All About Celebritites Blog Carnival: Volume 5

Hello and welcome to the 5th volume of the all about celebrities blog carnival. Thanks to everyone who submitted we got a lot of great things going for this edition. So without further adieu I give to you the 5th Volume of the All About Celebrities Blog Carnival.

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Big Wallets and Big Hearts: 20 Charitable Celebrities

Sometimes it can be both frustrating and mind-blowing to think that some celebrities make millions simply off their good looks and penchant for being in front of a camera. While many celebrities have arguably worked hard to earn their millions, it can still seem a little unbalanced in the scheme of things. Which is why it is so refreshing to know that so many celebrities recognize their good fortune and choose to give back to the world and to those people who have to struggle through life. Here’s a list of some of the world’s most famous givers and do-gooders.

  1. Angelina Jolie: The most high-profile celebrity philanthropist, Jolie has been a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees since 2001. She began her involvement with the group after taking an 18-day tour of refugee camps in Africa. She then traveled to Asia and donated $1 million to Afghan refugee programs. Since then, Jolie has dedicated much of her time to traveling the world in an attempt to create awareness about people who are suffering. She has met with many powerful political leaders, including Colin Powell and President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan. Aside from her travels and advocacy, Jolie has donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations all over the world. In 2006, Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt founded the Jolie Pitt Foundation. It’s said that together the couple donated over $8 million to charity in 2007 alone.
  2. Oprah: The Queen of Network TV is one of the richest people, if not the richest, in show business. And Oprah doesn’t let her gigantic paycheck go in vain. She has been named the most philanthropic African American person of all time. She started in 1991 advocating for better laws to protect children who had been abused, but perhaps her most well-known charitable venture is the Oprah’s Angel Network, a $51 million foundation that provides grants to people and nonprofits trying to do good in the world. It’s estimated that Oprah has given away well over $300 million to charitable causes. In 2005, she gave $52 million away. Most recently, she started a school in South Africa called the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. She also produced a prime-time game show called “The Big Give”, where people competed to see who could do the most good with the same amount of money.
  3. Bono: The lead singer of Irish band U2 has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize on account of his intense involvement in charitable work, which started in the mid-1980s when he joined efforts with Amnesty International. Bono’s work focuses largely on AIDS relief and education and poverty. He was an integral player in the Live 8 concert, which raised money for AIDS, and he also helped found the hugely successful ONE Campaign, a celebrity-backed effort to fight AIDS and worldwide poverty. He also co-founded the Product Red Initiative, which partners with national retailers to raise money for AIDS. On Valentine’s Day 2008, Bono held a charity auction that raised $42 million for the Global Fund of the United Nations Foundation, which works to fight AIDS in Africa. Aside from the millions of dollars Bono has helped raise, he speaks frequently and passionately about his work all over the world.
  4. Brad Pitt: Pitt’s domestic partnering with Angelina Jolie led to more than just the conception or adoption of six children. It seems her philanthropic bug rubbed off on him big time. Through their foundation, Pitt gives millions of dollars away to international and domestic causes. His most publicized and biggest effort to date is the recent “Make It Right” project, which will build 150 houses in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward for people displaced by Hurricane Katrina. He has given at least $5 million of his own money toward the effort. He’s also co-founded the nonprofit advocacy group Not on Our Watch with several other celebrities. The organization raises awareness about the crisis in Darfur.
  5. Paul McCartney: Paul McCartney, the former Beatle, supports a number of charities that do good work for children, animals and the environment. But his most public affiliation is through the Adopt a Minefield organization, to which he and former wife Heather Mills donated $2 million in 2005. Mills also does advocacy work for his first wife’s pet cause PETA. In 2005, McCartney also got involved with the Harp Seals group and McCartney spoke out passionately against seal hunting in Canada.
  6. Bill and Melinda Gates: Famous for founding Microsoft, one of the most influential technology companies of all time, Bill Gates is one of the world’s richest people. Now he and his wife Melinda preside over the world’s largest charitable foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which was founded in 2000. With an endowment of about $40 billion, the Foundation gives more than $1.5 billion each year to worldwide public health programs and programs that assist developing countries. In the area of global health, the Gates’ focus largely on grants to vaccination programs and AIDS research. They also give to programs that aim to alleviate world poverty. In 2004, the foundation gave $3 million to assist with the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Earthquake.
  7. Steven Spielberg: Steven Spielberg’s net worth is $2.6 billion and of that he’s donated $100 million to charity efforts. Percentage-wise he falls way behind givers like Gates, but taken as a raw figure he’s one of the biggest Hollywood philanthropists on the scene. Through his foundation, The Righteous Persons Foundation, Spielberg has given over $70 million to Jewish causes in the United States, though he’s also given $1 million to help with relief efforts in Israel. Most of the money funneled through the charity comes from Spielberg’s profits off of his Academy Award winning movie Schindler’s List. Aside from Spielberg’s advocacy for the Jewish community, he also donated $1.5 million to help with the relief efforts after the tsunami.
  8. Sandra Bullock: Sandra Bullock has faded a bit from the blockbuster movie scene in recent years, but she still extremely active in her philanthropic activities. One of Bullock’s favorite charities is the American Red Cross. She’s written two $1 million checks to them – one after the Sept. 11 attacks and one after the tsunami. Aside from her check-writing prowess, however, Bullock is also a hands-on philanthropist. Following Hurricane Katrina, the part-time, Austin, Texas resident was a constant presence at the Austin Convention Center trying to help the evacuees. She also given some significant cash to the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders.
  9. Michael Bloomberg: The Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, may not be a star in the traditional sense, but he is definitely a household name. And his giving patterns are incredible. In 2007, he gave away $205 million dollars to New York arts, education, public health, and social services. Bloomberg traditionally has donated privately and anonymously and likes to spread his wealth around to different issue areas, though it’s also known that he gave a pretty penny to the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation. He’s also purchased two town houses on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to house his new foundation.
