Tips for Uploading Traditional Art In Our Design Center

We love it when our customers use their custom shirts to express themselves! That includes uploading their personal art onto tees, tanks, and more. Over the year’s people have asked us a lot of questions on the best practices for uploading their artwork. We put some of those questions, along with our handy tips, in this article to try and help designers with their designs.

How will pictures of paintings work out from a printing standpoint?

Pictures of paintings should work just fine, as long as the digital image of it looks good. You can upload your digital image of the painted picture right into our design center and you will see a preview. Files can be PNG, JPEG or GIF formats. 

How do you get something the has been hand-drawn onto a shirt?

You can simply just take a photo of it with your phone or camera. You can use the editing app on your phone to make any adjustments like cropping. Then you can upload it in to our Design Center!

How do we crop, put a border, or add text to our art?

If you want to crop the photo down, you will want to do that in the editor on your phone. It will be easier that way!

To add a border or a frame, just hit our Add Art tab and search “frames”. You’ll find lots of great options. Position your image where you want it, choose your frame, and then drag your frame on top of it.

The same is true for adding other clipart, just hit Add Art then search for whatever type of clip art you want to add.

To add text to your design, hit the Add Text tab and type in the available text boxes. You can add additional lines of text by hitting the + Add Another Line Of Text button.

How can I get the background lighter? It’s grey in the design preview?

We can remove that for you prior to printing, no problem. You can leave a note in the special instructions section at checkout to remove the grey background. 

Does the shirt have to be white, or can it be any color shirt?

Yes, we can certainly print the image on any color shirt you want! Just keep in mind that white shirts will provide the best-looking print most of the time. Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to put similar colors on top of each other as they become difficult to see. So if your art has a lot of green in it, you may not want to put it on a green shirt.

We hope you found these tips useful! As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions that weren’t answered here.

Now get back to decorating some awesome custom shirts!

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Make a Statement with Custom Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are one of the best gifts to give and receive! They are traditional, yet an item that instantly brings comfort to anyone, probably because it was one of the first gifts we received as a child and something we hang on to forever.

As customary and effective they may be as a gift, teddy bears could use a little sprucing up to punch up the wow factor. Customize a teddy bear for that special someone by adding you own text, art and even images at Customized Girl! Yes, you can even upload an image and put it on a teddy bear, something unique only to our website!

Our custom teddy bears are outfitted with a plain white t-shirt that will be the canvas for customizing. Create the perfect message on your teddy bear and make it stand out from all the rest! Did you need more than one teddy bear? No problem! We can you help customize as many as you need or we can deliver that one custom teddy bear you were looking for because we offer no minimums!

What was the best teddy bear you ever received as a gift?

Custom Teddy Bears

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Custom Matching Pillowcases

You spend eight or more hours sleeping every night and with that much time devoted to rest, you might as well have pillowcases that are worth waking up to! Instead of settling for the lackluster or plain designs you can find anywhere, add the perfect finishing touch to complete your room! Match your room décor and style with custom pillowcases from Customized Girl!

For newlywed couples, custom matching pillowcases can be the perfect way to make the bedroom a place for both of you, instead of it being his or hers. Plus, once you are sharing a room with your significant other, you will need a way to tell whose pillow is who’s.  Not only will creating matching pillowcases solve this problem and prevent any future tiffs, you can make designing them a fun activity you can do together! Choose from any of the designs we have available in our gallery or start from scratch by using our design center!

Now you can wake up every morning and go to sleep every night with the thought of the person you love on your mind, even when they are away for the weekend! You’ll be surprised at how the little things, even pillowcases, can remind you of that one person and can create a fun living environment!

What custom pillowcases will you create?

Custom Matching Pillowcases

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Custom Stuffed Animals

Looking for the perfect gift for someone special? Maybe a holiday, anniversary or birthday is approaching and you are searching for something unique to mark the occasion. Perhaps you know someone who is under the weather and could use a small pick-me-up to speed up his or her recovery. Whatever the reason for your search, stuffed animals can be the perfect go-to gift to make someone’s day! Help your gift stand out from the pack by customizing it with a little extra love and creativity!

