Amy Poehler Wine Country

Make Custom 50th Birthday Shirts, Like Amy Poehler & Maya Rudolph Wear in Wine Country

Got a big birthday coming up or know someone with a birthday coming up? Celebrate like Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph do in their new Netflix original movie: Wine Country. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ll give you a little rundown. Six ladies come together to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday in Northern California AKA Wine Country. A lot of wine is consumed, and a lot of futures are questioned. Exactly the way a 50th birthday should be done.

As you know, we love custom t-shirts and we couldn’t help but notice that their group of friends wore a pretty awesome set. These shirts were a striking purple color with big, bold, yellow text that read “The big 5-OH!” If attention is what you’re going for, this look is for you. 50 is a big milestone, you should definitely flaunt it. Feeling inspired? We created a few similar to the one Amy Poehler is wearing.

Thinking this shirt would be *perfect* if you could add your own custom element to it? We’ve got you covered. Anything on our site is customizable – just choose a design and then click “Customize This Design”. You’ll be able to add even more text and choose from a huge selection of art. If you’ve got a big group coming out, names and numbers on the backs of the shirts might be a special touch. Add a custom date to the t-shirt and make it one for the books. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re not digging the whole “bold yellow text on deep purple shirts” aesthetic, check out our other 50th Birthday T-Shirt Design Templates here. We have some cleaner styles too, more blacks and greys and metallic golds.

(You can even upload the birthday girl’s face and we’ll cut out the background and print it on a bunch of shirts for you!)

Or if you’d rather just start from scratch, you can see all of our Custom T-Shirt options here.

Remember: anything you see, you can tweak to your liking. See a funny design on a tank top, but really wish it was on a t-shirt? Just use the swap tab in our design center to make it happen. You only turn 50 once, OWN IT!

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Our Golden Girls Sweatshirt Was the First Clue That Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Were Dating Back in 2016 (!!!)

We’re coming up on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s one year anniversary and we thought this would be the perfect time to share a funny story with you all.

Like most things nowadays, it all began with a hidden romance and a cozy sweatshirt…

We were doing some year over year analysis of our sales on Amazon and we noticed there was a huge spike in sales for our favorite Golden Girls sweatshirt. That got us thinking…what did we miss? We were curious about whether or not there was something behind this, so we put our millennial skills to the test and did what we do best: internet stalking. We dug around and ended up finding something pretty awesome.

Last year in April, a BuzzFeed News article was published about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Even better, the article talks about how Prince Harry was spotted on Meghan Markle’s Instagram wearing a sweatshirt that said “Dorothy in the streets. Blanche in the sheets”. Yes, that’s ours!

Although Harry’s face isn’t fully revealed in the photo, our fellow investigators got to the bottom of it, and it was confirmed: the man in the photo was in fact Prince Harry. Their relationship was new and they were trying to keep it on the DL, which is not surprising. Basically, we just think it’s hilarious that our Golden Girl’s sweatshirt was actually the very first clue about a possible romance between the two all the way back in 2016.

This awesome sighting of Prince Harry in our Golden Girls sweatshirt confirms two things:

1. Golden Girls apparel is truly timeless (check out some of our other Golden Girls designs).

2. Even royalty wear sweatshirts.

Blanche in the Streets Sweatshirt

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Custom Sweatsuits

The Jersey Shore Guys Were Wearing our Custom Sweatsuits at The Situation’s Wedding

Very exciting news for all of us here at Customized Girl. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his beautiful wife Lauren Pesce wore our Custom Sweatsuits on the day of their wedding.

In fact, all the guys from the Jersey Shore wore custom printed hoodies and sweatpants. They posed together for this incredible photo, and we have to talk about why we like it so much.

First of all, the sweatsuits themselves. Gold ink printed on black full-zip hoodies and black joggers. White trim. White drawstrings. High contrast. Just beautiful.

