Top 100 Fashion Blogs

Ten years ago there might have been two handfuls of fashion sites on the Internet. Today, thousands of blogs focus on fashion – or at least on some portion of the fashion industry. Blogs have opened the door for anyone – no matter where they live – to publicize their personal style. Even the NY Times is getting in on the act, as ‘T‘ will launch “The Moment,” a blog that will be updated throughout the day by T editors, guest bloggers, and global correspondents later this year.

Since Web fashion picks are so numerous, we’ve culled 100 top blogs out of the hundreds of available fashion sites. The topics listed below cover everything from accessories to vintage, with a top ten list that was plucked from those topics. Each site is a blog, except for the online magazine category (although most of those magazines also carry blogs). These blogs were chosen for frequent and recently updated blog entries, a focus on fashion, and for their attitudes and/or perspectives – no matter if they’re amateurs or professionals. Please note that the blog numbering is not meant to be a ranking, as each fashion topic is listed in alphabetical order with the listed blogs also listed in alphabetical order within that topic.

Top Ten

The following ten sites were plucked from this list’s topics as the ‘best of the best’ from each one of the topics in this list. You’ll find the topics listed below these top ten blogs.

  1. Beauty Addict: Kristen Kelly had so much makeup during her teen years that she used a trunk to haul it around. She founded Beauty Addict in September 2005 as a way to share her product obsessions with the world. Beauty Addict is now one of the largest independent beauty blogs on the web and has been featured in The New York Times, Allure, and other publications.
  2. DC Goodwill Fashion Blog: Are you kidding? This blog is the best! Not only does Goodwill provide job training and employment services to people with disadvantages and disabilities, they now provide readers with the hottest retro fashion ideas at bargain-basement prices – and the styles aren’t necessarily from Goodwill. Think Hot Topic, Forever 21, etc., as well as frequent hints to visit the DC Goodwill eBay Store.
  3. Fashion Wire Daily: Hardcore, down to business, hot news about the fashion industry. You can take this site to the bank. On average, FWD posts 10 stories and 50 photos each day in categories like fashion, beauty, and runway.
  4. Fashionista: This blog is “an online explosion of personalities, companies, events and trends that shape the fashion universe.” The writers chronicle the fashion trail from the runway to the first Canal Street knockoffs as they cough up the latest in supermodel gossip.
  5. Shoe Blog: If you’ve got a thing for shoes, you’ll love, love, love this blog. From sandals to boots and from Azzedine Alaia to Zappos, this blog has it all.
  6. Street Peeper: Street fashion from Amsterdam to “Elsewhere.” The list of bloggers, photographers, and general contributors is enough to make you drool with anticipation over what these on-the-edge individuals will bring to the site.
  7. Style Bubble: Susie Bubble’s musings, thoughts, takes, observations on the joys and trials and tribulations on the art of fashion/style. From living space to accessories and total fashion critique, you’ll find a pleasant down-to-earth perspective here.
  8. The Art of the Steal: Amanda Failing has a fine arts background (hence the “art”), so she uses her sense of composition, color, rhythm and balance to replicate the hottest outfits at a discount or to find new trends that would fit in a working woman’s budget. She’s darn good at the pricing part – hence the “steal.”
  9. The Pretty Pear: Colleen discusses all aspects of a happy, stylish plus-size lifestyle. She believes that women of size are beautiful and deserve beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories just as much as “average” sized women.
  10. Vintage Fashion Guild: The ultimate vintage clothing site for anyone who’s searching for clothes shown and sold online. Several times per week you’ll see new posts about featured members or strange and beautiful couture brought to the guild’s attention by a guild member.

Topics Covered In This List

Accessories | Beauty | Celeb/Model | Lifestyle | Lingerie | News & Tips | Online Magazines | Plus Sizes | Shoppers | Street Fashion | Vintage & Thrift


Check out the blogs listed below for some super accessorizing ideas. Sorry, we can’t include them all (like “Let’s Talk Jewelry” or BagBliss or Shoebunny), as there are literally hundreds of accessory blogs out there!

