Free Vector Art: Happy, Cute, and Colorful Animals: Perfect for Custom Kid’s Shirts and Custom Onesies

License: You are free to use these files in any way you wish, but please link back to

Download Link: Cute Colorful Animals

Everyday, the incredibly talented artists working at Customized Girl are creating amazing pieces of vector art which we use in our enormous Art Library. All of our customers have access to this Art Library via the Customized Girl Design Center (just click the Add Art tab and start surfing away!). Customers can add this art to custom shirts, custom hoodies, custom bags, and much, much more.

Well, some of this art is just too good to keep to ourselves. It’s time we start sharing. So that’s what we’re going to do! Starting today, we’re going to be regularly giving away free packs of vector art right here on this blog.

The first vector pack we’re giving away features 20 cute and cuddly animals that were originally created for our customers to use on custom onesies and custom kids shirts. We thought this art would be especially perfect for some of our kids birthday shirts and big sister / little sister shirts.

The featured animals are:

  • Brown Bear
  • Blue Bird
  • Purple Elephant
  • Khaki Camel
  • Black and White Zebra
  • Yellow Giraffe
  • Blue Hippo
  • Purple Jellyfish
  • Polka-Dot Leopard
  • Yellow Lion
  • Orange Tiger
  • Upside Down Monkey
  • White Polar Bear
  • Green & Brown Turtle
  • Grey Rhino
  • Light Green Tortoise
  • Green & Blue Snake
  • Purple Seahorse
  • Teal Whale
  • Tuxedo Penguin


Here is what the full vector pack looks like:

Cute Colorful Animals Full Vector Pack
And here are some individual close ups of the file:

Cute Colorful Animals Giraffe

Cute Colorful Animals Whale


The art files are available in AI (Adobe Illustrator) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) formats.


License: You are free to use these files in any way you wish, but please link back to

Download Link: Cute Colorful Animals

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Custom Dog Tees. CG Fan Spotlight: Bristy & Brady Moss

Hi CG fans! This week we wanted to give a special thank you to two of our wonderful fans, Bristy and her pooch Brady Moss. Below is their story!
“My overall experience with your site has been nothing but great. I stumbled upon Customized Girl several months ago when trying to plan shirts for our family reunion. We actually didn’t use the site for the family reunion shirts, but after playing around on it, I fell in love. I was so impressed with not only all the different things that could be customized, but the ways they could be customized in general just blew my mind. It offered so much more than any other site or shirt screening business that I had ever been to. Our family reunion was the first week of August, and I’ve ordered four things from your site since then. The two shirts and sweatshirt were just for my own personal style. The first was a bella style shirt that I had made to wear to the concert of my favorite band which I will be seeing in Chicago. The second shirt I ordered was a baseball t-shirt with an inside joke phrase on it that I knew I could never buy anywhere else. The third was a sweatshirt that proclaims environmental awareness, which is something close to my heart. The quality of all three of these items is just phenomenal. The shirts fit perfect to size, according to the chart. Also the screening itself is great quality and has held up very well. I couldn’t be happier with my new clothing!

