Customized Girl Becomes 2023 Member of Haunters Against Hate Organization

Customized Girl is proud to announce that we have joined the growing 2023 list of members for the non-profit organization Haunters Against Hate! HAH started in 2016 as a simple statement in response to the tragic shooting at Pulse Night Club and has since grown to become a nationally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization by the IRS to benefit LGBTQ+ youth organizations across the United States. Just like HAH, we too believe that hate is the scariest thing of all.

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The Ultimate Guide For Choosing Your Perfect Size

Shopping for clothes online has become a common practice many for years, but even more so since the pandemic. As an online custom apparel retailer, we know the struggles that come with not knowing what size to order. To make things easier when you order from our website, we’re sharing some helpful tips to ensure you are choosing the right size and fit for you.

Compare your measurements to the size chart on our site

To get an accurate size, your best bet is to find a similar item you own and love at home, lay it flat, measure it in inches, then match those measurements to the manufacturer’s recommended Size Chart.

You can find the Size Chart for each product under Product Info in the design center.

See what other customers are saying

Oftentimes, the best way to figure out what size to order is by taking recommendations from others who have purchased the same item. Under Product Info, there is a sliding scale where it shows what our customers are telling us about the fit of the item, whether it runs small, fits perfect, or runs large.

Read the Sizing and Material Notes

More information regarding sizing is in the Sizing and Material Notes for each product under the Product Info tab. Always reference this section to learn more about specific measurements and the contents of the material to determine fit.

Explore which styles fit best for you

Do you ever see something online you like and wonder if it’ll look good on you? We created a list that explains each style we have so you never have to wonder again.

We offer six different fits for Tops:

Slim FitThese shirts are cut to fit closer to the body and they run small.
Relaxed FitWhen compared to Slim Fit, Relaxed Fit shirts are cut with a more generous fit, which means they will fit more like a basic t-shirt. Compared to a Unisex shirt, a Misses fit tends to have shorter sleeves and a more feminine cut.
FlowyAs the name implies, these shirts offer a flowy, loose fit that works with almost all body types. They are also very trendy.
Plus SizeThese shirts are true plus sizes. They come in 1X – 4X (some retailers would label these as Plus 1 – Plus 4).
UnisexThese are in our Mens/Unisex Tops section. These shirts offer a roomy fit for all genders.
MaternityThese shirts are for pregnant women.

Check out Custom Fit – Different Styles And Which Fit is Best For You for more information.

We hope this guide was helpful for your next Customized Girl purchase. Of course, if you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team. Happy Shopping!

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Community Outreach: Moms2B

Giving back to our community is an ongoing objective of ours at Customized Girl. When we got word that there was a local organization that helps mothers in need we knew we had to reach out and give back to such a charitable group. Read on to hear more about Moms2B.

On their website, Moms2B describes themselves as “…an innovative, community-based pregnancy program for low-income women established by The Ohio State University in 2010.” Moms2B has a number of objectives they aim to achieve with their efforts including:

  • Improve the health status of at-risk communities
  • Empower pregnant women to deliver full-term, healthy babies
  • Reduce the number of low birthweight infants
  • Reduce infant mortality
  • Eliminate racial and economic disparities

We wanted to learn a little more about this wonderful organization and to help them get their message out there we asked them a few questions. See their responses below.

Question: How was the Moms2B program started?
Answer: Moms2B began in September 2010, Dr. Pat Gabbe and Twinkle French Schottke started the program with just two pregnant Moms in Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Weinland Park with a goal to reduce infant mortality. We realized at that time that Black babies were dying at a rate of 3 to 1 over White babies. We met and still meet pregnant Moms weekly where they were use the term CPR = Consistent, Predictable and Reliable. We are non-judgemental, listen more than talk to develop trust over time. In the past 11 years, we have seen over 3400 births and have experienced life and learned of the struggles of being in high-risk situations. Our Moms teach us each week how to be resilient and survive in difficult situations.