  1. In My Bag: A former NYC garment center girl, this blogger has worked in nearly every aspect of the fashion industry…but handbags have always been her passion, and it shows in this blog. If you can’t find the latest bag here, you won’t find it anywhere!
  2. In Yr Fshn: An accessory-oriented blog that dwells mostly on jewelry.
  3. Purse Blog: The top bags on the market make it to this blog, although you can discover alternatives or discuss the possibilities on this site’s forums. The links to other sites are minimal, however. If you crave searching through sites filled with handbags, then head to What’s Haute, where you can find dozens of links (and a great purse and accessories blog as well!). Or, if you’re searching for bags and accessories, you might try the Bag Lady‘s blog.
  4. Shoewawa: If the Shoe Blog listed in the ‘top ten’ isn’t enough for you, then this blog might continue to sate your shoe hunger. You’ll find few repetitions between the two sites.
  5. The Jewelry Blog: Cluny Grey is a former instructor of college English and Humanities through the Arts who has turned into a jewelry designer. Most of the jewelry she makes can be seen at Cluny Grey Jewelry or at Studio G Jewelry. Her blog is about jewelry designing and creating.
  6. The Jewelry Weblog: A great blog that will point you to various online shops for vintage and current pieces.
  7. Wendy Brandes Jewelry: Wendy designs fine jewelry under the name Gigi Caron, but she’ll soon re-launch under her original name, Wendy Brandes. She writes about jewelry, fashion, medieval history, feminism, dogs, and “anything else that suits me at the moment.” You’ll be able to read about her inspirations for her fab jewelry, without a doubt!

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The hottest outfit in the world wouldn’t fly without carefully applied makeup. Even more importantly, you need to take care of the canvas for that makeup. These blogs cover these topics and more with the latest products on the market.

  1. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic: Who has more than 15 minutes for a beauty ritual in the morning? If you can relate, then here’s your guide.
  2. Beauty Snob: From details like your eyes to your total body, the ‘Snob’ covers it all with hints, tips, and lessons on how to handle all that.
  3. Bergdorf Goodman: Outside the fact that this is a great blog about makeup that’s new to the market, this store site is generous enough to provide links to dozens of other makeup and beauty sites. A definite keeper.
  4. Frugal Glam: Unfortunately, the ‘frugal’ part of this blog isn’t necessarily for readers. The blogger considers herself an unofficial product tester and fishes for product samples. But, you can save money if you trust this blogger’s reviews on everything from nail polish to skin cream.
  5. Makeup Bag: Erika Valente, the beauty editor of Makeup Bag, is a 36-year-old mother of four and a self-professed beauty product junkie. Erika’s daughter, Bree, contributes to the ‘teen’ section in this luscious site.
  6. Makeup Minute: For Shannon Nelson, beauty and fashion is not just about a great lipstick or accessory – it’s about being able to connect and relate with others who share her passion. But, she shares a wonderful selection of beauty items and breaks many of them down so shoppers know exactly what they’re going after.

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Celeb and Model Fashion

While some of you may yawn over celeb and runway flair, others fawn over sites like Kiss Me, Stace or Young, Black, and Fabulous. Here are some of the best celeb/model fashion sites on the Web, based upon photo clarity, a hot attitude, and a fashion focus (gossip ranks low on the totem pole).

  1. Blogging Project Runway: Yes, there are dozens of Project Runway blogs on the Internet, but Laura K does a fantastic job on keeping up with the looks, timeline, and gossip on this fashion show. You can find all three seasons here.
  2. Catwalk Queen 404: This link leads to ‘Celebrity Fashion,’ but you can find trends, fashion news, and tips on how to get the ‘celeb’ look at this site as well.
  3. Fashion Addict Diary: F.A.D. provides photos, gossip, and images of the hottest or most talked-about stars, celebs, and personalities.
  4. Go Fug Yourself: Whether you pray for this type of publicity or not is up to you, as this site entertains about four million viewers per day. This popular site is filled with celeb fashion (or celeb strangeness), and edited with a keen sense of the absurd.
  5. Hip Candy: A sensible blog about what’s hot and what’s not in Hollywood and beyond. Some of the items are priced, and other entries look closely at celeb and runway style for replication.
  6. coolchiq: Why be comfortable when you can be stylish? One of the best sites to find the edgiest looks around.
  7. Jezebel: Celebrity fashion “without airbrushing.”
  8. PopSugar: This link will take you to the Celebrity section of this online venue, where you can also find categories such as beauty and fashion. The photos are clear, large, and, therefore, easy to decipher the intricate details of the clothing.
  9. The Glossy : If the runway is more up your alley, The Glossy has that for you. Very little commentary, lots of images, and a great link list to couture sites.
  10. V-Style: A personal stylist, Vanessa brings on the celebs and models as well as advice on how to wear the latest trends.
  11. WatchTrend: Celeb news with photos and with a focus on fashion and style.
  12. Who What Wear: This new site runs on the philosophy of “We don’t care who you date or if you eat. We only care about what you wear.” You’ll find large images (great for copying trends) and a forum devoted to who was wearing what and when.