  10. George Clooney: George Clooney co-founded the charity Not on Our Watch with several other Hollywood leading men, like Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. The charity is aimed to help stop the genocide in Darfur and the militia rule in Burma. But while many people may sign the title “co-founder” Clooney has really been the one to take the reins. He travels and speaks frequently about the Darfur atrocities. In 2006, Clooney and his newspaper columnist father snuck cameras into the Darfur region to capture firsthand what was happening. Though Clooney has donated a lot of money to relief efforts in the region, he has also lost a lot of shoe leather in his quest to raise awareness. Aside from Darfur, Clooney is a UN Messenger of Peace and sits on the board of trustees at the United Way.
  11. Barbara Streisand: Barbara Streisand is not only a great singer and a highly politically-charged star (backing Hillary Clinton this election), but she is also a terrific example of celebrities putting their wealth to good use. The singer has her own foundation that dishes out grants to a variety of causes, like the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, and the Center for Public Integrity. Babs’ main issues seem to be politics, civil rights, the environment and women’s health. In 2006 alone, Streisand gave out almost $12 million to these causes, and if you take the foundation’s cumulative giving since its inception in 1986 then Streisand has given well over $30 million of her fortune to charity. Streisand does not fund local charities, only national organizations focusing on the issues mentioned above, as well as children’s issues and AIDS. Streisand also does make exceptions for local L.A. children’s charities.
  12. Rosie O’Donnell: Most of the press about Rosie O’Donnell is directed toward her brash personality. But something many people don’t know is that the steel-willed woman has a very soft spot. While O’Donnell focuses mainly on children’s issues, she does spread her money around. In 2006, she personally donated over $5 million, mostly all toward Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in both Louisiana and Texas. But O’Donnell does have her own charity, called For All Kids, which focuses on helping children born into poverty. Donnell has donated over $53 million to charity, and the foundation has handed out more than $22 million in grants to over 900 nonprofits. In 2003, she also co-founded Rosie’s Broadway Kids, a nonprofit that helps low-income kids in New York City get free music and dance lessons. She also raises money for various gay and lesbian civil rights groups.
  13. Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods is quite possibly the best golfer to ever live. And that distinction, along with all of the tournament wins, has given him quite the savings account. But Woods has been a perfect steward with his millions, founding at least seven charitable programs through the Tiger Woods Foundation, which he started in 1996 with his father Earl Woods. In 2006, Woods gave $9.5 million out of his pocket toward children’s education, health, and welfare issues. The Tiger Woods Learning Center began in 2006 as an afterschool program to help kids of all ages find their true potential by allowing the kids to create their curriculum. Woods’ foundation deals solely with issues surrounding childhood education.
  14. Martha Stewart: This queen of crafty home improvements is out to improve peoples’ lives in addition to improving their living rooms. In 2006, Stewart gave $5 million to establish the Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, which “serves to promote and facilitate access to health care resources for older adults and to enhance the public perception of aging.” The center provides medical care, caregiver resources, and educational opportunities for older adults. On top of this big gift, Stewart supports other healthcare charities, such as the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. She also gives to Heifer International and Dogs Deserve Better, a nonprofit that advocates against the chaining of dogs.
  15. Nicholas Cage: Nicholas Cage is not a loud philanthropist. In fact, judging by the low-brow movies he chooses to star in, one might think philanthropy would be furthest from his mind. But in fact he doles out quite the sum for charitable causes. In 2006, he gave $2 million to an Amnesty International fund to help out child soldiers. During the same year, he also starred in a Montblanc commercial and donated his entire salary from that job to < a href=>Heal the Bay, a nonprofit dedicated to keeping the coastal waters of Southern California clean and healthy.
  16. Andre Agassi: Tennis legend Andre Agassi has been involved in many charitable works throughout his career, and, like many philanthropic-minded stars, even has his own foundation, the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, which he founded in 1994. In 2006, he donated almost $1.1 million to that foundation, which assists disadvantaged youth in Agassi’s hometown of Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, the foundation focuses on helping children reach their potential through different athletic endeavors. Agassi also gives money to help children who are abused and neglected and those who have developmental issues or are handicapped, started a charter school in Las Vegas, and is a co-founder of Athletes for Hope, an organization that assists and encourages athletes to get involved in charity work.
  17. Lance Armstrong: Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France seven times, and he’s survived testicular cancer. Some might say he’s a pretty disciplined guy. But he’s also a pretty disciplined guy when it comes to charity. Armstrong founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation in Austin, Texas in 1997, which is dedicated to raising money for cancer research and advocacy. Over the years, Armstrong has donated millions to the foundation, including a $1.5 million donation in 2004 and a $500,000 donation in 2006. But given his active nature, one would expect Armstrong to bring his cause to a whole new level, which he does by working solely on developing better legislation and support for cancer research.
  18. Denzel Washington: Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood’s most dapper men and has even won an Oscar. He’s also a pretty charitable fellow, donating $1 million in 2006 to Save Africa’s Children, an organization dedicated to helping orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa. According to reports, there are more than 17 million children orphaned in Africa because they lost a parent to AIDS. But his charity work doesn’t stop there. He is also a spokesperson for the Boys & Girls Club and works through the Fisher House Foundation, which provides a place to live for wounded soldier. Washington visits the soldiers regularly and has also made a significant contribution to the charity. He is also a lifetime founding member of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.
  19. David Geffen: David Geffen, co-founder of Dreamworks Studios is one of the richest people in America, worth over $4 billion. But he does give back some of that dough to charity, mostly to his own foundation, The David Geffen Foundation. In 1997, he dumped more than $3.5 million into the charity, which gave away almost $5 million that year. Through the 1990s, the foundation dispensed over $25 million to AIDS, higher education, and Jewish causes. In 2006, Geffen gave $1.6 million to the charity. It’s said to be one of the most active celebrity foundations in Hollywood.
  20. Madonna: One of Hollywood’s more controversial philanthropists, Madonna gives most of her money and time largely to two causes: Kabbalah, the ancient practice of Jewish mysticism, and Malawi orphans. Madge underwent a lot of criticism when she adopted a boy from Malawi, but since then she has founded her own charity called Raising Malawi, which aims to help the orphans in that country. Madonna also has supported multiple charities throughout her career, including, the Afghanistan Relief Organization, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

You don’t have to be a big celeb to support a good cause and we make it even easier! Have a charity walk/run or event? Dress for a cause and spread the word by customizing your own charity t-shirts today!