Question: How can expecting mothers apply for help they need either through Moms2B or other assistance organizations?
Answer: They can call our office at 614-292-1506 or message us on Facebook or

Question: What other programs or services does Moms2B recommend for expecting mothers?
Answer: The criteria for being in Moms2B is that Mom is pregnant and lives in Franklin or Montgomery Counties. We partner with many programs in both counties to make sure the family’s needs are met.

Question: What can we as a community do to help achieve the aims and goals of Moms2B?
Answer: We always need more volunteers and advocates to help pregnant Moms, donations of new or gently used items, and monetary donations.

Question: How can people help the Moms2B program other than donating money?
Answer: Donate to the Moms2B Fund or Shop our Amazon Wishlist

Question: What other information would you like people to know about your organization?
Answer: If you are interested in making a difference for pregnant Moms who live in historically disadvantaged areas we would love to work with you, please contact us. 614-292-1506 or message us on Facebook or

In honor of all the work Moms2B has done for the central Ohio area, Customized Girl decided to donate some 200 baby hats, bodysuits, and blankets to the organization which they can pass on to the mothers they help. We’re proud to support the Moms2B organization and look forward to their continued success.

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Last-Minute Summer Bucket List Ideas

Looking for a few ideas on how you can spend your last precious hours of summer? Need to check a few things off your summer bucket list before the leaves start to change color? We love making the most out of our summer season and it sounds like you do too! So we at Customized Girl have come up with a few ideas on how you can get the most out of your remaining summer weeks before the air gets chilly! Read below to see a few of our last-minute summer bucket list ideas.

1. Last Minute Trip To The Pool

Now’s your chance to go to the pool or beach if you haven’t had the chance this summer! If you’re reading this in mid to late August, chances are that all the kids have finally gone back to school, which means that all your local pools should be pretty empty for the most part. Indulge in a little time by the water now before it’s too cool to wear that bikini.

woman in white bikini lying on white and blue stripe towel on swimming pool during daytime

2. Check Out Your Local Amusement Parks

You’ll notice a theme with this blog, that being that all the kids are back in classes leaving all the fun stuff for us adults to enjoy! If you haven’t had a chance to hop on a roller coaster or eat some greasy food, now would be a great time to check out your local theme and amusement parks. This late in the season we would imagine lines are going to be pretty short for all the best rides. You may even be lucky enough to get some discounted pricing on tickets!

woman in red and white stripe shirt and black shorts standing near blue and red metal

3. Take A Quick Trip

This late in the summer season it may not be feasible to take a whole week off for vacation, but why not take a Friday and Monday off and give yourself a nice 4-day vacation? Plan a trip somewhere nearby that you can easily drive to and explore some of the lesser-known features of your state or neighboring states. Most people will have already gotten their travel out of their system leaving all the best sights for you to enjoy without the big crowds!

woman riding on vehicle putting her head and right arm outside the window while travelling the road

4. Have That Last Cookout Of The Summer

Not that you can’t cook out in the fall too, it may even be preferable with the cooler weather, but you might as well have a few more ‘summer’ cookouts while it still counts! Grab the burgers, corn, and watermelon and your red checkered table cloth for your last round of summer cookouts before we start throwing pumpkins on the grill!

5. Set Off The Last Of Your Fireworks

This one is really just a house cleaning suggestion, but no one wants to hear fireworks after September 1st. So, pull the rest of your bottle rockets and roman candles out of that trunk you keep them in, and set them off while it’s still seasonally appropriate. We won’t be mad if it’s done before we get our first pumpkin spice latte.

fireworks at nighttime

6. Attend A Summer Sporting Event

Football season will be here in no time and that is sure to take up all of our attention. So, while summer is still here, make sure to go to any sports games you’ve missed out on. Go to a local baseball game and have yourself a hotdog, or hit up the golf course while the weather is still nice enough to be on the green. If you’re a big tennis fan, now’s the time to check out a game! Regardless, we’re still pumped for the football games to start up!

people watching baseball

7. Buy Custom Sweatshirts For Your Fall Wardrobe

Now is probably the best time to start planning your fall wardrobe. You don’t want to be stuck out in the cold in your t-shirts and tank tops having to wait for some nice comfy and warm apparel to arrive at your house. Why not spend some time now customizing some comfy sweatshirts or soft stylish hoodies on Customized Girl? That way, you’ll already be bundled up when the cooler weather finally hits!