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Fashion is more than clothes on the rack – it’s all about lifestyle! The blogs below focus on fashion, but they also cover accessories, decor, and more.

  1. B-Tique, Lifestyle & Fashion: The authors – two fashion professionals – believe their names aren’t that relevant as their content will speak for itself. This blog offers enough photos that you’ll never need another fashion magazine. Click on the small images to see a larger detailed shot.
  2. Daily Candy: Don’t you dare book that trip to LA (or any other major city for that matter) without reading about the local hot haute hints provided by this blog. This is the best insider’s guide to what’s hot, new, and undiscovered — from fashion and style to gadgets and travel.
  3. Fashion Tribes: Blog and podcast from the experts on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and pop culture.
  4. High Snobiety: It isn’t all Vogue, you know. Find the best in streetwear at this blog.
  5. La Femme: This ‘eurobrat’ has a passion for fashion, literature, independent music, street art, and “general beauty in the world.”
  6. StyleHive: This blog is part of a larger global social shopping community, dedicated to discovering and sharing the most exciting products, the stores that sell them, and the people that find them. The blog picks the hottest finds for readers, but feel free to browse the entire site (you don’t need to join to look!).
  7. Style Tribe: This author believes in style, not in buying for buying’s sake. While fashion is the focus, this retail store co-owner and writer also embraces a stylish lifestyle.

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The four sites below keep it clean as they show off the latest undergarments, and they all offer a different perspective on their choices.

  1. Knickers: Knickers is a fashion weblog dedicated to all things lingerie: it features new collections, coupons, designers, and of course, points out beautiful lingerie for women every day. Find practical collections, designed for practical fashion.
  2. Petite Coquette: On the other hand, you can go all out sexy with the lingerie featured on this site. This blog discusses sites, shops, collections, and news around new collections, sales and curiosities.

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News & Tips

This category is a bit different than the moneymaking online magazines, as these site owners rely on less money and more on their perspectives to bring in readers. But, it’s not all about the news (or the gossip), as many of these sites also offer fashion tips.

  1. Chic Inspector: The Chic Inspector keeps a close ear (and eye!) to the ground in New York City to bring fashion trends, gossip, and more.
  2. Coquette: Why read anything else first, when this site’s ‘Web Snob Weekly Roundup’ will send you to the best of the best in fashion blogs for that week?
  3. Courorture: Grab the latest fashion news and visit the blogs associated with this site. You’ll find everything here from fashion to accessories to beauty and beyond.
  4. Bridal Party Blog: BridalPartyTees blog was established to provide independent Bridal Fashion related news and tips. Bridal Party Tees Blog also gives updates on the hottest shoes, apparel, accessories, and beauty styles. The editor, Natasha, is a cosmetologist, and while she loves clothes and fashion, her forte is hair.
  5. Fashion Trend Guide: Nothing would make this blogger happier than to travel the world to report on fashion trends. But, she’s currently stuck in Santa Barbara in southern California, so she reports on local and global trends from her stationary computer.
  6. Fops and Dandies: This blog is entertaining and educational, as the contributors are curious, they travel a lot, and they know haberdashery. Walk away with stylish knowledge!
  7. Hint Blog: Hint Fashion Magazine offers more than haute fashion trends and collections for both genders – they also dish up the latest fashion news with this blog.
  8. I Heart That: This blog strives to bring you only the latest in fashion and comment on the current trends that the celebrities and models are wearing. Items aren’t limited by price – only by the desire to own it!
  9. MARRIA® Fashion Blog: Maria Patapis brings on the fashion news from Down Under in Australia with panache.
  10. Omiru: The ultimate site for fashion tips. The authors answer questions and offer advice. It’s all good. Very, very good.

