Charity Run Shirts

Increased awareness for any disease helps with early diagnosis. Early detection then leads to the appropriate treatment and services.  Raising funds go hand in hand when it comes to increasing awareness. That is why charity runs are such a huge success. People gather together to represent hope and support for all those affected by a disease either first hand or through someone they know. A great deal of planning is put into charity events and organizers have to consider every detail from the logo to the style and color of promotional materials. At Customized Girl, we understand the pressure to make a difference and have an impact on a cause that affects so many individuals. We want to help make your job easier with our custom charity run shirts!

We offer a variety of styles in apparel and accessories that include sizes for women, men, and children.  All our users have to do is simply upload an image or logo of the name of the event, cause, or charity and add it to any product. Customized Girl already has a gallery full of custom charity run shirts that can be a starting point for any cause or illness. After you pick your favorite charity run shirt, click the “start customizing this design now” pink button. From there you can customize the art, font, and text and even have the option to swap out the product color and style. Create a special, one of a kind design in remembrance for a loved one or customize designs for an entire group. With our no minimums and amazing group discounts, you can print as little or as many products that you want!

Like we mentioned before, with any life-changing disease there is an extensive amount of research that goes into treatments. Unfortunately research and clinical trials also require a great deal of funds to achieve results.  Marathons, auctions, and even small events like bake sales are only the tipping point to help fundraise for a cause. Customized Girl Storefronts are an easy way to raise funds for any non-profit organization. There are absolutely no start-up costs to open a storefront, nor will you ever pay a fee to maintain your storefront. Simply design the tees, tanks, sweatshirts, and accessories you’d like to sell for your organization, promote your storefront to volunteers and supporters, and collect the royalty earnings to use for upcoming events or general fundraising needs.

Interested in starting a storefront to spread awareness and raise funds for your cause? For more detailed information check out our storefront FAQ. Customized Girl would be more than happy to help assist your efforts by offering our marketing strategies and art assistance to achieve the ideal storefront.


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Hiking Shirts

The great outdoors is a beautiful and exciting atmosphere that has limitless opportunities to always find something new. Now with the ability to share your travels through artistic social platforms, you want to represent your love for everything nature.  Are you an outdoor junkie who loves to go on adventures and explore new environments? Look no further because Customized Girl has the perfect thrill-seeking apparel for you. Satisfy your wanderlust with custom hiking shirts!

Customized Girl’s hiking shirts are truly unique to your more traditional and simple designs that you’ll find in stores or online. Our imaginative designers have created the most whimsical and inspiring art that will make you crave your next outdoor journey.  Whether your preference is climbing treacherous mountains or sleeping under the sparkling night sky, we’ve got something for every enthusiast.

Hiking Shirts

All of the designs in our gallery can only be found on our website and with our incredible and easy to use design center, you can add whatever you want to any product we offer. Take any design or simple start from scratch then swap it onto your favorite style of clothing. We offer a huge variety in product styles that include your classic t-shirt to more trendier items like slouchy sweatshirts and cozy flannels. Or maybe you want to display your passion everyday? Design a custom bag to put all of your gear in or to fashionably wear around town!

Hiking Shirts

We know that you are already taking amazing pictures of your discoveries and explorations so share them with us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! @CustomizedGirl

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Toss, Catch or Spin in Custom Color Guard Shirts

With the school season just around the corner, students are getting back to their academic routines. Clubs, sports, and marching band are just a few of the activities that everyone participate in from year to year but one of the fundamental and most important groups to partake in during your high school years is color guard. They are the official representatives for the school at every celebrated function and the pressure to be the best is on. That is why constant practice leads to perfection so why not start this season on a high note with custom color guard shirts!

From marching band to competition season, you’ll want to dress to impress and be as dazzling as your performance. Our gallery contains endless design options to choose from that include simple and traditional styles to trendy and parody mashups. All you have to do is to choose your favorite design and customize the name, number, and school colors.  Customized Girl has specialized designs on tees, tanks, and sweatshirts but we also offer custom sockscustom bags, and even custom varsity jackets to highlight your graduating year or school’s mascot. With our easy to use design center you even have the ability to swap whatever design you love onto any product we offer.

Color Guard Bags

Rehearsals can be long and sometimes a weather dependent challenge so dress in custom apparel that will keep you comfortable all day long. Customized Girl guarantees high quality and most importantly, a comfortable feel with every product you purchase. And we’re not named Customized Girl for nothing! Our large selection of misses and junior apparel come in flattering styles from big name brands. Plus with our no minimums policy and amazing group discounts, you can create one design just for yourself or for everyone on your team!  Toss, catch or spin this season in our custom color guard shirts!

Need a new and efficient way to fundraise this year? Learn how custom apparel storefronts for youth booster clubs and teams can help you out this year. Or you don’t see a design concept in our gallery? Let us know or create your own custom apparel storefront and earn money for every design you sell!