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New Products On Customized Girl!

We’re constantly on the lookout for new and exciting products to offer on Customized Girl. We only want to offer the best in custom goods to our customers, from the trendiest and most comfortable apparel to the best-looking accessories and home goods, there’s much that goes into our product research. We’ve added a number of new products to our site in the past few months and we want to take a moment to highlight our exciting new offerings!


Nothing says summer fun like a tie-dyed t-shirt! Great for family reunions, picnics, cookouts, summer camp, and more! Design one now for just $25.97 Each.


This trendy tie-dye hoodie is where comfort meets style. Whether you pair it with your favorite jeans or leggings, this hoodie will definitely brighten up your look! Design one now for just $44.97 each.

3. Three New Crop Tops!

Design one now for $24.97

Design one now for $24.97

Design one now for $24.97


With unbeatable softness and exceptional comfort, this perfect tri tee will be your new favorite. Design one now for just $27.97


This tote will be your new go-to bag for summer! Large enough & sturdy enough to fit all your essentials for the day. Even includes a pocket on the exterior to hold smaller items. Design one now for just $21.97

We’re always on the lookout for new great product offerings, so make sure to check out all of our customizable items often to see what’s new. Happy designing!

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Storefront Spotlight – Fighter Alias

In this installment of our Storefront Spotlight series, we wanted to highlight a storefront that’s been selling with us for a number of years now. Fighter Alias opened its storefront in 2015 and has been successfully selling original and creative designs every year since then.

On top of selling awesome merchandise, Fighter Alias also sponsors a number of athletes including MMA fighters, pro wrestlers, hockey teams, and boxers. Check out their website here: Fighter Alias

We asked the storefront’s owner, Ian Pimper, a few questions about his success and what he appreciates most about selling with Customized Girl.

CG: Why did you choose Customized Girl for opening your storefront?
Ian: We chose Customized Girl for opening our storefront because of their willingness to help our business grow and reach its potential. They had such an amazing selection of products to help showcase the brand and designs of Fighter Alias.

Fighter Alias knows how to flip that switch!

CG: What has been the most fun part of running your storefront?
Ian: The most fun part of running my storefront is reaching people all over the world with Fighter Alias

Fire & Ice

CG: Tell us more about Fighter Alias and what your group does.
Ian: Fighter Alias is a brand that embodies one’s identity and our abilities to flip a switch and transform into our alter egos when faced with challenges.  We sponsor male and female MMA, Pro Wrestling, Hockey, and Fitness athletes all over the world, helping and contributing to their journeys.

Unlock your potential with Fighter Alias!

CG: What does it mean to ‘flip your switch and transform into your alter ego?
Ian: Flipping a switch and transforming into your alter ego means that when faced with challenges and adversity, we reach deep within ourselves and bring out our intense and driven personas to accomplish our goals.

Fight to score. Fight to win.

CG: Where do you get your ideas for designs?
Ian: We get our ideas for our designs through different concepts that shout identity and bringing our alter egos to the surface.  We also ask our Fighter Alias athletes what ideas they have and would like to see.

Fighter Alias knows karate!

CG: What tips can you give to aspiring storefront owners to make their stores a success?
Ian: Always have fun and be passionate about what you are doing.  Keep an open mind and embrace the journey.

Fighter Alias goes retro!

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Custom Fit – Different Styles And Which Fit is Best For You

At Customized Girl we know that style is everything. That’s why we offer such a huge selection of fits and styles to make sure your custom apparel goes with whichever outfit you’re pulling off that day.