Secondly, the room. Beige walls with dark gray (almost black) curtains. And then, more gold! Gold on the curtain, in both the pattern and the tassles. Gold lighting fixtures with dangling crystals.

The sweatsuits in front of this perfect backdrop, and a bunch of great smiles, make for a terrific photo.

Laruen's Hitchuation Sweatsuit

Lauren was also wearing a gold design printed on a black sweatsuit, and she too looked amazing leaning back on a white couch.

Her full zip hoodies says “Mrs. Situation” on the front and “The Hitchuation” on the back, a joke which is still very funny to us. The Hitchuation. Lol.

We wish the newlyweds all the happiness in the world, forever and ever. Thanks so much to them and everyone who took these photos. Credit to Anthony Serrantonio for the photo of Mike.

If you want to design your own, check out our custom sweatsuits here.

Situation Sweatsuits

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Kelley Wentworth of ‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Launches an Apparel Store on Customized Girl!

When we were designing the storefront platform at Customized Girl, we wanted to create something totally open, free, and democratic. That means anyone can create an account, create a store, and start adding designs.

Some of our stores are launched by young people, just starting to build their brand and launch their fashion lines. They are only starting to grow their audience.

And some other stores are stores are started by established celebrities with big followings. We’ve welcomed Melissa Rycroft, from The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars. Today we are welcoming Kelley Wentworth of ‘Survivor: Blood vs Water’ and ‘Survivor: Second Chance’. Welcome, Kelley! And welcome to all, because all are welcome!

Check out Kelley’s store.

Kelley is currently the front winner to win Second Chance. There’s no better to way to support Kelley then with a custom Team Wentworth shirt! These designs are created by Kelley herself and is the ultimate way to let her know that you are cheering her on to the very end!

We love that Kelley saw an opportunity to use our design center and storefront platform to create and sell totally unique t-shirts and tank tops. Her clean and simple “(hashtag) Team Wentworth” design is a great example of how anyone can take an idea and put it on a shirt. Kelley is still going strong this season so make sure to get your shirt now and to share your love with Kelley on her Instagram and Twitter!

If you are interested in what custom apparel storefronts can do for you make sure to check out Customized Girl’s storefront FAQ.


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Marilyn and Audrey Art for Your Custom Shirts and More

What makes an icon so iconic? Maybe it’s their style, innovation, or elegance.

Marilyn Monroe was an American singer, actress, and model in the 1940’s through the 50’s and still captivates and inspires women, stylists, aspiring performers, and artists to this day.

Audrey Hepburn was a British-born actress and humanitarian. She had a serious impact on the fashion industry for her classic style and grace. Like Marilyn, she’s inspired many works of art and may be “regarded by some to be the most naturally beautiful woman of all time.

We admire these women for being such Statement Makers! And to honor them in our own way, we’ve created Marilyn and Audrey iconic art.

Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn Art

You can now design our always trendy tees, tanks, crops, dresses, and more with our most famous style icons. Be inspired to make every day anything but boring with a Marilyn iPhone case!

Marilyn Monroe Phone Case

Get ready for you summer vaca plans with an Audrey tote bag. You’ll be reminded to smile and make the most of this summer because the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.

Audrey Hepburn Tote Bag

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Congrats Melissa Rycroft! We Love Your Peek-a-boo Maternity Tank!

When searching the internet we sometimes come across celebrities who have chosen to create custom shirts on Customized Girl. Today, we came across Melissa Rycroft’s custom peek-a-boo maternity shirt as she broke the news about her family expecting a new addition next spring!

We instantly recognized the peek-a-boo artwork and fonts from our site. Melissa was not the only one sporting a custom tee from us as you can see from the picture below. She also customized a men’s ringer tee and a girl’s tank top. She did a great job using our design center to create totally unique t-shirts and tank tops.

Here is the official announcement from Melissa Rycroft’s Facebook page:

“Sooo…It’s official, the Strickland Family is growing by one next Spring! Ava is so excited to be promoted to Big Sister!! We are so excited for our new little addition!!”