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Ghost Ride The Celebrity Whip: 25 Stupid-Awesome Vehicles

When you make millions of dollars yet get everything for free, it can be challenging to figure out just how to spend your fortune. But these stars have it all worked out. They just blow their greenbacks on tricked out cars outfitted with more TVs than are commonly found in a five bedroom McMansion. Here are some of the more ridiculous celebrity car habits out there today.

  1. Jay Leno: Jay Leno, host of The Tonight Show, is legendary for his love of unique automobiles. While the exact number of cars in Leno’s 17,000 foot garage is unknown, it’s said to be well over 100. Leno’s car collection represents 100 years of automobile history, and he definitely has a penchant for cars with unique features. Consider his 1956 Chrysler Imperial that has a record player installed beneath the dash, or the Blastolene Special, a 21-foot-long roadster with an aluminum body and the same v12 engines used in an M47 Patton Tank. Leno is said to drive all of the cars he owns, and he takes a different one to work each day.
  2. 50 Cent: 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, took part of the fortune he made off his successful rap career and sunk it into a 2006 Rolls Royce Phantom, which he then had turned into a convertible long before the car company began offering drop top models. The conversion was said to cost him almost as much as the car itself – about $350,000. 50’s Phantom also has TVs inside it and came “fully loaded.” No word on whether he had it bulletproofed as he did his other vehicles.
  3. Simon Cowell: The American Idol host has a love for fast, flashy cars, which he proved by purchasing a $1 million Bugatti Veyron, a sleek bullet-like car made by Volkswagen. The car has over 1,000 horsepower and can go faster than 250 miles per hour, going from 0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds. And it’s not the only fancy car in this TV mogul’s garage. He’s also the proud owner of a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Ferarri.
  4. Lebron James: When Lebron James turned 18 in 2003, his mother gave him a platinum Hummer H2 for his birthday. The ostentatious car was just incredibly splashy enough to spark an investigation by the Ohio High School Athletic Association about whether James accepted the car as a gift inappropriately before he started in the NBA. But five years later the controversy has been long cleared up and James’ career is flying high. In 2007, the show SPEED did a makeover of James’ Hummer adding in several extra features. James’ car now has three TVs, leather seats embroidered with the words “King James”, a new grille, and the latest in all technological features. The base price for Hummers is about $55,000, but the value of James’ car is said to be three to four times that amount.
  5. Donald Trump: Just days after one was delivered to the White House, Donald Trump ran out to buy his very own Cadillac DTS Presidential Limousine. Trump was the first lay person to purchase the car, which seats six and comes with a magazine rack, humidor, 22-inch flat screen TV, DVD player, and wireless laptop computer, among many other things. Perhaps one of the most luxurious limousines on the market, the amount Trump paid to be cruising around in presidential style is certainly high though the price has not been revealed.
  6. P. Diddy: Not only does P. Diddy own a few outrageous cars of his own, but he’s also the brainchild behind the Sean John Navigator, the bling-heavy SUV he designed for Lincoln. The cars retail to the public for $85,000 and only 100 of them exist. They come replete with tinted windows, satellite radio, heated and vibrating leather seats, six TVs, three DVDs, and a Playstation, among other things. And Diddy can boast rights as first owner.
  7. Britney Spears: It’s really not at all surprising that Britney Spears would have a multitude of outrageous cars, and guess what? She does! Recently, her father was awarded the responsibility of figuring out what to do with her current fleet of seven luxury vehicles. She seems to change rides more than her underwear. Oh, wait … that may not be the best comparison. Anyway, one of Spears’ most outrageous cars was her 2002 pink Hummer H2. It had a 6-liter V8 engine, but really who cares? Surely, the most important feature to Spears was the Louis Vuitton upholstery on the inside. The exact value of this vehicle is unknown, but, like James’ car, it could be triple the $55,000 base price, if not more.
  8. Busta Rhymes: Wild and crazy hip hop star Busta Rhymes is known for his brash vocal style and his in-your-face lyrics. Car junkies, though, may regale him for his taste in automobiles. Rhymes is the proud owner of a metallic silver Mercedes G500 with all the amenities available. But perhaps the most notable amenity is the studio-quality sound system he had installed by Unique Autosport in New York. Rhymes swears the sound quality is the same as being in a recording studio and that it serves as a perfect testing ground for his music, since he can hear every click and crackle that was picked up while he was recording his tracks. Prices for the G500 start at $89,000 and go up to $111,000 for all the amenities. Rhymes audio installer Will Castro typically charges $40,000 for an install, and you can bet Ryhmes spent a little extra on his flashy rims. Simple mathematics would put this car’s value close to $200,000.
  9. Flea: Flea, the edgy guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, made news when he purchased a brand new Tesla Roadster, a completely electric sports car that was first debuted in 2006. Currently, fully-loaded Teslas run about $109,000. Flea said he had to have the car when he saw it and that he was motivated to purchase it mainly for its environmental benefits. And in a posting on Tesla’s blog Flea wrote that it drove like a dream and made hardly any noise at all. More specifically, he said it made his Porsche feel like “a golf cart.” This car, developed in part by Lotus, is definitely no golf cart. On a single charge of its battery it can go as fast as 225 mph and gets from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. The 100 prototypes made in 2006 sold out quickly; in 2008, the 650 planned also sold out. In 2009, Tesla plans to make 1,500 cars.
  10. Tony Stewart: Car racing great Tony Stewart drives fast cars for a living and even owns a Lamborghini. But the vehicle that really turns heads is his 1984 Cadillac Hearse, tricked out by the same folks who brought you Lebron James’ car. Installed in the funeral-ready car is a motorized TV wall between the front and back seats that takes a standard limousine-like window and cranks it up a dozen notches. Instead of a solid piece of plastic, backseat riders can stare at a 32-inch flat screen TV. The front dash was completely ripped out and in its place a command-center arrangement was installed that includes two 12-inch TV monitors, a DVD player, video iPod hook-up, and a top of the line speaker system surrounded by black leather. The sound system features six amps and the designers even installed a hidden mini bar. Luxury and fist-pumping sound throughout makes Stewart’s hearse a hands-down one of a kind.
  11. Scott Storch: Hip-hop producer Scott Storch has a cavalcade of fast and fancy cars at his Miami home, which has eight garages to hold all of his beauties. While he counts a Ferrari and an Aston Martin as part of his impressive fleet, Storch’s favorite car is a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 – the fastest street-legal car in existence. And with a $1.7 million price tag, it should be. When Storch bought the car in 2007 there were only 70 in existence, part of the reason that he bought it. “I live the shock value,” he told a reporter. “People don’t get to see these cars.”
  12. Funkmaster Flex: This longtime hip hop DJ made a name for himself spinning records on the radio and building a music empire on his name. Now he’s lending his moniker to something else – pimping out cars for celebrities. Following a lifelong passion for cars, especially Chevys, Flex launched a Spike TV show called “Ride with Funkmaster Flex” and enlisted a host of celebrity clients from Queen Latifah to Eminem to Ludacris. And of course this entrepreneur has his own collection of tricked out cars, including a purple 1970 Plymouth Duster and a 1966 Red Impala SS 396. In addition, Flex released his own 2008 Ford Expedition that comes in a red and black two-tone paint job and black leather seats with red interior. Other features include 20-inch chrome wheels, a 340-watt Audiophile Sound System, third row seating, computer navigation system, and TV with DVD player in the back. Starting price: $75,000.