In this blog post, we wanted to discuss the different types of fitting styles we offer and how they’ll look when you wear them. Read below to see which fit is best for you.

1. Relaxed Fit

Relaxed Fit shirts are your common looking everyday type of shirt. The fabric is cut with a more generous fit. They do not cling tightly to the body or adhere closely to your body’s shape. There may be some fabric that hangs off the body a little more, giving the fabric room to breathe. A misses style will tend to have shorter sleeves and a more feminine cut than a unisex style.

2. Slim-Fit

Previously called “Junior Fit”, slim-fit shirts are cut to fit closer to the body, adhering more to the body’s shape. They can sometimes run smaller than relaxed styles. It may be a good idea to buy a size larger than you normally would when buying a slim-fit tee.

3. Flowy Fit

As the name implies, these shirts offer a flowy, loose fit that will hang plenty of excess fabric. This trendy style is popular for a laid-back casual look and moves easily with your body.

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Guest Blogger Spotlight – VivaKolor

A note from CustomizedGirl: In reverence of Black History Month, we wanted to use our platform to help amplify black voices in the blogging community. So this year we’re featuring a post from a guest blogger. Her name is Alecia Grant and her blog is called VivaKolor. We encourage you to check out her blog where she writes about fashion and lifestyle topics from her home in New York. You can also read this featured article on her site here. For our guest spotlight, Alecia wanted to share her feelings on ‘How To Celebrate Black History Month On Social Media’. Check it out below!

How To Celebrate Black History Month On Social Media – by Alecia Grant via VivaKolor

During Black History Month, we celebrate the accomplishments, history and influence of the black community. I was compelled to write this post because now that we are home more and it’s a new year, it’s imperative for brands and creators to go further than a MLK quote. (not saying that there is anything wrong with that) And not to mention, 2020’s socioeconomic climate was an incredibly moving moment in the U.S. I feel that right now is the perfect chance to amplify voices while educating your audience, encouraging black creators to want to create more, focus on businesses advancing, and advocate for change.

So lets talk about how we can accomplish this:

1) Celebrate Black History All Year: Black History is more than a moment. To avoid being labeled as opportunistic, brands should prioritize black culture in everything that they do. Campaigns that are geared towards the celebration of the black community should provide value while being authentic, and empathetic.


2) Spotlight Creators and Q&As: By showcasing black creators, black-owned businesses and black-owned brands in your industry this can be a great way to introduce your audience to people and businesses that they can support.

There are so many ways to do so. A great idea is to host a virtual (of course) Q&A event either on IG live, facebook, Zoom…. with a Black creator in your industry. 

For example,  Adobe is giving black creators a chance to share their stories.

**Also, please value creators time and expertise by offering to work with a budget. Free products can’t pay the bills. This is important.

3) Use Your Platform To Amplify People or Organizations: Most brands’ social media channels have lots of followers, which makes this an excellent opportunity for brands to use their channels to highlight organizations, individuals, and others who fit within their value system. For example, YouTube has committed to amplifying black creators and highlighting injustice with lots of initiatives. According to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, YouTube has over 2 billion users, and has created a multiyear $100 million dollar fund dedicated to “amplifying and developing the voices of black creators and artists and their stories”. This includes a series of roundtables, conversations and more that highlight black creators while raising money. Way to go YouTube!


4) Share History Facts of Black Inventors/Innovators/Designers: This is fun as you can choose people who are not that popular to the mainstream. This can be done on any social media platform as well as your website Also, this is an introspective way to get your audience to stick around and want to see more creativity from you. For example, if you’re a fashion brand—how about highlighting Ann Lowe who was a fashion designer and best known for designing Jackie Kennedy’s wedding gown.


Or highlight an impeccable author/poet like Alexandra Elle who uses her poetry to show compassion while inspiring.

This list can go on for a while, but I will stop here. So please continue to create content to celebrate black history all year on social media. I hope these strategies help and I am looking forward to seeing more value when creating content in the future.