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Online Magazines

Fashion magazines, for the most part, have caught on to the blogging frenzy. This is a good thing for fashionistas, as you can use sites like Sassybella and the others listed below to stay on top of current popular trends.

  1. Borderline: Check out this magazine, where you can catch glimpses of street fashion in New York and beyond, articles, DIY information and more. Join in and submit your photos!
  2. Elegant Plus: If you’re a curvaceous lady, then you may want to take a look at what this magazine offers to plus-sized women. Although they don’t offer a blog, you can find many articles here. Plus, you can check out the ‘Plus Sizes’ blogs listed just below.
  3. Fashion Riot: A group of clothes-obsessed style junkies with tingling extremities and a passion for fashion run this magazine, a place to discover the hottest trends from all over the globe.
  4. Fashion Week Daily: Any serious fashion diva already knows about this site. If you’re not tuned in, you best go there now to discover the latest from every fashion nook and cranny.
  5. Female First: This link will take you to the ‘fashion and beauty’ section of this online magazine. You’ll find trends, celeb fashion, and more.
  6. Glossed Over: Read it here first, and you won’t need to purchase the print magazines. A sometimes-irreverent look at celebs and fashion is included.
  7. Papierdoll: This is a clean and neat little site that carries a huge punch with three blogs. You’ll find everything from daily fashion updates and musings to savvy shopping deals (we’re talking bargain here!).
  8. More of a portal than a blog, you still can rest assured that this site is updated daily with the best from the likes of Vogue and W. Don’t miss the fashion shows, the news, and the gossip!
  9. Women’s Wear Daily: WWD is the classic women’s fashion magazine, and it’s been around so long that it’s often known as the “fashion bible.”

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Plus Sizes

From curvy to Venus divas and from beauty to chic, these five blogs address plus-sized women only.

  1. Beauty Plus Power: Beauty Plus Power is the largest online directory of plus-size clothing options for women who wear a size 12 and larger. Lisa brings more to the site with her blog that focuses on the fact that size has nothing to do with style.
  2. Curvy Divas : This blog is part of the Curvy Divas portal, where you can find a shopping directory, style notes, and more.
  3. Fat Chic: Fat Chic is plus-size fashion and cultural criticism. Expect sass, confidence, and self-respect for style at any size. This site also provides links to dozens of other resources.
  4. Plus Size Clothing Scoop: Gain access to plus-size fashion coverage, including industry news, coupons, deals, and new plus-size store announcements and reviews.
  5. Venus Divas: This link will take you to the fashion area of this multi-categorized blog for plus-size divas. You can also learn more about beauty, books, lifestyle, news, and shopping. These blogs are all part of Venus Divas Magazine.

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All the blogs listed below carry prices on items that they show. Some authors are personal shoppers for hire. Others are self-made stylists or they have a skill with replication (recreating an expensive look for less). All offer education on what we can afford!

  1. 55 Secret Street: Anovelista scours the Web and the street to find sales and top products at prices the average Jane can afford. You’ll find everything here from beauty products to fashion to all the gadgets that will keep you in style.
  2. Daddy Likey: Winona is all over the place – decor, boots, gloves, dresses…but whatever she presents always has a price and a place to buy. Or, she presents an alternative for those who are on a budget.
  3. fashion nette-work: Tired of your style (or lack thereof?), or do you need a wardrobe revamp? Do you want to get educated about creating your own unique look? Contact this blogger for consultations, personal shopping and closet cleanouts for pricing.
  4. fasshonburu: This blogger has caviar taste on a hot dog budget, which should appeal to a majority of women who seek high style at low prices.
  5. Mrs. Fashion: A married woman’s reverie on fashion, style, celebrity, art, movies and music, all from the UK (London to be specific). You’ll have fun with the prices – hot styles on the skinny.
  6. I Like Her Style: Sylvia scans the celebs and copies their styles with clothing that she’s priced for you. She does a remarkable job with matching up the clothing and accessories.
  7. SheFinds: You can relax. SheFinds studies the trends and surfs the web for the best items and then sends you a link in their weekly newsletter. They also find online coupons for you if they exist.
  8. Shopalicious: Need some retail therapy? With an eye on trends and a soft spot for all things fashionable, this blog aims to dish out delicious deals daily along with coupons.
  9. The Budget Fashionista: Kathryn Finney brings her love for fashion and her debt-ridden lifestyle to readers. Her goal is to get out of debt with style, and she shows you how.