  13. Snoop Dog: It would be wrong for Snoop Dog not to have a pimped out car. Thankfully, he does. “Tha Doggfather of Rap” has several cars, but perhaps the one most fitting for his personality is his 1967 Pontiac Parsienne Convertible painted in gold with purple trim – the colors of Snoop’s favorite sports team, the L.A. Lakers. The best feature? Hydro pumps that let the car jump and bounce up and down and from side to side. The system is controlled by purple and gold zirconium-encrusted controls implanted onto Snoop’s dashboard. Snoop declares his heritage on the back window, which is emblazoned with “Tha Doggfather” and “Crip.” The car was designed by Snoop’s personal car builder, Big Slice, and their partnership has also resulted in the Snoop DeVille, a customized Cadillac Deville that sells for $80,000.
  14. Green Day: Green Day had a 1968 Mercury Monterey customized for them to use in two music videos – one for the song “Holiday” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” The car was of course painted green and outfitted with custom leopard upholstery on the interior. You won’t find any TVs in this car, but you will find some pretty impressive hydraulics, a silver chain link steering wheel with a skull shifter, and the band’s name on a cursive, metal emblem on the front hood.
  15. Ludacris: Ludacris rolled up to the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards in a shiny black 1975 Convertible Pontiac Granville with some ostentatious detailing that brought this muscle car to a whole new realm. While these classic cars are available on the used market for as little as $33,000, you can bet the southern rap star paid a hefty sum to make his look so amazing. First off, the 24-inch wheels were installed so that the car rises four feet off the ground. Second, the interior upholstery was done all in black leather and the black and multi-colored Louis Vuitton print, the same fabric used for the drop top. The rest of the car is somewhat bare bones compared to some of the others on the list, though it does have a decent stereo system. But there’s not a whole lot of need for extras when you’re cruising in classic simplicity like this car.
  16. Shaquille O’Neal: The NBA superstar is well known for his affinity for fancy cars that come with a personal flare. He’s got a 1991 convertible Mercedes-Benz Diesel that has the Superman emblem embroidered into his seats and steering wheel. But perhaps one of his most sought-after vehicles is his Lamborghini Gallardo – Lamborghini’s most popular sports car that, as of 2008, is the only one to use a V10 engine. Shaq’s final price tag is unknown, but the base models can run up to $263,000. He surely paid more than that to have his 2008 model stretched to fit his 7-foot-1-inch stature. The car had to be outfitted with custom doors, a roof, and special windows to lengthen the car by 12 inches.
  17. Paul Wall: Paul Wall, the Houston-based rapper known for his signature grill of silver teeth, is now making grilles of his own for cars. He teamed up with Zenetti to make a custom line of “iced-out” grilles and rims that are covered in cubic zirconium and will come available to fit Cadillac Escapades, coupes, Dodge Magnums, Chrysler 300s, and other SUVs. Wall has his own 2007 Chevy Tahoe tricked out with his flashiest grille and a set of 26-inch, ice-encrusted wheels. The interior features classy two-toned leather upholstery, a state of the art sound system, and diamond-stitched paneling. No word on the total price tag and the Texas resident says the Tahoe isn’t even his favorite vehicle. That honor goes to his 1976 Convertible Cadillac El Dorado.
  18. Wyclef Jean: The former Fugee has a collection of flashy cars that includes a Ferrari 360 Spider. But his pride and joy is a 543-horsepower Pagani Zonda C12-S that sells for $350,000. The Italian-made vehicle is often described by automotive reporters as being “ultra-rare,” since few people have heard of the brand and even less own one. No more than 25 models have been made each year since the car was released in 1999. The car goes from 0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds and can reach a speed of 215 mph. But while Jean loves himself a flashy and expensive car, he is embarking on a new project to build replicas of cars like the Zonda that regular people can afford.
  19. Dwayne Wade: This Miami Heat basketball player loves automobiles as much as his teammate Shaquille O’Neal, and in 2006 he was even crowned the “King of Bling” at the GM All Car Show – an invite-only affair where celebrities and car enthusiasts showcase their most over-the-top vehicles in a competition for the most ostentatious. Wade’s white 2006 Hummer H2 SUT took the cake that year. The base price for that vehicle is about $53,000, but it’s assured that Wade wouldn’t have taken home the award he did without putting at least that much extra into tricking out the truck. In addition to the Hummer, Wade owns a pearl blue Cadillac Escalade EXT that sits on matching 26-inch wheels. Wade was also tapped by Lincoln recently to represent the Navigator in TV ads.
  20. Missy Elliott: Missy Elliott, who is said to own 1,000 pairs of Adidas sneakers, seems to be also madly collecting something else, as well – cars! In fact, her car addiction is so bad she told reporters that her mother has begged her to stop purchasing them. In addition to her 2004 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom, and 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo, Elliott also has a 1979 tricked out, bright purple and chrome Ford Mustang. Elliott says it’s the car that gets the most attention on the street. Her fleet of automobiles is easily worth more than $1 million, if not more. She confesses to have purchased more than three cars in one year, including a $5,600 upgrade to a scooter that she rode once, crashed, and then trashed. Disposable income just took on a whole new meaning.
  21. Stephon Marbury: This Knicks player took his love for cars so far that he even invented his own automobile, the Viant SLV 365, which is a luxurious SUV combo of a Cadillac Escalade and a Rolls Royce Phantom. The 500-horsepower engine is included for those looking for power, while other features cater to the child in us all – such as the Playstation 2, satellite TV and wireless Internet. It even has a wine cellar and humidor. At a price of more than $300,000, the Viant is not made for laymen, but Marbury does count celebrities like Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z among his clients.
  22. Edward Norton: Edward Norton is no Nelly. He doesn’t have a bunch of big-wheeled, chrome-covered vehicles. But he was selected by BMW to be one of the celebrity drivers of the BMW Hydrogen 7, the very first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan. The car is driven by a combination of hydrogen and fuel and emits nothing but water vapor. There are only 100 models in existence and they’re not for sale. The German car company has tapped notable celebrities, like Norton, to drive the car in a huge PR push. While some auto bloggers contest just how environmentally sound the car is, since it isn’t; a zero emission car and does have its challenges, BMW contends it will be the future of automobiles.
  23. Magic Johnson: The former L.A. Lakers sensation is just the latest in sports stars to design their own cars. Johnson joined forces with Lincoln and DUB Magazine to create the “Magic” Dub Edition Lincoln Mark LT, a luxury pick-up truck rthat has 24-inch rims, suede and leather interior, a 15-inch flip-down TV, as well as TVs inset in the back of each seat’s headrest. It’s got a 5.4 liter, V-8 engine with 300 horsepower. The car was auctioned off to benefit Johnson’s charitable foundation for education, but suggested retail places it in the $65,000 range.
  24. Fergie: Fergie, the only girl-member of the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas, received a pretty tricked out Hummer not too long ago that came with a custom grille by Grillcraft Sport Grilles and drop-down steps with her name engraved on them in Old English. The car came with the works in the audio and visual departments, and some pretty sweet leather and suede upholstery. But alas the Fergalicious one deemed the Hummer not her style and put it up for auction in 2007. It brought in almost $70,000, which she promptly donated to Global Green USA.
  25. David Beckham: When your salary is a whopping $250 million, a $400,000 car isn’t going to put much of a dent in your savings. Which is exactly why David Beckham of the L.A. Galaxy recently purchased a Porsche 911 Cabriolet for $200,000 and then put another $200,000 of upgrades into it, like custom upholstery and a special all-black exterior. The car comes with a 3.6 liter engine and an overboost function that can make it go even faster. Oh, and there’s a compartment for extra luggage, which his wife Victoria “Posh” Beckham can use.

