Print-On-Demand Expert Scribbleprints has Launched a Customized Girl Storefront

Customized Girl’s storefront for the month of March is Scribbleprints! At Customized Girl we have storefronts with different causes, target niches, and fundraising efforts while Scribbleprints offers a unique approach by taking their artwork and putting it on custom apparel. Their storefront does a great job of taking their pieces of art and pairing it with high in demand, trendy apparel and accessories.  Scribbleprints is a great example to all artists allowing them to see different opportunities for them to display their artwork.

Another reason Scribbleprints is Customized Girl’s storefront of the month is because they have an amazing blog dedicated to print on demand services. Information found on their blog is incredibly useful for anyone who wants to dabble in the customized apparel world. They also offer reviews and recommendations to help give you a better understanding of what to expect with the storefront platform and products. Scribbleprints does a great job of being informative and exhibiting the options artist have with their artwork.

If you are interested in what custom apparel storefronts can do for you make sure to check out Customized Girl’s storefront FAQ.



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Raise Funds And Spread Awareness For Autism With Custom Apparel Storefronts

April is National Autism Awareness Month and every year autism organizations around the world celebrate the month with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events. Increased awareness aids with early diagnosis and intervention which helps individuals access the appropriate services and support that lead to significantly improved outcomes. With any life-altering disease, there is a copious amount of research that goes into treatments which also require a great deal of funds to achieve results.

Marathons, auctions, and even small events like bake sales are only the tipping point to help fundraise for a cause. Customized Girl wants to help promote autism awareness and encourage others to join the movement by offering custom apparel storefronts. Our storefronts offer an excellent opportunity not only to spread awareness but to also raise funds towards their charity of choice.

We offer a variety of styles in apparel and accessories. All our users have to do is simply upload an image or logo of the name of the event, cause, or charity and add it to any product. Customized Girl already has a gallery full of custom autism awareness shirts that can be a starting point for storefronts or if you are just in need of some items for your next event.

Interested in starting a storefront to spread awareness and raise funds for your cause? For more detailed information check out our storefront FAQ. Customized Girl would be more than happy to help assist your efforts by offering our marketing strategies and art assistance to achieve the ideal storefront.

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New Art For Custom Easter Gifts

Easter is coming up fast and little earlier than last year landing on April 5th. Easter is one of the few times in a year that families get together and celebrate. While Easter is a religious holiday, it’s commercial side has evolved over the years to include egg hunts, marshmallow chicks, and baskets brought from the Easter bunny. No matter what reason you may celebrate Easter, Customized Girl wants to help you celebrate with custom Easter gifts!

Customized Girl provides Easter gifts for everyone in the family – peek a boo maternity shirts, first easter onesies, and Easter stuffed animals. We’ve added new Easter art that includes peek a boo bunnies, bunny tails, and some of our favorite childhood sweet treats. These new designs are just too cute to resist!

All of our designs and products can make great Easter gifts but the best part is that they can be customized. See a design that you want on a onesie or a toddler shirt? All you have to do is click the large pink “customize this design” button and swap out the product.  You can even create matching designs across multiple products like a baby onesie, hat, bib, and blanket or even something a little more trendy for the teen in your life. We offer fashionable shirts, bags, and cases for phones and tablets. That’s right – we made it that simple and effortless for you to shop for nieces, nephews, cousins, and grand children.

Customized Girl can be your answer to all your holiday shopping this year. With a large variety of products and the option to customize you can easily make everyone happy this year. Easter is just around the corner so make sure you are ready and start customizing!

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Custom Softball Shirts For The Whole Family

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again.  The time to play ball and not any kind of ball but softball! Long innings, scraped knees, and sore arms are only the small things that you love about playing softball but Customized Girl has one more reason to make your season extra special this year. Custom softball swag and lots of it. Not only do we offer the most fashionable shirts and sweaters on the internet but also socks, hats, and bags! We’ve already provided some classic and trendy designs but any design can be customized to add your school’s name, colors, and graduating year.

Take a different twist from the generic name and number and create matching designs with your teammates that include your position and a popular saying or slogan from your graduating year.  Sayings like Best Pitches and Where My Pitches At are only the beginning because the options to customize are endless!

We also have designs for all the whole family to help cheer on your favorite player. Softball mom shirts are a big hit at the ball park but it’s simple enough to swap out any of our designs and add dad or grandpa to your favorite shirt. You can even create a whole fan club of matching designs for mom, dad, grandpa, your baby brother, and even your dog! Custom softball shirts are great gifts for your player and even for everyone in the family.

Looking for ways to raise funds for your softball team? Create a Customized Girl storefront where you can add all of your trendy high school designs with logos and earn royalties for every design you sell. Customized Girl takes care of the ordering, billing, and shipping. Learn more about how Customized Girl storefronts can help you raise funds this softball season.

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2014 Customized Girl Statement Maker Scholarship Winner – Maggie Noriega

Last year we established Customized Girl’s statement maker scholarship. We are all about statement makers and celebrating those who have an important message to share with the world. Statements are what we love and that’s why our scholarship is centered on not only making them but helping spread their awareness. Every girl has a statement to make and we wanted to give a platform to those individuals who wanted to have their voice heard. With this platform we also wanted to offer the opportunity for these young, inspirational women to win money to go towards their college tuition.

Once again, we received hundreds of amazing and motivational submissions that made this year’s decision extra difficult. Each statement had it’s own personality and powerful voice but there was one statement that intrigued our judge’s the most.

Customized Girl is proud to announce our second annual statement maker scholarship winner of $2,500 – Maggie Noriega!

Maggie’s statement: Live your life as if you had an infinite amount of confetti.

We love this statement because it is important message to everyone to not sweat the small stuff and to live your life to the fullest. Sometimes we all can get lost in insignificant tasks or drama that come with life but all that matters is what makes you happy and what legacy you want to leave in this world. It’s a great message to celebrate even the smallest success’ that you accomplish and if you fail – pick yourself back up and try again.

Recently, we sat down and talked to Maggie and asked her why this statement is so important to her and her plans for school and beyond.  This is what she had to say:

What are you looking forward to the most in your college career?

I look forward to meeting new people and exploring new places. I can’t wait to experience the changes college will bring.

What are your hobbies?

A main hobby of mine is watching movies. I’ve seen 45 out of 100 movies on the American Film Institute’s “100 greatest American Films of all time” list. My goal is to watch all 100 of them by the end of 2015! I also love hiking, listening to music, and going to museums.

Why is this statement so important to you?

I love this quote because it’s saying to celebrate every happy, successful, and joyous moment in your life. It reminds me to enjoy the little things, and don’t be afraid to celebrate even the tiniest success. It also reminds me to be grateful for everything that I am lucky to have.

How did you come across this statement? Is it something someone told you or did you come up with it yourself?

I actually overheard this statement from a crew leader while I was working in Yellowstone. Thanks Jarrett! I never thought something so brief, that wasn’t even said to me directly would impact my life in such a positive way.

What does the world need to know about you?

I think the world needs to know that I want to make a positive change. In the earth, myself, and the people around me. Also they need to know how appreciative I am for this award! It’s so cool to be recognized for something so small. A last thank you to everyone that has been in my life so far. Excited to see where the future will take me!

We were inspired by Maggie’s statement and hope it can inspire more girls to stand up and be statement makers.
Congrats Maggie – We wish you all the best in college!

No worries if you missed out entering this year. We will host our scholarship annually before the start of every school. Stay updated with Customized Girl and make sure to check out last years scholarship winner!

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