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Street Fashion

These blogs are fascinating, as most of them focus only on fashion in a given corner of the world, worn by average individuals. Other sites also focus on local sales or how global trends might create an impact locally.

  1. eye4style: While this blog is more of a “shopper” type site, the blogger’s location is in New York and she focuses on sales that only New Yorkers can participate in. But, if you’re not from New York, never fear…she also includes online sales and bargains.
  2. Hel Looks: This site is a hobby project of Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen of selected street fashion from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The pictures are taken in the streets and clubs of Helsinki from July 2005 onwards.
  3. I want – I got: This blogger is a techy nerd with a passion for fashion. This blog initially started as online ramblings but she hopes to provide people in the Toronto area with information related to “fashion, shopping and cool stuff.”
  4. Style Bites: A California girl moved to Prague to chase her European dreams and ended up working in the fashion biz. Now bouncing back and forth to NYC, she shares her devotion to fashion and obsessions with Chloe, vintage, and accessories.
  5. The Sartorialist: Selected as one of Time Magazine’s top 100 fashion influencers, the Sartorialist brings high street fashion to your door.
  6. Urban Updater: Los Angeles fashionista Lindsey moved to New York, and now she blogs about the everyday juicy items she runs across in the Big Apple.

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Vintage and Thrift

No, “Vintage” and “Thrift” aren’t the same, but both topics are hot at the moment. So we compiled this list of sites that are both vintage and that can be thrifty, or visa-versa. Many of the bloggers sell what they find through online store or on eBay, so you can share in their bounty!

  1. I Spy, Thrift Eye: This is just a fun little site, authored by a woman who’s obsessed with thrift store finds and with matching them up with celeb fashion.
  2. Life of a Jersey Girl: Carol owns this blog and she also owns Dandelion Vintage Clothing, online since 1997. She sells vintage clothing, lingerie, and accessories from the 1900s to the mid-1960s. Fresh vintage stock at very reasonable prices is added every Monday.
  3. Lizzie’s Vintage Travel Journal: Lizzie writes about a nice collection of old fashion ads, fabrics, and clothing. Occasionally, she’ll offer something that she finds for sale. Or, she’ll just tease you with some perfect piece as she states that it’s hers and hers alone.
  4. Lulu’s Vintage: “The Retro Retreat for the Fashion Elite,” is the motto here. You can view vintage delights and click to the online store where they’re for sale. Lulu carries some vintage items for sale as well, so you’ll have a great time if you’re into old and beautiful threads and patterns.
  5. Sally Jane Vintage: Sally Jane offers vintage finds and original designs for sale at Her blog is a behind-the-scenes view on how she discovers her finds and how she puts them together.
  6. The Happy Hippie: Hippies aren’t dead. This blog might have fit under the ‘lifestyle’ category, but its retro theme carried it all the way to vintage.
  7. The Thrifty Fashionista: “99 cent Flip Flops & a Louis Vuitton” is the attitude carried by this blogger. She loves stoop sales, lives for clothing swaps, and would like to make a living with shopping. When she does, we’ll move her to the “shopper” category.
  8. The Vintage Society: The “Society Girl” entries are flattering and inspirational and the other blog entries cover everything you need to know about how to carry that vintage outfit off.
  9. Vintage Style Files: After 20 years in the food industry, this blogger decided to open a vintage clothing business at Blue Velvet Vintage. This blog represents her lifelong love for vintage clothes.
  10. Zuburbia: This blog features a Vintage Pick of the Day (VPOD), PLUS insights, tips and information for today’s current and future vintage fashionistas. She’ll also consider purchasing your vintage pieces.

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