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All About Celebrities Blog Carnival: Volume 4

Welcome to the 4th Edition of the All about Celebrities Blog Carnival. This has been a lot of fun for us to host thus far and we plan on continuing it as well. To link to The Customized Girl Blog and any of our editions of the All About Celebrities Blog Carnival use this code

BeThisWay presents Brushes With Fame posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

Silveral presents How Celebrities Achieve Their Life’ Goals With Life Coaching posted at Celebrity News, and Gossip.

Jeff Sullivan presents Six – Best New Shows In Branson posted at Branson Travel Attractions.

Fenny presents Fashion & Styles posted at Fenny Lopez.

Jennifer Longe presents People’s View N Opinion posted at People’s View N Opinion.

Jason DeFuria presents Britney Spears, crazy in a good way? posted at What Planet Is This?.

Rickey Henderson presents Rickey Reviews This “Iron Mensch” Movie That The Kids Seem Rather Keen On… posted at Riding with Rickey.

Michael presents Superstar Attorney Willie Gary Paying $28,000 a Month in Child Support posted at International Law News.

sarah presents Harry Potter’s mystery dream girl taken but “keen to meet up” posted at SARAHSPY.

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Congratulations to the Winner of Contest 4!

Congrats to notjustanyprincess for winning Customized Girl’s Fourth Design Contest! She wins $200 and her design will be featured in the May 23rd issue of US Weekly.

We like the design because it stands out, with very big text and nifty use of the soccer ball clipart to replace the “O”. We also like the personalized touch with the name and jersey number. Very nice. On top of all these cool qualities, it also happened to coincide perfectly with our “sports” theme this week. If you’re joining a rec league or just cheering for your favorite player, you’ve come to the right place for custom shirts!

Thanks so much to all who entered! You guys are doing a terrific job on these designs, and we are very happy to continue with these contests.

And with that, Contest 5 is launched. Simply create, save and tag your design “contest 5”. Please see our post about Contest 4 for more details.

Thanks again, and congrats to notjustanyprincess.




Edited to add:

Contest 5 ends on June 16th! The contest winner will be displayed in the June 27th issue of US Weekly.

The contests are now on a monthly schedule. A new winner is announced in the middle of every month. As soon as a winner is announced, the next contest begins.

The winner should appear in US Weekly two Fridays after the announcement.

Thanks so much, a lot of the Contest 5 entries are looking super fantastic!

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Maid Of Honor’s Bachelorette Party Guide: 50 Ideas and Resources (Updated for 2022!)