Melisaa Rycroft Baby On The Way Peek a Boo Shirt

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Get Custom “Aye He’s Mine / Aye She’s Mine” Sweatshirts Like Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne, star of Disney Channel’s  Shake It Up! recently posted a photo of she and her boyfriend, Tristan Klier, sporting matching Aye He’s Mine / Aye She’s Mine hoodies. Don’t they look super cute? You can customize your own Aye He’s Mine sweatshirts like Bella Thorne’s at! Change the color, font and item to your liking in our design center and you’re all set!

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Top Ten Most Outrageous Celebrity Outfits

Celebrities have pictures taken of them every day. Usually it’s because they are in a glamorous outfit that most of society can’t come close to affording. Well this time, these celebrities probably should have taken an extra look in the mirror before they stepped on the stage. I give to you the Top 10 Most Outrageous Celebrity Outfits!


    1. Bjork goes Swan: At the 2001 Oscars, you may remember when Bjork donned a faux swan as her red-carpet ensemble and called it an outfit. How could you forget, right? In one night, Bjork went from an obscure singer from Iceland to a household name! Whether or not it was intentional, the “dress” became buzz-worthy, and everyone was talking about this outrageous ensemble!
    2. The Purple Prince: Oh Prince. Prince has always been known for his flashy, purple get-ups, and this one is no different! One could actually assume that his signature song “Purple Rain” was actually about his favorite color. Here the pop icon is pictured at a Fendi party during Paris Fashion Week, Oct. 6th 2009.
    3. Fashion Sense is M.I.A: At the 2009 Grammys, singer M.I.A caused quite a stir when she wore this polka-dot bodysuit. It wasn’t the polka-dots that caused the buzz, but the fact that she was nine months pregnant when she wore it, and the dots certainly emphasized her sizable bump. Instead of wearing something that outrageous she should have settle went for a custom maternity shirt.
    4. Domo Arigato Kyle Minogue: Singer Kylie Minogue kicked off her American Tour in California in September of 2009 wearing this futuristic fashion. Ms. Minogue never fails to entertain, and for this tour she seems to have been inspired by some Lady Gaga style costumes as she performed on stage.
    5. Britney Goes Circus Freak: Brittney Spears has definitely worn her fair share of outrageous outfits, and for her circus tour, she pulled out all the stops! In this particular outfit, it appears that Brit has created a twist off the “Illustrated Man” concept to go along with the traditional circus theme.
    6. Sushi Anyone? Katy Perry has become well-known for her unique costume choices and sense of style. As Perry performed at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan, she wore a leotard embroidered with rows of sushi, with a Japanese kimono. The fans at Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo were amused by her choice of garb, and the show went off without a hitch. Nicely done Katy!
    7. Gaga Scissorhands: Lady Gaga is known for her one-of-a-kind dress style. This year at the MTV Video Music Awards, between her red-carpet attire, and her performance costumes she came up with at least three memorable outfits to say the least. One of which, was this black lace Jean Paul Gaultier dress with Dragon print silk underlay from Gaultier’s fall/winter ready to wear collection, accentuated by a feather neck brace.
    8. Beyoncé: Beyoncé is by nature a show stopper. For her 2009 European tour, Beyonce wore this curve-enhancing gold corsage, which also emphasized her love for the extreme. The gold corsage was complete with an extravagant bow on the singer’s rear.
    9. Perez Hilton What!? Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is known for his colorful personality, and that is also reflected by his choice of wardrobe! At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, he wore this multi-colored jacket, yellow-orange hair color, and yellow hands. Outrageous to a “T”.
    10. Madonna Goes Crazy: Like Brittney Spears, Madonna has is renowned for her outfit choices. Here she is wearing what appears to be a Luis Vuitton outfit, accentuated by a large bow in her hair. Memorable, outrageous, and Madonna, all in one!


