How To Choose Your Team Fan Wear

It’s no surprise that wearing your team’s colors or logo on a t-shirt is a common thing to do when attending a sporting event. But do you ever wonder about the psychology behind why we do that?

According to an article from Live Enhanced, wearing team sports apparel such as jerseys, t-shirts, and hats to games “brought about positive feelings” giving fans a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and a common purpose. Not to mention team spirit is contagious! It’s no wonder why sports fanatics all over the world wear their team’s apparel for big game days.

With fall sports starting up, here’s your opportunity to create custom fan gear for you and your fellow fans! With our custom products, you can add your own text such as names and numbers, add art, and even upload photos. Take a look and get some ideas on how to choose your team fan wear.

Custom Varsity Jackets

One of our all-time best sellers! If you’re looking for a cool and classy feel, keep it old-school with vintage-style varsity jackets. Perfect for layering on top of T-shirts and hoodies for those chilly nights. It’s definitely a sideline winning look!

Custom T-shirts and Jerseys

Proud moms and dads can create custom jerseys and tees to wear at games to show their love and support! Yep, be THAT mom or dad that stands out from the rest.

Custom Stadium Blankets

For those chilly fall nights, custom stadium blankets are a must-have! Stay warm in style by adding your own custom text, art, and photos to this super soft fleece blanket. Its DryBlend, sweatshirt-style material will keep you warm and comfy while you root for your team.

Custom Hoodies

Let’s be honest, even though we love summer, we can’t wait for it to be cool enough to jump in some cozy hoodies. We have lots of hoodie styles to choose from where you can design with your own text, art and upload cool photos. Design the front and the back with your child’s name and number to wear at all the games!

Custom Travel Mugs

Running late to practice? Attending a game in cold weather? These are all good reasons to customize your own travel mug. Personalize it with your child’s name, number, and even upload their photo for a unique on-the-go beverage.

Custom Bags

There’s no better way to hold all your game-day snacks than this custom backpack! Wherever you go, represent your team or favorite player with a custom design. From totes and drawstrings to duffels and backpacks, there’s definitely no shortage of bag options to find the perfect one for you.

With fall sports in full swing, this is your sign to start customizing your sports apparel before it’s too late! For more creative ideas, check out our popular designs for each fall sport.

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Last-Minute Summer Bucket List Ideas

Looking for a few ideas on how you can spend your last precious hours of summer? Need to check a few things off your summer bucket list before the leaves start to change color? We love making the most out of our summer season and it sounds like you do too! So we at Customized Girl have come up with a few ideas on how you can get the most out of your remaining summer weeks before the air gets chilly! Read below to see a few of our last-minute summer bucket list ideas.

1. Last Minute Trip To The Pool

Now’s your chance to go to the pool or beach if you haven’t had the chance this summer! If you’re reading this in mid to late August, chances are that all the kids have finally gone back to school, which means that all your local pools should be pretty empty for the most part. Indulge in a little time by the water now before it’s too cool to wear that bikini.

woman in white bikini lying on white and blue stripe towel on swimming pool during daytime

2. Check Out Your Local Amusement Parks

You’ll notice a theme with this blog, that being that all the kids are back in classes leaving all the fun stuff for us adults to enjoy! If you haven’t had a chance to hop on a roller coaster or eat some greasy food, now would be a great time to check out your local theme and amusement parks. This late in the season we would imagine lines are going to be pretty short for all the best rides. You may even be lucky enough to get some discounted pricing on tickets!

woman in red and white stripe shirt and black shorts standing near blue and red metal

3. Take A Quick Trip

This late in the summer season it may not be feasible to take a whole week off for vacation, but why not take a Friday and Monday off and give yourself a nice 4-day vacation? Plan a trip somewhere nearby that you can easily drive to and explore some of the lesser-known features of your state or neighboring states. Most people will have already gotten their travel out of their system leaving all the best sights for you to enjoy without the big crowds!

woman riding on vehicle putting her head and right arm outside the window while travelling the road

4. Have That Last Cookout Of The Summer

Not that you can’t cook out in the fall too, it may even be preferable with the cooler weather, but you might as well have a few more ‘summer’ cookouts while it still counts! Grab the burgers, corn, and watermelon and your red checkered table cloth for your last round of summer cookouts before we start throwing pumpkins on the grill!