As Maid of Honor, one of your main duties is to send your best friend off in style with a wild and terrific party. Or if the bride is more low-key, perhaps a nice quiet evening in good company. There are lots of things you can incorporate into a bachelorette party to make the event more unique and fun, but some of the main things to focus on are location, drinks, food, and accessories like bachelorette party shirts and bridal party shirts. Here are some ideas to consider for each category, as well as a few tips and pointers on making the evening the best it can be!


Nothing sets the mood of the party more than the location. While it should be special, it should also suit the bride’s personality. Wild childs may delight at a party spent dancing the night away with her friends; quieter brides may prefer a day, or weekend, of pampering at the spa. Just know that not all bachelorette parties have to take place at Chippendales or feature a male stripper in your cousin’s living room. Here’s a few ideas for a classier, man-free time with the gals.

  1. Rooftop Hotel Pool: If you live in a city, and want to feel far away and pampered at the same time, check out local hotels in your area that have rooftop hotels. If you live in New York, the Gansevoort is an incredible option; in Boston, try the Colonnade; in Los Angeles, The Peninsula. Soak in the views, the warm sun, and the time spent drinking fruity concoctions with your friends. If there’s not a suitable hotel in your area, consider taking a weekend getaway.
  2. Spa Day: A day at the spa is a great choice for a bachelorette party, as it is the quintessential female way to gather and bond. Book a few massages, pedicures, facials, and manicures and prepare for a day of gossip and giggling. If the spa is the party’s main event, make it even more special by renting a limousine and toasting with mimosas beforehand, or make the spa trip a precursor to a night out on the town.

3. Karaoke: This is your friend’s last night out as a single woman, so it’s time to toss back a few cocktails, get silly, and indulge in some self-humiliation! No better way to do that than with karaoke. Look into what’s available in your area – perhaps a bar or a private room – and you may want to invest in some cheesy, coordinated outfits. This is a scenario that will probably require a designated driver. Make it fancy by renting a limo and if there’s more than one karaoke bar in your town make a night of it by going on tour.

4. Road Trip: It’s a big occasion for your friend, so consider even taking a few days off of work and taking an old-fashioned road trip. Look into camping in the woods, staying at the beach, or just aimlessly driving lesser-known roads and ending up where the road takes you. Road trips are both adventurous and relaxing at the same time. See some new surroundings, meet some salty locals, rent a cabin in the woods, or bond around a campfire. Whatever you decide, it will definitely be a trip your friend will remember forever.

5. Wine Tour: Going on a tour of local wineries combines lots of interest into one. First, there’s great wine; second, there’s a road trip; third, there’s beautiful scenery. And did we mention great wine? Not all bridesmaids will have this option readily available, since not every state has a booming wine region, but you would be surprised at how many do exist outside of California. Just plan around the driving – hire a limo or stay in a quaint bed and breakfast in the region. Ready your taste buds and put on your matching bachelorette wine tasting tees, it’s time to hit the grape vine.

6. Las Vegas: No surprise here – Vegas is the number one destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties alike. And it’s no wonder why – there are spas and terrific, high-end restaurants on just about every corner, more rooftop pools and fancy hotels than you can count, and a nightlife that stands out above all others. Limo services are plentiful, as are dance clubs (both exotic and mainstream) and live music performances. Order in room service to pre-game or try cuisine from one of the many world-famous chefs in town. Throw on your Vegas bachelorette gear and hit the town!

7. Champagne Brunch to Slumber Party: A bachelorette party is one of the better excuses out there to get a little tipsy in the a.m. And to make it even more fun – and to eliminate the possibility of any tipsy driving – extend the party into the night with a full-on slumber party. Start off by cooking a gourmet brunch, play games and open gifts in the afternoon, and cap it off by baking cookies and watching girly flicks in the evening.

8. New York: Like Vegas, New York is a city that never sleeps and has options galore for bridesmaids looking to plan the party of a lifetime. Start with dinner at any one of the city’s upscale restaurants, move on to a strip club or jazz bar, or go on a good old-fashioned bar crawl, like this one recommended by New York Magazine. Want to spice up your bar crawl with matching outfits? Check out all of the trendy bachelorette bar crawl shirts and accessories we have available for you on Bridal Party Tees. If you’re in New York for more than one night, spend the day traversing the city’s many wonderful museums before heading out for a little misbehavior at night.

9. Island Time: Everyone loves a beach vacation. Throw some bikinis in a bag and head for the nearest island getaway. Charter a sunset boat ride or booze cruise for your party and look into staying in a stylish resort with complete spa services. Nothing will let your friend know you care more about her than a few ocean-side massages and pina coladas.

10. Comedy Show: If you’re staying local, think about taking in a nice dinner, followed by a comedy show and some drinks out afterward. Nothing will put the bride in a better mood and make her forget any pre-wedding jitters she might have than a night of hysterical laughter and female bonding. Check out the calendars at local comedy clubs and see who’s coming to town in future months.


Drinks are essential at a bachelorette party, and the fruitier and girlier the better. Even if the bride doesn’t normally partake, she make may an exception for this occasion. Just make sure you have some non-alcoholic beverages available for those attendees who prefer to abstain.

1. Champagne: Champagne and wine are obvious choices for a bachelorette party. They’re great drinks no matter what the time of day or situation, however, if you’re going to be drinking for a long period of time, you might want to limit champagne to a certain time frame in order to avoid the nasty hangover so commonly associated with bubbly. Think about more common drinks like mimosas or Bellini’s or check out any one of a number of more creative champagne cocktails.

2. Cosmopolitan: The quintessential girly drink, Cosmos are bright, fun, and delicious. If you’re making them on your own, go wild with some colorful and creative garnishes; if you’re ordering them out at a bar, ask your bartender to add a little extra triple sec to make them extra sweet.

3. Chocolate Martini: Few things are as decadent and pleasing as a yummy chocolate martini. Prepare this on your own for a very special house party treat or order it for the members of your party after dinner in lieu of desert. Tip: Godiva makes an excellent chocolate liqueur – ask for that at the liquor store or from your bartender.