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Cheer Bags and Shirts

The football season is fast approaching and everyone is dying to cheer on their favorite teams. No one is more prepared to bring the spirit for the upcoming season than the cheerleading squad.  Many do not know that cheerleading is a year round commitment with endless amounts of practice that requires professionalism on and off the field. Not only do Cheerleader’s bring their A-game to every practice, game, and competition but to their outfits as well. We want our cheerleader’s to represent in their best with custom cheer bags and shirts.

Customized Girl offers the trendiest and dare we say fiercest cheer designs online. We are always searching for the newest concepts and parody mash ups to present to our cheer audience.  Our design center makes it easy to to switch out art, fonts, and colors to make your apparel really stand out against the competition. Take any custom cheer shirt from our gallery, swap it onto your favorite style, and personalize it with your name and colors.

Custom Cheer Shirts

Our desire to be trendsetters doesn’t end with our art and designs but also includes our selection and options in products. Customized Girl’s choices in cheer bags consists of brands like Puma, Nike, and Nfinity. Design a bag just for practice or create matching designs for you and your whole squad! A bulk discount is automatically applied when you order 6 items or more. There’s no way the other teams won’t be jelly of all your custom cheer gear.

Custom Cheer Bags

Do you think you have some great ideas for custom cheer apparel? Do you need a new and effective way to raise money for your cheer team? Customized Girl storefronts are a great way to fundraise for a trip to Worlds and a creative way to put your favorite sayings on your cheer gear!

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Custom Underwear and Boxers for National Underwear Day

There seems to be a holiday for just about everything so it’s not surprise there is a national holiday in honoring your undies. But if you really think about it, underwear is the most crucial part of your outfit due to it’s important and realistic function.   Even though not that many people can see it, your underwear can say a lot about you, your personality, or your mood.  So why not step up your panties game with custom underwear and boxers?

Custom Underwear

Custom underwear is a great for any event and an even better gesture for that special someone.  We may be Customized Girl but we offer different options for guys and gals. Choose from a variety of styles that include panties, boxers, briefs, and thongs then add your own art and text. They can be simple, funny, or cute. It all depends on the message you are trying to convey for someone else’s eyes or just for you. With our easy to use design center the user can take any design and switch it onto their product style and color of choice.  Design something just for you, your significant other or better yet, create matching designs for the two of you.

Custom Boxers

You don’t need a national holiday to design custom underwear and boxers. Now go throw on your favorite undies in honor of National Underwear Day then take a look at our designs and tell us your favorites!


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Represent This Summer With Team USA Shirts

The summer of 2016 is an exciting time around the world due to the Olympic games taking place in Rio. The Olympics can be intense and some of the most suspenseful sporting events many will witness in their lifetime.  The pressure for athletes to represent their countries is at an all time high and for most, is considered the height of their career. Customized Girl wants to help you cheer on whatever sport or Olympian you are supporting this summer with Team USA shirts.

Team USA Shirts

With our design center, you can easily customize any design we offer in the gallery or start from scratch. Some of the newest additions from our talented designers include trendy flags, patriotic emojis, and partying presidents. We also offer an expansive collection of sports art so you can add your favorite sporting event and customize your design with names and dates.

But that’s not even the best part! As the user you can make your design as traditional, funny, or retro as you want. Having your own, one a kind Team USA shirt is a memory you can refer back to and wear for every patriotic event for years to come! Go all out and create matching designs from hats, socks, shirts, and even a classic letterman jacket to show that the United States of America is taking home the gold this summer.

Team USA Shirts

To help get you started, Customized Girl offers amazing red, white, and blue designs in the following categories:

USA Shirts

Patriotic Shirts

USA Drinking Team

Funny USA Shirts

Not cheering on Team USA but a different country or specific athlete? No problem. Take any design from or gallery and swap out names and art or create a brand new design!

Show us your pictures representing Team USA via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! @CustomizedGirl

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Custom Apparel For Fall

Fall is right around the corner!

This means it’s time to do some back-to-school shopping! Make it easy on yourself this year by getting custom apparel for fall at Customized Girl! You can customize our designs any way you’d like, creating a design that’s totally unique to you. Represent your favorite player and team this season by customizing jerseys, sweatshirts, and jackets with your team name and colors!

Our design center makes it incredibly easy to use but if designing isn’t your thing then make sure to check out our gallery of designs. From there all you have to do is:

1. Choose a jacket, hoodie or sweatshirt

2.  Start designing by:

– adding your own text
– adding art from our massive art library
– even add a distressed effect to give your design a vintage look

3. Select a size and add to cart!

These step-by-step instructions are simple to follow, but if you have any questions feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

Looking for more information on our design center? Check out our tutorial here.

Customized Girl even offers fundraising tools for schools and sport teams. Open a custom apparel storefront by adding your school or team logo to any product and earn royalties for every design you sell!

A special thanks to Kevin Macleod at for the music in our video!

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