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The 20 Most Influential Female Veterans of All Time

Did you know that there are over two million women veterans? Throughout the history of our country, we have been involved in numerous wars and conflicts, and women have served in some way in every conflict. This was not always legal in the early days, but women still found ways to do what they could to protect our country. As time moved forward, women in the military became more and more acceptable, and by World War II, over 500, 000 women served in uniform and with each war since, more and more women have served. Here we have listed the top 20 most important female veterans of all time, but these are by no means the only female veterans who made a difference. Female veterans are everywhere; because with each conflict….women were there!

An illustration of Deborah Sampson

  1. Deborah Sampson: During America’s first war, The Revolutionary War, Deborah Sampson of Plymouth Massachusetts, disguised herself as a young man and presented herself to the American army as a willing volunteer to fight our opponents. She enlisted in the year 1778 under the name “Robert Shirtliffe” and served for three years undetected, until she came down with a brain fever, which made her sexuality evident to the physician, who did not disclose her secret. It wasn’t until she was sent on a special mission to carry a letter to General Washington, who spared her the embarrassment of a public discharge, and did so privately with a sum of money to bear her home. Deborah Sampson served her country, in uniform, during the Revolutionary War in a time where women’s deeds and accomplishments went unrecognized, all for the love of her country. Her service is a testament that when the “New World” began to change, women were there.

An illustration of Anne Bailey

2. “Mad Anne” Bailey: “Mad Anne” was born Anne Hennis, in Liverpool, England in 1742. At the age of 19 she moved to Virginia and married a settler named Richard Trotter. At the death of her husband in 1774, Anne left her son William with a neighbor and joined the militia. Anne donned buckskins while carrying rifles and scouting equipment, hunting, courier work, and story-telling. Anne is famous for her legendary 100 mile ride to Fort Savannah from Fort Lee for desperately needed ammunition, which ultimately saved Fort Lee.

A photograph of Sarah Edmonds

3. Sarah Emma Edmonds: Sarah Emma Edmonds was born in Nova Scotia in 1841, and later moved to the United States early in her young adult life to escape the abuse of her father. While living in Detroit Michigan in 1861, she decided to join the United States Army and fight for “her country” in the Civil War. While in the army, she disguised her sex and went by the alias Frank Thompson, and became a male nurse in the Second Volunteers of the United States Army. Edmonds was unique because not only was she able to remain in the army for several years, but was also successful as a Union spy-all while impersonating a man.

A photo of Jennie Hodgers

4. Jennie Hodgers: Jennie Hodgers was born on December 25th, 1844 in Clogherhead, Ireland. In her early life she came to America as a stowaway, and settled in Illinois until 1862 when she joined the Union Army during the Civil War under the alias Albert D. J. Cashier. Jennie survived the war with no undue suspicion to her gender, and in 1865 her Infantry was discharged, and she went on living her life as a man, allowing her to vote in a time when voting was unheard of for a woman. Her fellow soldiers later recalled her as being a skilled rifleman. Jennie’s life was dedicated to the protection of her country, and upon her death was buried with full military honors, and in 1977 a large monument in Saunemin Illinois bears her name.

A painting of Cathay Williams

5. Cathay Williams: Cathay Williams was born in 1844, in Independence Missouri. She was the first African American female to enlist, serving in the United States Army under the pseudonym William Cathay. Williams was one of the Buffalo Soldiers for three years, passing herself off as a man to all but her cousin and a friend, both of whom were fellow soldiers in her regiment. Williams lived through smallpox, and several other illnesses and hospital visits without her true identity being discovered. Only until she had grown weary of her military service was her true gender revealed to the post surgeon and she was discharged on October 18th, 1868. Not only was Cathay Williams one of the first women to enlist in the army/service, but she was the first documented African American woman, which makes her all the more unique and brave.