4.  Lemon Drop: Lemon Drops are sweet, sugary and light and they can be served as either a drink or a shot. If you serve it as a drink, dip the rim of a martini glass into sugar and strain the mixture into the glass. Serve it as a shot by just straining it into 1 oz. portions.

5. Bahama Mama: Combine rum, coconut rum, grenadine, orange juice and pineapple juice together to make this sweet, tropical drink that’s colorful and girly. Definitely a must for those of you planning a bachelorette party at the beach.

6. Buttery Nipple: This creamy drink or shot made with vodka, Irish cream, butterscotch schnapps, and coffee flavored liqueur is beloved by all females alike, mainly for the fact that it tastes literally like cake. It’s a festive shot that goes down easy and will be a total crowd pleaser at your party.

7. Fuzzy Navel: Made with orange juice and peach schnapps this is the kind of drink that is right up a girl’s alley. It’s light, fruity, and packs a punch. Serve it at a summer party on the beach, as a brunch cocktail alternative, or order up a round for the ladies at the club. This drink often gets voted one of the top girly drinks of all time.

8. Appletini: The Appletini’s trendy factor has given it something of a bad rep, but this does not discount its popularity. It’s sweet, tart and a festive bright green. It’s very girly, very tasty and a perfect drink to feature at a bachelorette party.

9. Sex on the Beach: Nothing is more fruity, tropical, or widely liked than the Sex on the Beach, which is made by combining cranberry and pineapple juices, peach schnapps, and vodka and accenting with a orange slice. Sex on the Beach even has a saucy name, making them suitable for the bacheorette who likes to live a little. Another drink that can be served in a glass or as a fun shot.

10. B-52: If your party prefers creamy and decadent over tropical and fruity, the B-52 is an excellent choice. Fill a shot glass with one-third Kahlua, Amaretto and Bailey’s Irish cream and down it!


With all this drinking going on, you’re going to need something to soak up the alcohol. Bite-sized items and finger foods are the perfect party nosh for a mingling affair that’s casual and fun. Even if you are going to dinner, maybe you’re considering a pre-party with appetizers? Here are a few yummy options you can cook yourself or pass on to your caterer.

1Canapes: The perfect finger food, canapés are bite-sized, crispy snacks where cheese or hearty spreads like pesto or olive paste are piled along with meats or veggies on top of a crisp bread of some sort. There are so many different canapé recipes to be found on the Internet, so just pick the one that suits your taste the best.

2Fondue: Fondue is a special treat and a great idea for a big party. Just cook up a pot of cheese or chocolate, buy some metal spears, and cut up some fruits, breads, and vegetables for a great, crowd pleasing dip.

3Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Like fondue, chocolate covered strawberries are a special treat that, while often associated with romantic occasions, are equally as popular at an all-female event. Make your own easily in 30 minutes or order up a few dozen from a local bakery.

4.  Spinach and Feta Mushrooms: Stuffed mushrooms are a popular appetizer that are easy to make and palatable for all tastebuds. There are many ways to make stuffed mushrooms, so search your recipe books if you’re looking for something a little more exotic.

5.  Nachos: Nachos are a crowd pleaser in any situation. Stick to tradition or go outside the box with some delicious recipes like this one for Lobster Nachos with Asian Guacamole and Spicy Sour Cream made on wonton crips rather than tortilla chips. True heaven!

6Burgers: There are many ways to take a fresh variation on the typical beef and ketchup burger, like this recipe for a beef burger topped with mozzarella, tomato salsa, and basil mayonnaise. Also check out some yummy recipes for lamb burgers with a mint yogurt sauce or Asian-style turkey burgers with pickled cucumbers.

7Strawberry Fruit Desserts: Try a traditional summer strawberry shortcake or get creative with a strawberry cream puff. Whatever you decide, the strawberry is the perfect summer fruit to use in a great dessert. There are so many recipes out there that incorporate them – from cheesecakes to blintzes.

8Pizza Bianca: A light pizza made with rosemary, garlic and olive oil makes a light alternative to pizza or a nice, thin bread to accompany a salad or pasta meal.

9Spinach Artichoke Dip: Another popular appetizer choice is a creamy spinach artichoke dip. Break up some crusty bread or slice up some zucchinis and squashes and dip away. Dips are a must at a group event like this, so go nuts with different types.

10Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cupcakes: Few things are richer and better tasting than the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. Plus, cupcakes are the perfect party dessert – easy to make and eat! Decorate the tops with wedding-related icons, like bells, veils, or rings.

Accessories and Favors

When you’re throwing a bachelorette party, it’s a good idea to incorporate some of the standard bridal party accessories and favors. Some are somewhat cliché and cheesy, but feel free to take some classier liberties with old party standards. And what’s a party without presents? While everyone should bring something special for the bride-to-be, memorable keepsakes and party favors are also completely appropriate. After all, you’re all in the wedding!

  1. Tiaras: Like the prom, a bachelorette party is the type of occasion where sparkly tiaras are appropriate. If you look hard enough, you can find tiaras that declare who’s the bride-to-be and who’s not. In fact, you may want to invest in one of these just for the bride and find something less-flashy for the bridesmaids. Even if your bachelorette party is going to be a nicer affair, tiaras are still a great option for a little fun with your ensemble.

2. Personalized T-Shirts: If the party is going to more casual, have some fun making your own customized T-shirts. The Bride Tribe could have each attendees name printed on the back. Get funny with the bride and get her buzzed with T-shirt sayings like “Buy me a beer, my wedding is near!” or “Buy me a shot, I’m tying the knot!” Make sure the bridal shirts identify who’s who in the party and make sure the bride to be stands out.

3. Feather Boas: For a night out at the bars or singing karaoke, make sure everyone in your party has a different colored feather boa with the bride’s boa being, of course, white. The coordination of this accessory will let the crowd know you’re all together celebrating a special occasion. Plus, boas are fun and a bachelorette party is an excellent excuse to get a little costumey.

4. Costume Jewelry: Throw a bachelorette party with a theme and further unify your group with some fun, loud costume jewelry. Make it a 1920s flapper theme or indulge in the sophisticated and demure looks of the 1940s. Whatever your theme, there’s sure to be some gaudy, plastic bracelets out there to suit your style.