However my favorite article of clothing that I’ve ordered through Customized Girl isn’t even for me. It’s a sweatshirt worn by my dog, Brady Moss.
Brady Moss came into my life three years ago this October. We already had one dog, a large black lab named Shadow, who is about as perfect of a dog as any family could hope for. After an intense few months of research, my Nana and I decided that a Maltese was the breed for me. I then set to checking the newspaper religiously, hoping and praying for an ad for the perfect Maltese puppy. I checked for months and months and nothing ever showed up. I had all but given up hope when finally while checking the paper one day at my work an ad for Maltese puppies living about two hours away appeared. We instantly called the breeder and set everything up that when the puppies reached twelve weeks old, I would have my very own male Maltese puppy.  The time of his arrival was drawing closer and I still didn’t have a name for my puppy. I got on the computer to check my e-mail and saw that I had an e-mail from the New England Patriots website. My Dad is die hard Patriots fan and therefore my sisters and I are the very same. The previous season our team was 16-0 and my sister and I always said it was because Tom Brady and Randy Moss had this incredible, telepathic bond. Every time we watched a game we would scream, “ BRADY, MOSS – GO!” As soon as I saw that e-mail it clicked. My new puppy officially became Brady Moss before he even set foot in our home.
When I saw the sweatshirts on Customized Girl I immediately fell in love and knew he just had to have one. This was especially the case when I saw that not only could I have his name put on it, but also our beloved Patriots symbol! This sweatshirt is customized absolutely perfect for him and I know for a fact that it would be impossible to get it anywhere else!
Brady Moss is a special little guy. He might be biologically a dog, but he doesn’t know it. Most of this is my own doing. I have called him my “son” since before I even brought him home. I treat him like I would treat my own child. He is spoiled. But most importantly he shows me unconditional love. Brady Moss gotten me through a lot of hard times. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that God gave me the little fluffy five pound white dog to always have a little bit of sunshine when things look gray.”
Make your pooch the envy of every dog on the block with Customized Girl’s doggy hoodies! Visit Customized Girl today and design your own!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Approaching

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible”-Christopher Reeve

TKO Breast Cancer Shirt

As many of you know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with September quickly winding down, it’s time to start preparing for this month of awareness.  NBCAM is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, and cure.  This campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer.  Thousands of people are affected every year by this disease, so any support is extremely appreciated and well received.

During the month of October there are various ways you can participate in NBCAM.  You can gather a group of family members and friends to form a team for the National Race for the Cure in a city near you, or do a 2-day breast cancer walk with a group (or alone). In addition there is also the Susan G. Komen 3 Day For the Cure, which is the global leader of the breast cancer movement.  By participating in a charity walk or run you are not only donating funds to the cause, it’s also a great way to get outside and exercise with family and friends!

You can also participate in “Pink Days.” Pink is the chosen color to represent breast cancer, and during Breast Cancer Awareness Month each October people raise money by organizing theme parties, or a “pink day” at work (where employees wear pink clothing or accessories).  The money raised is then donated to the organizer’s charity of choice.

Breast Cancer Facts and Information According to the American Cancer Society’s most recent estimates:

  • Breast cancer is second only to lung cancer in cancer deaths among women in the U.S.
  • About 39,520 women in the U.S. are expected to die from breast cancer in 2011.
  • An estimated 450 men in the U.S. are expected to die from breast cancer in 2011.
  • The most proven and significant risk factors for getting breast cancer are being female and getting older.
  • Recent studies suggest that many women in the U.S. are getting their first mammogram later than recommended, not having mammograms at recommended intervals or not receiving appropriate and timely follow-up of positive screening results. This may lead to more advanced tumor size and stage at diagnosis.
  • One woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes, and one woman will die of breast cancer every 13 minutes in the U.S.
  • There are about 2.5 million breast cancer survivors alive in the U.S. today.
  • Women who maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly and limit the use of alcohol are at a lower risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Choosing to participate in a walk/run for breast cancer, participating in a pink day, or simply making a conscious effort to recognize this month of awareness makes a difference. Respecting the month of October as a month dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research, prevention and cure is definitely meaningful way to honor and show support to those battling the disease, as well as remembering those who have lost their lives to breast cancer.

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Customize Shirts For Your Business. CG Fan Spotlight: TruSynergy

Customizing shirts for your business or event is a great way to get noticed.  This week’s CG Fan Spotlight, focuses on a business that did just that.  TruSynergy, an event planning company, used Customized Girl to customize one of a kind tees. Here is their story!

TruSynergy is an event planning company that focuses on health and wellness. Their events can either take place in the home or in a corporate setting.  Featured services can include massage therapy, facials, empowerment workshops and fitness sessions – depending on the request of the client.

Their custom shirts were used at their launch event last September in Baltimore, MD.  The event was held at the Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center. It was a “ladies only” event where their guests enjoyed seated massages, facials, a workshop, catered lunch and a jewelry vendor.