A photograph of Pauline Cushman

6. Pauline Cushman: Pauline Cushman was born in 1833 in New Orleans, Louisiana as Harriet Wood. She later moved to New York to become an actress, and used her skills to pass herself off as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War. While in disguise, she managed to conceal battle plans and drawings in her shoes, but was caught and brought before Confederate General Braxton Bragg, tried by the military court, and sentenced to death. Three days before her execution, the Union troops invaded in time to save her. Had the sentence been carried out, she would have been the only female spy executed on either side during the Civil War.

A photograph of Mary Edwards Walker

7. Dr. Mary Edwards Walker: Mary Walker was born in 1832 in New York, as the youngest of five daughters and one younger brother. At the beginning of the American Civil War, she volunteered for the Union Army as a civilian nurse, as the Army had no female surgeons. After years of non-paid service, she was finally awarded a commission as a “Contract Acting Assistant Surgeon”, becoming the first-ever female U.S Army surgeon. During her career she frequently crossed battle lines to treat the injured civilians, and on April 10, 1864 she was captured by Confederate troops and arrested as a spy. She was released that August in exchange for another prisoner, and went on to serve in several other battles, supervise orphanages, become a writer and lecturer, supporting health care, temperance, women’s rights, and dress reform for women.

8. Ginnie and Lottie Moon: Ginnie and Lottie Moon were daughters of a physician in Virginia, and later moved to Oxford Ohio. Unlike the other women on our list thus far, the Moon sisters were spies for the Confederate Army, and they also got away with it. Whether it was “delivering a letter” under disguise, or crossing enemy lines to gather information on the Union troops, these sister’s fervor for their beloved Confederacy led them into danger and adventure, proving once more that in times of conflict, women were there!

A depiction of Emmeline Piggot

9. Emmeline Piggot: Emmeline Piggot was another spy for the Confederacy during the Civil War, who was from North Carolina. During the war, Emmeline followed the men of the 26th to New Bern, hoping that she would be able to help the Southern troops in some way. Piggot eventually began finding ways to spy on the Yankees and carry supplies and messages across enemy borders. Throughout the duration of her escapades, she was put on trial several times but was never actually convicted of her crimes. Emmeline later became a well-known member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and was later honored for her bravery by her chapter in Morehead City.

10. Helen Fairchild: Helen Fairchild was born in 1884, and was a nurse who served in World War One, and became famous for her letters to her friends and family depicting the real horrors and violence of the war. Fairchild often volunteered for front-line duty, which put her in harm’s way on a regular basis, including an incident that exposed her to a heavy shelling including the use of mustard gas. By 1917 she was vomiting after every meal due to stomach ulcers. After surgery in 1918, Fairchild lapsed into a coma and died due to the chloroform used in the anesthesia during her operation, and worsened by her exposure to mustard gas. Helen Fairchild was not a soldier, but her selflessness and willingness to sacrifice herself for others makes her a WWI hero.

A photograph of Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant

11. Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant: Sergeant was born in 1881 and became a journalist in 1918. Sergeant went to the Western Front as a war correspondent for the New Republic, and in October of that year, she was seriously wounded by a grenade. Over the next six months, she recuperated in various hospitals in France and later published an account of her experiences in her book, Shadow Shapes: The Journal of a Wounded Woman. Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant was one of those rare breeds of women who was not afraid to risk her life to uncover the truth, and nearly lost her life in her efforts.

An illustration of Mildred Aldrich

12. Mildred Aldrich: Mildred Aldrich was born in Providence Rhode Island in 1853. During WWI, she wrote A Hilltop on the Marne, On the Edge of the War Zone, and The Peak of the Lord. The French government believed that Aldrich’s work helped persuade the United States government to declare war on Germany, and in 1922 was awarded the Legion of Honour.