5. Set Off The Last Of Your Fireworks

This one is really just a house cleaning suggestion, but no one wants to hear fireworks after September 1st. So, pull the rest of your bottle rockets and roman candles out of that trunk you keep them in, and set them off while it’s still seasonally appropriate. We won’t be mad if it’s done before we get our first pumpkin spice latte.

fireworks at nighttime

6. Attend A Summer Sporting Event

Football season will be here in no time and that is sure to take up all of our attention. So, while summer is still here, make sure to go to any sports games you’ve missed out on. Go to a local baseball game and have yourself a hotdog, or hit up the golf course while the weather is still nice enough to be on the green. If you’re a big tennis fan, now’s the time to check out a game! Regardless, we’re still pumped for the football games to start up!

people watching baseball

7. Buy Custom Sweatshirts For Your Fall Wardrobe

Now is probably the best time to start planning your fall wardrobe. You don’t want to be stuck out in the cold in your t-shirts and tank tops having to wait for some nice comfy and warm apparel to arrive at your house. Why not spend some time now customizing some comfy sweatshirts or soft stylish hoodies on Customized Girl? That way, you’ll already be bundled up when the cooler weather finally hits!

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Fall Trends | Custom Must-Haves

With summer coming to an end and fall just right around the corner, it’s time to fill your wardrobe with some fall staples. You know the kind. That light flannel that you can dress up in when you’re out with friends and dress down when apple picking. Or that cozy crew that is perfect to wear to bonfires and for layering when tailgating at a football game. Everyone needs a few fashionable fall staples in their closet.

Transition from cool summer nights to crisp fall days with these custom pieces at Customized Girl.

Cozy Crewnecks

Keep cozy with a custom crew that you can design any way you wish. Our super soft crews are one of our most popular items during this time of year. Shop now and start customizing!

Cropped Fleece Sweaters

Our cropped fleece sweaters are truly one-of-a-kind. The raw edge and matching drawstrings make it fashion forward while the super soft material keeps it casual and comfortable. Perfect for working out, lounging around the house, or going out on the town. View more designs and shop now!

Cool Flannels

Is it really fall if you don’t wear a flannel even once? Wear it big and baggy, tied around the waist or half tucked with denim cut-offs and a band tee. So many ways to wear it and perfect for those chilly fall nights. View more designs and shop now!

Casual Jackets

Our letterman jackets are one for the ages! Personalize your jacket with names, numbers, custom text and art. View more designs and shop now!

Classic Raglan Tees

You can never go wrong with a classic raglan tee. These two-tone raglan sleeve tees with a form flattering fit are perfect for the whole family. And what’s better than a matching family moment? Customize it with names, art, or upload fun photos! View more designs and shop now!

The best part about it all is that you get to design your own fall wardrobe! At Customized Girl, we love to see the unique designs our customers create. With Halloween coming up soon, we can’t wait for all the festive tees you all make. Don’t forget to share your designs and tag us on Instagram! 😊

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Back To School: Custom Looks For The New Year

It seems like just yesterday when the school bell rang for the final time last school year and summer was just beginning. While having fun in the sun seemed like it’d last forever, the time is now here to prepare for back to school.

We want to take the stress out of back to school shopping with looks that will have you excited to start the new year. Custom backpacks to hold your essentials? Check! Comfy jackets, sweats, & hoodies for game days? Yep! First-Day custom looks? You know it! You can customize our designs any way you’d like, creating a design that it totally unique.

We’ve broken down a few of the many ways you can incorporate custom apparel & accessories into your back to school shopping.

Custom Backpacks

Possibly the most important back-to-school item, custom backpacks allow you to be creative in your design while holding all your essentials. With various styles, fabric, and colors to choose from, there are so many options to make your backpack completely tailored to your needs. Explore our custom backpacks selection and start customizing!

First-Day Custom Looks

Say hello to the new school year with custom tees! Add your name, custom text, art or even upload your photo to make a one-of-a-kind tee. Custom-made shirts are also the perfect way to capture the moment with your kiddos for that first day of school photo!

Custom Masks

Slow the spread and stay stylish with custom face masks. Add your own custom text, art, or upload a photo for a unique take on this accessory.

Custom Varsity Jackets

This classic jacket can be styled in many ways and is perfect for the fall/winter sports season. Add your name, number, school name, and more for a customized jacket made just for you. Custom letterman jackets are the perfect way to celebrate you or your child’s athleticism, achievements, or to simply cheer on your #1 player.

Custom Spirit Wear & Fan Gear

Check out our custom spirit wear selection for the your favorite sports team, senior events, sports fans and more. Rally your group and get custom jerseys, hoodies, shirts, and hats for your next event!

Start the year off in style with custom back to school apparel & accessories. Head over to to start customizing today!

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Customized Girl Coupon Code For August 2021

All of us at Customized Girl hope that you’ve been enjoying your summer! Were you finally able to go to a concert or other big event this year? It just really feels great to be out in the sun with our best friends and family and we’re sure you’ll agree!

Now that August is here it’s time to get in those last-minute summer styles before the autumn months begin. Don’t get us wrong, we’re definitely pumped for the PSL and fall colors, we just want to make sure we soak up as much summer sun as we can!

Let’s make these summer days just a little sweeter for you with a 10% off coupon code! Just use the code CGAUG to get 10% off your entire order! This code will work for the entire month of August, so make sure to use it on every one of your custom orders this month.

Were you able to catch some waves this summer?

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