Top 10 Fall Sports Designs

2020 has been one heck of a year! We’ve all gone on a roller coaster of disappointments and surprises that will surely sear the memory of 2020 into all of our brains for years to come. One of the biggest disappointments was the cancelation of sports across all kinds of arenas, pun intended.

Even though most of us are learning virtually, we want to keep that school spirit alive. Here’s our top 10 list of fall sports designs that will show we never lose our sporting spirit.

#1 Custom Football Team Letterman

The classic and simple football letterman design

#2 Marching Band Mom Custom Masks

Check out our awesome selection of custom masks with designs for marching band and tons of other school groups.

#3 Cross Country School Fan

Add your school or team name. Perfect for those chilly morning runs!

#4 Custom Soccer Team Name Bag

This bag will even carry your soccer ball with you! Customize with your team name and jersey number.

#5 Your School Volleyball Tights

Customize these tights with your school or team name. Wear them for warmups or during practice!

#6 Personalized Tennis Mom Apparel

Tennis moms are important too! Customize this design for the biggest cheerleader in your family.

#7 Field Hockey Chicks Top

Stay warm while looking cool on the field with this fun field hockey design.

#8 Happy Camper Flannel

We know camping isn’t technically a sport, but it’s definitely best in the cool and crisp fall air.

#9 Football Mom Shirt Heart

Football just wouldn’t be great without the football moms cheering on their players.

#10 Fantasy Football Loser Unicorn

Even if most sports are canceled, our fantasy teams can still lead us to victory….or defeat if you suck at fantasy football like me.

If you are lucky enough to attend sports this year, make sure to do so safely! Personalize one of our custom face masks with your favorite team or player and practice social distancing. We’re all looking forward to getting our fall sports back as soon as possible!

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Top 10 Halloween Shirts

Halloween is the time of the year when we get to be something other than ourselves. We can be our favorite movie character, public figure, or just have fun for the sake of it. What better excuse to make some custom apparel! Whether you’re dressing up as your favorite character from the last series you just binge watched, or just putting some fun spooky sayings on tees, we want to help make your Halloween that much more special with custom apparel. Here are our top 10 Halloween shirts that you can buy or customize right now.

#1 A Little Bit Dramatic

Being mean during Halloween is optional and not necessarily encouraged.

#2 Custom Family Halloween Sweater

Remember your awesome family get-up for years to come.

#3 Winnie I Smell A Child – Maternity Tee

*Letting witches near children is not recommended*

#4 Halloween Custom Underwear

Technically not a shirt, but who doesn’t love custom undies?

#5 Wizard House Alumni

Collect all four!

#6 Custom Baby Outfit With Tutu

It’s just too darn cute not to include in this list!

#7 Matching Hot Sauce Tees

I prefer Hot, but will not turn down any of these delicious sauces.

#8 Cute Halloween Batty Rainbow Raglan

Add your own name or adorable Halloween text to this fun take on a Halloween rainbow.

#9 Trick Or Treat Boo Crew Custom Mask

Ghosts are great at being socially and ethereally distant.

#10 Custom Photo & Message Halloween Mug

Start your day the Halloween way. Immortalize your best costume onto your new favorite coffee mug.

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Storefront Spotlight – Back 2 School with BRAYLON!

We love seeing the creativity that all of our storefront owners use to make their own original designs. Occasionally, we highlight one of these storefronts to show great examples of how our storefronts can be used to raise awareness, share a feeling, spread a vibe, or whatever else you want to communicate with the world.

Today we’re sharing a super creative and thoughtful storefront run by 7-year-old Braylon! Braylon, with the help of his MOM-ager, Felicia, decided he wanted to make designs for his virtual back-to-school experiences this year. Here are just a few of his awesome hand-drawn designs!

1st Day Of School Outfit

Braylon’s got it figured out. With so many schools going virtual this year, why not swap out those fancy dress clothes for these super comfy and fun pajamas on the first day of school? No need to carry your custom backpack either when all your classes are in the same room, so put the backpack on your shirt instead!

School Rocks! Sweatshirt

Half of everything is the mindset. This design guarantees you’re starting off with a positive vibe by declaring ‘Virtual School Rocks’! Braylon’s awesome hand-drawn guitar that he uploaded in our design center matches the custom text on this design perfectly. He’s sure to rock all year long.


You can’t wear the same pair of custom pajamas all week long, so why not make a second pair declaring how much you LOVE virtual school! I know working from home has provided us the same wardrobe options. Braylon shares his excitement for his new school dress code with an adorable eye heart emoji he drew himself!

Roarin’ Tshirt

Braylon keeps the energy high with his designs, which is just what some of us need when things get tough. Keep that dinosaur energy strong with this awesome ‘Roarin’ into Virtual School’ design. Show no fear with that dinosaur spirit we all have buried deep down. Thanks to Braylon, we can harness that monster confidence.

We’re always looking for the next stand-out storefront on Customized Girl. We love seeing everyone’s awesome and creative designs just like Braylons! Whether you’re uploading your own hand-drawn artwork to custom tees and custom hoodies or working solely with the tools we provide in our design center, our custom Storefronts are a great way to make extra cash and share your creativity with the world!

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Grandparent’s Day – Send A Virtual Hug

Sometimes, when life gets hard, there’s nothing quite like the warm embrace of a loved one. And when it comes to loved ones, no one gives better hugs than grandma and grandpa. When distance or circumstance makes giving your grandparent a hug on grandparent’s day nearly impossible, you can count on Customized Girl to make something uniquely special for your long-distance loved ones.

In the age of social distancing and quarantines, showing our love to friends and family becomes that much more important. The human species requires love and affection to thrive, but when viruses make love and affection difficult, it becomes critical to get creative.

We recommend stretching those creative brain muscles in our design center of course! Creating custom gifts and having them shipped to your grandma or grandpa won’t be the same as giving them a big warm hug, but it’s a great way to show them how much you miss being able to do just that. Personalize one of our stuffed animals, upload your photo to one of their shirts, and let your loved ones hug that until it’s safe to be close again!

Too grown-up for stuffed animals? We understand. Upload your face to a custom shirt instead, send it their way, then tell them to just hug themselves when they feel sad and you’ll be right there with them!

The great news is that we have tons of blank products for you to customize for your grandma or grandpa this grandparent’s day. Find what’s right for you, personalize it for your loved one, then send it on its way. Nothing can compare to a real hug on grandparent’s day, but we’re pretty sure they’ll feel like they’ve been hugged when they see your face arrive on your custom made gift.

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Customized Girl Coupon Code For September 2020

As we say ‘goodbye’ to the sweltering summer heat, and ‘hello’ to crisp fall leaves and pumpkin spice, we like to look back on all the fun we had this summer.

This year was a little different than most, but we’re sure you still found time to enjoy the outdoors. Whether visiting your favorite beach, park or having a safe and socially distant party with your family, we hope you found some comfort in your summer.

September brings the first day of fall, this year it’s on the 22nd, and with a new month comes a new coupon code to help you save at CustomizedGirl.

For the whole month of September, you can use coupon code SEP2020 to get 10% off your entire order! It’s good for everything on the site, so don’t worry about picking out specific items to customize. Use it as much as you want for the whole month.

We can’t wait to see what you make!

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