At Customized Girl, we have a huge selection of custom stuffed animals for you to peruse, ranging from traditional teddy bears all the way to more unique animals like bulldogs and ponies! You can customize both the front and back by adding personalized text, or any of the predesigned art we have available for you to pick from! You can even upload your own personal photo to make your gift that much more special and memorable!

Now finding a unique gift is super easy with these fun little creatures! It will keep your present from getting lost in the crowd and give your gift that little extra something that warms their heart!

Custom Stuffed Animals

Custom Stuffed Animal Teddy Bear

Custom Stuffed Animal Tiger

Custom Stuffed Animal Bulldog

Custom Stuffed Animal Pony

Custom Stuffed Animal Bunny

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Last Minute 4th of July Party Ideas

There are only 3 days left until the 4th of July! If you’re still looking for last minute ideas to bring your 4th of July party together, check out the great ideas we have on Pinterest!

Our Red White & Blue board is dedicated to inspirations for a 4th of July celebration. It is filled with over 100 pins of DIY projects, decorations, 4th of July shirts and recipes to complete your patriotic get-together!

Last minute 4th of July party ideas

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Custom Sports Bras

At Customized Girl, we have an endless amount of products available for our customers to customize. But did you know we have sports bras available for you to customize too? Now you can create a custom sports bra to wear for every type of exercise. Running is one workout where custom sports bras are perfect! Create a custom sports bra that nobody else will have by adding your own text and art. We have many designs to choose from to help you get started! We know every girl loves to have options when shopping, that’s why we offer customizable sports bras that allow you to add a design or text on the front AND back.

Having a custom sports bra is great, but it needs to serve its purpose too and our sports bras do just that! You’ll find our sports bras to be comfortable and stylish, yet they are double layered to provide great support and coverage!

Whether your workout is hitting the gym, running or anything that gets you moving, we have the custom sports bras and designs to get you motivated to do your best!

Custom Sports Bras

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USA Shirts for your 4th of July Celebration

Time to start your 4th of July planning! What will you cook? Where will you go to watch the fireworks? And, probably the most important question, what will you wear?

When it comes to the 4th of July food and where to watch the fireworks, we won’t be much help, but you can bet we are here to help with what to wear! We have many stylish USA shirts that are all about celebrating this great land we all love.

Our line up of 4th of July shirts will please any girl who is looking for an original patriotic shirt to wear to a 4th of July bash. To help you beat the summer heat we made it a point to place some of our hottest USA designs on crop tops and tank tops. Now you can stay as cool as possible when hanging out by the water during the day and while waiting for the firework show to begin at night. One of the best things about shopping at Customized Girl is we give you the freedom to customize your 4th of July shirts anyway you want. Express your freedom of speech even more on the 4th by adding your own text and making your shirts any way you want them!

4th of July Designs

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Happy Fourth of July

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Custom Aprons

Custom Aprons

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to fire up those grills and get cooking! If your summer plans include doing some serious grilling, then you’ll need an apron to protect your clothes from all the barbecuing hazards that come with it. With the apron being such an integral part of being the family grill master, why would you want to settle for anything, but an apron you can customize!? Don the apron, but create something that will also show you off as the terrific chef you are! Are you known as the iron chef around the neighborhood? Maybe you just want to remind someone special that they need to occasionally kiss the cook after you’ve prepared such a great feast! Whatever type of custom apron you are looking for, you can create it at Customized Girl!

If you’re looking to go beyond the basic white apron, you’ll be thrilled at what you find within our gallery of designs. We carry full-length and waist aprons in a variety of colors for the head chef and even offer youth apron sizes for any little sous chefs who are helping you around the grill this summer.

Aprons don’t have to be just for cooking either! As many of you small business owners out there know, they can also be used to protect your clothes while at work. If you own a bakery or a hair salon, create custom aprons with your business logo on it for you and your employees to wear!

With so many aprons available to customize, what will you create?


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Gift Ideas for Couples on Their Anniversary

Many times finding an anniversary gift can be harder than finding any other gift for the love of your life. After all, an anniversary celebrates the both of you, not just one person. With an anniversary gift, most likely you are looking to find something that you both can do together or that celebrates your relationship. Here are a few gift ideas for couples.