This is a great way to make an affordable, lasting impression on your customers. Our art gallery has a variety of designs, or you can even upload your own art! So visit Customized Girl and design your custom shirts today!

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Custom Event Shirts at COSMO CON 2011!

Customized Girl was thrilled to be a part of the first annual “Cosmo Con” event, this past weekend in New York City.  This event was a way for fans to support their favorite personalities from Cosmo Radio.  It began on Thursday, September 16th, and continued throughout the weekend, resulting in a three day extravaganza.  Below is the  press release revealing all of the details surrounding the event!


The streets of New York City were alive and jumping when a sea of young women, all fans of Cosmo Radio SiriusXM Channel 109, took a bite out the Big Apple as they participated in the 1stAnnual “Cosmo Con” – a fan-driven get together to salute their favorite Cosmo Radio personalities.  Based at the Millennium Hilton Hotel, the 50+ women came to the city from 17 states and Canada wearing their pastel pink, “Cosmo Con” tee-shirtswith their distinctive initials FFF: Fun, Fearless, Female.




The informal gathering of Cosmo Radio listeners began with a few dedicated fans of the station, who decided they had to meet in person, in New York City. From there, “Cosmo Con”evolved into a large scale event, with several of the most dedicated fans taking the lead in putting exciting plans in place that epitomized the ultimate “girl’s weekend.”

“Cosmo Con” kicked off with a Thursday, September 16th welcome reception at View of the World at the Club Quarters Hotel, overlooking the newly-opened 9/11 Memorial.  The next morning, the devoted listeners of “Wake Up with Taylor” crowded into the SiriusXM Radio Studios to enjoy “Fat Kid Friday,” a regular feature where hosts Taylor Strecker and Kenny Zimlinghaus enjoy guiltladen, but tasty treats!” The fans enjoyed delicious Dinosaur Bar-B-Que cooked in studio. “Today was basically the best day ever for us on ‘Wake Up with Taylor.’ What an honor it was for all of you to come here. Thank you, thank you, thank you” said Taylor Strecker.


The three days were filled with numerous get-togethers, some formal, some not, with food experiences such as Ed‟s Lobster Bar and S‟Mac taking a top place, followed by shopping, sightseeing and exploring the night life of New York City. A standout event was the Happy Hour for the fans in town for “Cosmo Con,” hosted by their favorite Cosmo Radio personalities from “Wakeup with Taylor” and “Cocktails with Patrick” held at the W Hotel in Union Square.

Cosmo Con 2011 turned out to be a huge success! Let Customized Girl help you make your event one to remember. Our Junior Fit Sheer Longer Deep V-necks, and Junior Fit Sheer Longer Crew Neck Tees are perfect for group events, so visit our Customized Girl and design your own custom shirts today!

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Promo Codes for the Week of 9/19/11

You’ll LOVE our Longer Length Tees!

Code CG920- Get $6 off your longer length tee! Save big on our most popular tops for fall, like our Junior Fit Elbow Sheer Longer Scoopneck, Junior Fit Sheer Longer Deep V-NeckJunior Fit Sheer Longer Crew Neck Tee, or our Junior Fit Sheer Longer Scoop Neck Tee. Ends 9/26/11, 11:59pm EST. (not available with any other promos; one per person per order.)

That’s all for now, remember to sign up for our emails and get these weekly deals in your inbox!


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Custom Family Reunion T-Shirts in the CG Fan Spotlight

Hi CG fans! This week we wanted to give a special shout-out to our wonderful fans, the Duckart family! The Duckart family used our site to order customized tees for their family reunion.  Since they offered us so many great pictures, we asked them to tell us a little more about their family, and their event that Customized Girl was lucky enough to be a part of. Patricia, a member of the Duckart family, supplied us with a lot of great feedback, full of family history and details about their reunion. Below, is the info Patricia sent us!

