a lot of searching and thought I hit a brick wall when I couldn’t find a company that would allow me to purchase one shirt only. Then I came across Customized Girl and thanks to your “no minimums” on the number of shirts that have to be purchased I was able to make this idea a reality!

Ginessa has a baby on the way so she purchased one of our personalized maternity shirts and added her own custom text (“Future MB 20 Fan”) with an arrow pointing to her belly. The lead guitarist for Matchbox Twenty, Kyle Cook, was inspired to snap a picture of Ginessa and her custom shirt and share it with his followers on Twitter.

Personalized Maternity Shirts

With the first custom shirt being such a hit, Ginessa is creating more personalized maternity shirts so stay tuned, as this story will continue!

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Betty Hoops Gets Her Custom Tank Tops from Customized Girl

Custom Tank Tops Betty Hoops

The hula hoop, it’s probably something that every girl has owned or at least used at some point in their life. One of our long time customers Betty Hoops has carved out her own niche area of fitness using the legendary hoop with her hoop dance fitness.

Along with her Hoop Core Fitness business, Betty Hoops also participates in many events which incorporate the hoop. In fact, it was just about this time last year when she set a new world record in the Hollywood Half Marathon for hoop running shattering the previous record of 10k.

Custom Tank Top betty Hoops

Whenever Betty Hoop needs custom tank tops for her events she chooses Customized Girl.

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