A photograph of Mary Borden

13. Mary Borden: Mary Borden was born into a wealthy Chicago family in 1886, and later attended Vassar College. At the time that the war broke out, she was living in England, and selflessly used her own money to equip and staff a field hospital close to the Front, which she herself worked at until the end of the war. Not only did she sacrifice all of her time and money into the war, but she also wrote several books on her experiences which included striking sketches and short stories. Many men were saved because of one woman’s drive to take action and go where she was needed. Mary Borden was one woman whose actions saved many, and that is why she is a veteran to remember.

A photograph of Irene Kinne Englund

14. Irene Kinne Englund: Irene Englund was born in El Paso Texas, and then raised in California. She was a woman aviator who piloted military aircraft during World War II as a member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots. Throughout her service, she served for 18 months transporting air inspectors and medical patients, ferrying military aircraft, and towing aerial gunnery targets to free men for combat overseas. Because she was such a skilled pilot, she was one of the handful of women to be awarded veteran status by the military in a time when such a thing was unheard of.

A photograph of Nancy Harkness Love

15. Nancy Harkness Love: Nancy Harkness Love was born February 14th, 1914 in Houghton, Michigan. At an early age she gained an intense interest in aviation, and earned her pilot’s license at the age of sixteen. Like Irene Kinne Englund, Love was a member of the WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots), in which she became an Executive for all ferrying operations. Under her command, female pilots flew almost every type military aircraft then in the Army Air Force’s arsenal, and their record of achievement proved remarkable.

A photograph of Jacqueline Cochran

16. Jacqueline Cochran: Jacqueline Cochran, born in near Mobile, Alabama in 1906, was one of the most gifted racing pilot of her generation. She was also an important member of the Women’s Auxilliary Army Corps and Women Airforce Services Piolets. “Jackie” worked with Amelia Earhart to open pilot racing for women, which allowed her to set a new national speed record. Jacqueline Cochran was just one of the many women in WWII who opened the doors for women today to experience the equality that we enjoy today.

A photograph of Gayle Smith and her husband.

17. Gayle Smith: Gayle Smith, aka, “The Nurse with Round Eyes”, was a young woman during the Vietnam War who wanted to go to Vietnam to, “help the people who didn’t belong there,” as she put it. Smith is known for her writings that depict the horrors she witnessed during the Vietnam War, and her efforts to bring home the men who she believed belonged in their home to begin with. She and many other women put themselves in the danger zone because they believed in their mission.

A photograph of Elaine Niggemann

18. Elaine H. Niggemann: During the Vietnam War, Elaine Niggemann was a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Army. Through her service in the evacuation hospital, she worked to heal those who were injured or ill while in Vietnam. Most of her work was concentrated in the intensive care unit of the evacuation hospitals, and because of her diligent care, many men were saved.

A photograph of Sharon Lane

19. Sharon Anne Lane: Sharon Lane was a United States Army nurse who perished during the Vietnam War of shrapnel wounds. Born in Zanesville Ohio, her tragically short life inspired her family to create The Sharon Anne Lane Foundation. This organization aims to build a medical clinic at the site of the Lane’s service in Vietnam. She is described as being kind, compassionate, and respectful to all of her patients, whether they were American, Vietnamese, Viet Cong, or Prisoners of War.

A photograph of Eileen Collings

20. Eileen Collins: Eileen Collins grew up reading about famous WWII pilots such as Amelia Earhart and other Women Airforce Service Pilots who inspired her to earn a pilot’s license after graduating college. During Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada) in 1983, Collins flew the evacuated medical students and their families out of Grenada, but was “not considered as having been in combat”. In 1998, Collins became the first Woman Space Shuttle Commander. Her achievements throughout her life are an inspiration to many young women who are also reaching for the stars.

That rounds out our list of the 20 Most Influential Female Veterans Of All Time. These women have accomplished so much and it is because of women like them that the boundaries between men and women grow smaller with each passing day. While you don’t always hear the great stories of the heroins of WWII and of the other wars be assured that they play as big a role in the outcomes on the battlefield as any other soldier. salutes these great women and wishes everyone a happy Veterans Day.

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