Take a Trip Together

You have probably already considered this as a gift, but ruled this option out because of how expensive trips can get. However, trips don’t always have to be a big event. Just spending the night in a nearby town is a great way to spend some time together without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

Take a Trip Together

Matching Pillowcases

Create matching pillowcases to define who sleeps on what side of the bed.

Couples Pillowcases

Signing Up For an Activity Together

I know what you’re thinking. No, it doesn’t have to be ballroom dancing lessons. Instead, think about an activity your significant other has always wanted to do and consider making it something you both could try together. It can be something like personal training sessions, cooking classes or even skiing lessons. Your partner will adore the fact you took it upon yourself to schedule and commit to an activity he/she has always looked forward to doing.

Couple Activity

Matching Couple Mugs

What are your mornings like together? You both probably have a lot to get done before you head out the door and chances are the best time to enjoy a few moments together is when you are making breakfast or starting up the coffee maker. Matching couple mugs can turn your mornings together from ordinary to extraordinary. Plus, there’s no mistaking whose mug is who’s.

Matching Couple Mugs

Matching Tattoos

This anniversary gift may not be for everyone, but some may want to take the plunge and get matching tattoos as a way to show their love. If neither of you have ever gotten a tattoo before, it will be quite the unforgettable gift to experience together and have with you every day.

Couple Tattoos

Matching Couple Shirts

Matching couple shirts can bring a sense of togetherness and fun to your relationship! Just find the design that fits you two the best! We have many looks to choose from and all are available to customize!

Matching Couple Shirts - His and Hers

Now that you have some ideas of how to woo that special person in your life, what gift would you pick?


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Matching Best Friend Shirts and Tanks

Where would you be without your best friend? Through whatever life throws at us they are always there to help make things better. Your best friend is the one you call when you want to go out and have fun instead of sitting at home bored out of your mind and they are the ones you tell your deepest secrets to knowing they will keep them in confidence.

When you have a best friend you want the world to know that together you two are a force to be reckoned with! What better way to show off your dynamic bond then with matching best friend shirts and tanks!

Matching shirts has been a huge emerging trend seen on many popular websites like Tumblr and Wanelo. Here are some fun matching best friend shirts and tanks we have put together for you and your BFF that can be customized to fit your unique style.

Partner In Crime

If you and your best friend have been known to cause a little trouble here and there then the perfect best friend shirts to show off this daring side would be the partner in crime best friend tanks.

Partner In Crime Tank

Infinity Beyond

No matter what, your friendship is meant to last forever, from infinity and beyond. No one or anything can tear you and your friend apart. Express the ever-lasting connection you have with these cool infinity beyond tanks.

Infinity Beyond Tanks

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Have others ever referenced you and your best friend as tweedle dee and tweedle dum? Now you can embrace the phrase with these matching tweedle dee and tweedle dum shirts.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Tees

My Best Friend Arrow

You can’t go wrong with the classics, like the my best friend arrow shirts that feature an arrow pointing to your best friend! If you two go everywhere together and are joined at the hip all day long let others know there is a reason for that because “this is my best friend!”

Best Friend Bow Arrow Tees

Sugar and Spice

Sometimes our best friend is not like us at all which can make things really interesting when you two are together. Maybe one of you is sweet like sugar and the other has a kick of spice to them. Make it known who is who with these sugar and spice tanks.

Sugar And Spice Tanks

Best Bitches

Ok time to turn it up a bit! Perhaps having best friends on your matching shirts is just a little to cutesy for your style. Instead of referring to her as your best friend maybe you two are best bitches. In this case the best bitches tanks would be perfect!

Best Bitches Tanks

Best Friends Forever

When best friends are close they sometimes finish what the other is saying! Now you can let these best friend forever tanks do the talking for you.

BeFriStEnd Tanks And Photo

Matching shirts are becoming the new way for best friends to show their appreciation of friendship for one another. Since this trend has hit with such popularity we have added an entire line of matching best friend shirts and tanks that you can choose from. Which one would you pick for you and your best friend?


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