The Duckart Family consisted of my grandparents Joseph and Anna Duckart that had five children and lived in Modesto California dating back to the early 1900’s. My dad Alfred Duckart was born in Modesto in November, 1910; he had one brother and three sisters. They all had children who had children; the majority live in California; some live in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

For many many years the Duckart Family got together on every major holiday; each of them chose a holiday and would host the event; sometimes there were over 50 – 60 family members. Of course over time, the generations has gotten away from that family holiday gathering tradition. It’s so sad as we saw kids grow up to become adults and have families of their own. A few of us cousins still get together for Thanksgiving. Now, sometimes the only time we see some of these other family members is at a wedding or a funeral.

My dad and mom (Alfred and Doris) married in February 1940 and had four children. My brother Mike (1941), my sister Karlene (1944) and my twin sister Pam and myself (1948).

My brother Mike (Sandy his wife) has a daughter Christine who is married to Roger and has two daughters – Megan and Katy. My sister Karlene has no children, she was a K-6 teacher for close to 40 years and has a ton of children through education. My twin sister Pam (Glynn her husband) has a son Jess and a daughter Julee. Myself, I am married to Jim. He has two children from a previous marriage (Brett and Jamie) who were unable to attend and I have a daughter Kellie who is married to Joe and has two daughters – Sydney and Jordan and another little girl due in December.

The four of us Duckarts grew up in a good time (the 1950’s and 60’s) and miss the large family gatherings. Last year we helped host a reunion on our mother’s side that we held at a cousin’s home. We didn’t even think of t-shirts at the time.

This year we decided it was time to get a reunion together on our father’s side (The Duckarts) so we hosted it at a community park in Escalon, California on Saturday, September 11, 2010 with a picnic theme; there was approximately 70 – 80 attending this reunion. Us girls decided to do the picnic theme that’s why the word “Reunion” is in a picnic tablecloth color. My daughter and niece (Kellie and Christine) knew of your web site.  Kellie picked the design and we all approved. We sent an information bulletin out to everyone with an order form for t-shirts; we were surprised actually at the number ordered, as we thought we would be the only ones wearing them.


There were a lot of compliments on the t-shirts. We were totally happy with the quality and price and delivery of the t-shirts.

We are so happy we could be a part of the Duckart family reunion. Visit our site today, to make lasting memories for you and your family!

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Create Lymphoma and Leukemia Awareness with a Custom Shirt

September is National Lymphoma and Leukemia Awareness Month. There are lots of ways that you can spread the word about lymphoma and leukemia. You can join a charity walk/run, participate in fundraising events, or wear a colored ribbon. But why should you limit building awareness to just one month of the year? Why not create a custom shirt that you can wear all year long?

The first step in the creative process, when designing an awareness shirt, is to think about what lymphoma or leukemia means to you. Are you, or is someone you know, a victim of one of these illnesses? What is the message that you want to convey?  These are all things that you should consider when designing your shirt.


Now that you have an idea of what your shirt should represent, you can start designing. When designing your custom shirt you should be aware of the latest trends in t-shirt designs. It is very popular to use a block design. With this layout out the text and art together create a square or block. Also, another well-liked design tactic is to mix font types, usually a bold font with a cursive font.  When designing for a charity or cancer event, it is popular to include the color of the cause you are supporting in the shirt.

First, you should start by choosing a shirt; you can choose a basic tee, v-neck or tank top.  Then choose the color of the shirt, are you going have the shirt be the color of the cause or will the font and art be the color of the cause?  For this example let’s make the shirt orange for leukemia, and then make the font basic colors like white and black.

Next, we will add the text. As mentioned before, block styled text is currently very popular.  When choosing your message, remember what this shirt is going to represent. If you are a survivor, or someone you know is currently fighting the disease, you might want to commemorate it in the message. To really deliver a message you might add a fact to emphasize your point.

Now that you’ve created your own Lymphoma or Leukemia shirt you can start creating awareness! Remember, just because September is National Lymphoma and Leukemia Awareness Month it doesn’t mean you can’t show your support every month!

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