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New Winter Traditions For A New Normal

2020 has given us a lot of new experiences. Many of us are working from home or attending school virtually for the first time in our lives. Many of us learned the term “social distancing” for the first time. Some of us wore face masks for the first time in our lives this year. There were a lot of new things that were maybe not so welcome but needed to happen out of necessity.

Today, we want to celebrate some new things that we choose to do because they’re fun or because the old way of doing things just doesn’t quite work anymore. Read below to find out what some of our new favorite winter traditions are for a new normal.

# 1 Blowing Kisses Under The Mistletoe

In years past it was tradition to stand under the mistletoe with your special admirer and plant a holiday kiss right on their face. In a post-pandemic world, our new favorite mistletoe tradition is to stand under the mistletoe and just blow kisses to everyone standing a safe distance away! Just make sure to keep your mask on while blowing. Don’t want to spread any unnecessary germs.

# 2 Opening Gifts With The Family Over Zoom

Arguably the most important part of the holidays is opening gifts together. With many of us limited to the number of people we’re allowed to gather with it’s going to just be too difficult to fit the whole family in one room to open gifts this year. So instead, we’ll be hosting a Zoom meeting with our families just so we can all share and enjoy our gifts together without breaking any gathering limits. As long as we can still see each other’s smiles we’ll be fulfilled.

# 3 Attending Virtual Spiritual Services

Regardless of who or how you worship, spirituality is a huge part of the reason for giving. Unfortunately, 2020 has made attending your service of choice in person not only difficult but in some cases impossible which is why this year we’ll be attending our services online. Just remember to mute your microphone while the presenter is speaking…it’s just the kind thing to do.

# 4 Leaving Hand Sanitizer Out For Santa

For those of us that celebrate Christmas, leaving cookies and milk out for Santa has been a tradition for generations. With 2020 shaking up all things traditional, this year we’ve decided that we’ll be leaving Santa some hand sanitizer along with the rest of his treats. While Dr. Faucci has confirmed that Santa has immunity to COVID-19, the rest of us non-magical beings do not! This is why it’s so important to always wash your hands and use sanitizer even if you’re immune.

We all know that adjusting to new habits is difficult and often frustrating, but we hope our list has brought a smile to your face and possibly some positive ideas to mind on how we can all adjust our traditions when faced with new realities. From all of us at Customized Girl, here’s wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!

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The One-Of-A-Kind Gift

Written By T. S. Hirt

Outside the snow fell silently in large fluffy flakes. Elise and her dad were spending a nice quiet moment together drawing pictures with her favorite set of colored pencils. She remembered them as one of the gifts she had gotten last year for the holidays and they had lasted her all year long.

These moments with her father had become few and far between as he worked at the local hospital in their Emergency ward and a global pandemic had demanded most of his time this year. But she relished what little time he was able to spend with her when he was home.

One day while her dad was working, Elise wanted to do something special. She knew how hard this year had been on her father and wanted to give him something that would mean more than any other gift she could possibly give, she wanted to give him a truly one-of-a-kind gift for Christmas this year.

Elise remembered the drawing she had made just the other day with her dad during their time together and got to work to make her dream a reality. With a little help from mom and mom’s credit card, Elise knew just what to do.

Christmas Day came and her father found himself lucky enough to be able to open gifts before another long day of fighting a deadly virus. They spent all morning opening their presents until there was just one left. In a small box under the tree with a tiny tag that just read, “From: Elise, To: Dad”

As he opened the box, the first thing that caught his eye was the small paper tag. In a simple font, it read ‘Customized Girl’. He wasn’t exactly sure what that was, but it didn’t matter. Pulling the gift from the box a tear came to his eye.

Inside was a regular looking coffee cup with one defining feature. Right on the front was the picture Elise had drawn with him the other day. Under the drawing were the words, ‘I love you’. He was completely overwhelmed.

As the two embraced, her father told her it was the best gift he had ever received and would use it every day at work. It would be the thing that gave him the strength to keep fighting through the toughest times. It was truly a one-of-a-kind gift.

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