5. Veils: Get the wedding started early and outfit your girly group in some statement-making veils. You can be as elaborate as you want with floor-length veils or play on the veil theme in a more subtle way by buying a shorter style that simply frames the face. This is another accessory that can be applied to the bride only to make it clear that it’s her night.

6. Pinups and Phalluses: What bachelorette is complete without phallic-shaped straws and a few male pinups around the room? So cheesy, but so fun. Shake up even the most refined party with some of these saucy items.

7. Shot Glass Necklace: Keep your drinking apparatus handy and wear it around your neck! Shot glass necklaces are terrific accessories for a bachelorette party and it’s something everyone can take home with them afterward. This is a party item that definitely helps set the mood.

8. Wear All White: One great idea that’s both obvious and subtle at the same time is to make everyone in your party wear all white. Or have just the bride wear white and have all the bridesmaids wear another color. Have fun with fashion, separate yourself from the crowd, and look great. 9. ”Diamond” Rings: Give everyone in your party some bling with fake “diamond” rings. Of course the bride to be gets the biggest one of all. This is an accessory that will tie your group together without being overly obvious.

10. Disposable Cameras: Don’t let a minute of this hilarious and fun evening go undocumented. Give everyone a disposable camera to take along with them. At the end of the evening, develop all the film and make a keepsake album for the bachelorette.

Tips for a Great Party

Now that you have most of everything you need, here are few tips and pointers to ensure the night to remember goes smoothly!

  1. Music: Music sets the mood more than any other item at your party. Stick with the classic girl power mantras like “I Will Survive” and “It’s Raining Men.” Pop it into the stereo at your house party or listen to the tunes on the way to your venue. There are plenty of event-appropriate mix CDs out there to buy or get clever and make your own.
  2. Games: Loosen your bride to be up with some fun, lighthearted games. There’s the classic “Pin the Macho on the Man” and the timeless game of Truth or Dare or look into one of the many card and board games made explicitly for bachelorette parties.
  3. Moderation: It’s going to be a long day, night, or weekend. And since drinks will likely be involved, you need to remember to drink in moderation. Limit yourself to a drink per hour and drink lots of water in between drinks. With such a wild group someone needs to remain in control and be concerned about everyone’s safety.
  4. Designate a Driver: If your party is going out for an evening of bar hopping, you’ll need to either appoint a designated driver for the group, travel only by taxis or limos, or have a third party person that can come pick you all up at the end of the night. Don’t ruin a good time by getting into a car accident or worse.
  5. Research: Before you even start thinking about setting a date for the party, research what the bride to be in your group is interested in doing. Take hints from her personality and then look into what’s available that will suit her style. If you’re not planning to make it a surprise, consider even asking her straight out what she’d like to do. Being thorough is a sure way not to disappoint.
  6. Plan!:Do not wait until the last minute to throw something together. While there is something to be said about spontaneity, it’s not always a virtue in situations like these. For example, if you’re planning a July party at the beach and you wait until the weekend before to reserve a room or a camping spot, chances are you could get shut out. Don’t let a little laziness ruin your ideal party.
  7. Checklists: When planning a party, you’ll want to make a checklist so you know you’ve got everything under control. Depending on how much responsibility you’re putting on the other attendees and bridesmaids, you may want to make an individual checklist for each person invited, especially if others are expected to help with the arrangements or bring something along.
  8. Don’t Rule Out Men: It may sound counter intuitive to the bachelorette party tradition, but if the bride to be has a best guy friend that she holds near and dear it’s OK to invite him along. Or maybe you want to reserve some time for just the girls? Then invite him to attend a portion of the festivities, maybe right at the beginning or at the end. The point of the party is to honor your friend and surround her with love so don’t leave out the people that matter to her most.
  9. Value Responsibility: Whoever is in charge of keeping the order over this raucous affair should take responsibility for a few key things, like bringing extra cash, a map of the area, phone numbers for cab companies and a list of addresses for every place on the agenda for the evening.
  10. Have Fun: Whatever you do at the party remember to have fun! Regardless of whether you’ve had a bad day or whether something isn’t going how you planned, don’t let a sour mood ruin the experience for the bachelorette. At this party, you’re a slave to someone else. Keep a positive attitude and have a blast!

With these tips, all of your planning is bound to result in a one of a kind bachelorette party, so why not customize one of a kind tees for the occasion? We have countless designs to help you make countless memories. Visit, and design your custom bachelorette party apparel today!

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Customized Girl Design Contest 4: Win $200

Welcome back for another Customized Girl Design Contest! Simply create, save, and tag your design “Contest 4” for the chance to win $200 and the honor of viewing your design in the pages of US Weekly.

Check out the winners of Contest 1, Contest 2, and Contest 3:

This is an ongoing contest, so after we choose a winner for Contest 4, Contest 5 will launch immediately. We’ll choose the winner on May 13th and announce it in this blog. We’ll also alert the winner by email.

The design we choose will be used to advertise Customized Girl, so keep that in mind when creating your designs. We’re looking for something that is obviously personalized, and hopefully smart, funny, and cute too! We know that’s a lot to ask for, but the bar has been set pretty high by the previous entries.


If you’ve never saved a design before, here’s a quick lesson:

Choose any piece of apparel from one of our many categories (we recommend Her Tops and Undies). In the Design Center you can add text, clipart, and your own images. Everything is adjustable, so feel free to experiment with the text styles, colors, sizes, etc.

Most importantly, be sure to save your design once you’re finished. Just click the save button in the Design Center.

(If you’re not already logged in, you’ll have to log in or create an account at this point. Don’t worry it’s super easy and takes 5 seconds.)

On the next page name your design, choose the first tag from the drop down menu, and add “Contest 3” as an additional tag.

Be sure to leave your Share Option as “share”. Then click “Save” and you’re done!

*You must be 18 years old to claim your prize.

*Enter as many times as you want. You do not have to purchase your design to be entered into the contest. Thanks so much for participating and good luck!

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