Top 5 T-Shirt Designs For Graduation

Another year, another class of seniors saying ‘So long!’ to school. Graduation is a huge time for celebration, cookouts, and family well-wishing. Make the moment that much better with a customized shirt to celebrate your ascension from freshman to grad. Here are our top 5 t-shirt designs for the graduating senior this year!

1. Funny Face Cut-Out Photo Tee

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this fun custom face photo cut-out tee will only set you back $14.97. If you buy 6 or more then it costs even less! Surprise your new grad with a hilarious shirt featuring their own face at their grad party. Make sure to have your cameras ready for their reaction pictures.

Upload your grads face to this tee then watch their reaction on their big day!

2. Straight Outta Your School

Sometimes it’s the classics that are most needed. This timeless design is perfect for your graduate who is now ‘straight outta’ their school! Make sure to customize this design in our design center to add the name of their alma mater. You can even add some fun additional text to the back for added effect.

This tee is perfect whether you’re graduating from Compton or anywhere else!

3. Kind Of Graduated??

Let’s hope there isn’t another generation of seniors that get to buy this t-shirt! The global pandemic disrupted a lot of things including graduations. Commemorate some of the strangest school days in modern times with this custom design. Make sure to add your school name in our design center.

Does it still count if you graduated over Zoom?

4. Tie-Dye Gradutation T-Shirt

Tye die is back in a big way! Celebrate your graduation with a super trendy custom tie-dye tee. Your photo feed will look great when everyone at the party is wearing these matching tie-dye designs. For an extra groovy experience, customize a bunch of different tie-dye styles!

This graduation tee is like, totally radical bro!

5. 2021% Done With School

Nothing expresses the senior feeling more than this t-shirt. When you finally end that senior year, you’re absolutely 2021% done with school! I imagine next year’s senior class will feel this but even 1% higher! Customize this funny shirt with your graduate’s name and their school. Makes for a great souvenir of the time they spent in school.

That’s 1 more percent than last year’s seniors!

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Volunteering In Our Community – Giving Back With NNEMAP

As a small business, we understand the importance of connecting with others and making an impact, especially in the local community. With businesses and events starting to open up, we decided to return to our local food pantry, a cherished partner of ours, to help give back.

Recently, our employees spent their time volunteering with NNEMAP Food Pantry. They helped organize and pack nutritious food and other resources to give away for families in need. These items were donated by local churches, civic groups, corporate and foundation sponsors, and more.

Our volunteers shared their experiences:

Alyssa – “My time spent with NNEMAP Food Pantry was incredible. I was truly amazed at how organized and prepared they were. Every volunteer I worked with that morning was so friendly and helpful. I loved spending my Friday morning feeling like I’m making a difference and having fun while doing it! It was such a rewarding experience and I will definitely be returning soon.”   

Cindy – “After I left NNEMAP, I felt energized and wanting to do more. I enjoyed talking to the other volunteers, learning about the pantry, and the community. I’m excited for our next visit.”

Pictured below is a photo of the volunteers wearing shirts from our “Buy A Shirt, Buy A Meal” storefront. This storefront was created to help provide additional meals to families in need in the Columbus, Ohio area. All of the profit that comes from these sales will go directly to the NNEMAP Food Pantry to help keep their shelves stocked. This is such a fun way to give back and we encourage you to design your own tee from this storefront and help out the local community!

Giving back is such a fulfilling feeling and a great way to get to know your community. Whether you also decide to help out at a local food pantry in your area, or another organization that offers assistance to those less fortunate, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and give your time to those in need.

A big THANK YOU to NNEMAP Food Pantry for having us!

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Tie-Dye Shirt Contest! Get Creative & Design Your Own For A Chance To Win!

If you thought the tie-dye trend was over, think again. In a time of uncertainty, now more than ever, we crave a source of comfort. Tie-dye has that nostalgic element and brings us back to our more innocent memories of childhood. Even so, there are new ways to reinvent tie-dye in 2021, like our new Unisex Dream Tie-Dyed Tee! It fits like a dream and feels like one too! Available in 3 different colors, sunset, purple dream, and lemon lime, it’ll be your new favorite to wear all summer long. 

To celebrate this product launch, we are holding a Tie-Dye Tee Contest on our Instagram page! Win a FREE Tie-Dye Dream Tee with your own customized design just in time for #NationalTieDyeDay on April 30th!


  1. CUSTOMIZE Select our Dream Tie-Dyed Tee on and use our design center to customize any way you’d like. (choose any color)
  2. SHARE Save your design & share it by taking a screenshot and posting to your Instagram story or feed. Make sure you tag us @CustomizedGirl
  3. WIN We will select one winner. If you win, we will print your shirt and ship it to you!

Winner will be announced 4/8/21 @ 12pm on the post and the winner will be contacted via DM.

We hope you have fun designing and getting creative with us! Stay tuned for more product launches and giveaways just in time for summer. ☀️

5 Events That Tie-Dye Shirts Would Be Perfect For:

  1. Sports Teams. Starting a new volleyball league this summer? Customize tie-dye tees with your team’s name & number and have the coolest uniforms in the league!
  1. Family Reunions. Every generation loves tie-dye so why not customize tees to wear for the next family reunion?! These shirts make a great keepsake for years to come!
  1. Charity Events. You’re sure to stand out and bring awareness to your charity with custom tie-dye tees with colors that pop!
  1. Summer Days and Holidays! Fourth of July screams red, white and blue tie-dye. Customize your own patriotic tee to show off your American pride! 
  1. Parties. Get matching tie-dye tees for bachelor/ette parties or for your birthday party event! No matter the occasion, your group will love these bright and festive party shirts!

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Customized Girl Coupon Code For April 2021

We are fully in awe at the beauty of spring now that April has arrived! The trees and flowers are blooming and we’re shaking off the ice from the winter months. At Customized Girl, we’re safely planning our spring sports and events now that vaccines are getting out to the public. What events are you looking forward to now that events are starting back up?

Whether you’re taking the kids to softball practice or planning your family reunion, we have the styles and templates to match. And just because we appreciate you so much, for the entire month of April you can use coupon code APR21 to receive 10% off your entire order! That code is good for the entire month too, so use it as many times as you like.

Wishing you a gorgeous and warm April!

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