Create Your Own Brand and Launch a Storefront on Customized Girl

Customized Girl loves empowering individuals to be their best. We get so excited when we see a new storefront launch on our platform. Every day, more and more women are discovering storefronts and building their own brand.

Maybe it’s a fashion brand. Maybe it’s focused on giving back. Maybe it’s a brand that celebrates something fun, like coffee.

No matter what your focus, we think this represent a fundamental shift in how young people (and lots of awesome not-so-young people too!) are approaching their careers. Some call this the “rise of the creative class”.


We don’t want to go work in your corporate, soul-sucking, dead-end job. We want to be our own bosses. And with the internet, we can be. It’s never been easier – or more important – to build your own brand.

Each individual gets to decide what that means. What do you love? What can you not live without? How do you want to change the world? That can be your brand. You just have to build it. You just have to tell your story.


At Customized Girl, we are offering one more way to tell you story: through fashion. By “fashion” we mean “fashion on a massive scale”. Create your account. Create your store. And use our design center (add your own text, art, and images) to post your designs for sale. There it is.


Now you have your own fashion line. A new way to spread your brand. And it is available for the entire world to see and to shop. That is fashion on a massive scale. It’s fast and it’s free and, maybe, it could serve an important function. Not just to raise funds or earn more money, but to spread your message. To build your brand.

Think about it. You can find more info on our storefront platform here.



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Support Your Favorite Player with Custom Football Shirts

Are you ready for some football? Support your favorite player with custom football shirts and custom football apparel! Our design center makes it quick and easy to take your favorite designs and add them to hoodies, bags, blankets, and more! There’s so many design options to fit your personality. Bling out a tank top with custom rhinestone text or be simple by customizing numbers and colors to match your player.  Customized Girl’s offers a variety of shirts and hoodies that are perfect for everyone in the family!

Be your son or boyfriends biggest fan by customizing a custom football shirt this season!

Looking for ways to fundraise for your school’s team this year? Create a storefront featuring your school’s name, colors, and team mascot! Royalties earned can then be donated to additional costs during the season. Interested? Learn more on how storefronts can make a difference for your team on The Future of Fundraising: How Smart Non-Profits Like CADCA are raising Funds with Custom Apparel Storefronts.

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Knock Cancer Out of The Park with Custom Apparel Storefronts

Baseball, custom apparel, and raising funds for charity? Sign me up!

Customized Girl has been working with the OCAO to launch a storefront to help raise funds for those who have been affected by ovarian cancer. What’s great about the OCAO is not only did they create a storefront to help raise funds for the cause but they customized special event shirts to help promote their event “Turn Huntington Park Teal.”  It’s a great OCAO event they hold every year with the Columbus Clippers (AAA baseball team, affiliate of the Cleveland Indians) to help spread ovarian cancer awareness. They also made sure to sequence their “Turn Huntington Park Teal” designs to rank at the top of their page leading up to the event to make sure customers could easily find and purchase shirts for the event.

Here are some great pictures of their custom designs and participants from the event:

It’s amazing what storefronts can help achieve for those raising funds and awareness for great causes. The OCAO had a design concept, created an account, and brought it to life on custom apparel. It’s that easy! Check out our article The Future of Fundraising: How Smart Non-Profits Like CADCA are Raising Funds with Custom Apparel Storefronts to learn more about what a storefront with Customized Girl can do for your charity.

Make sure to stop by OCAO’s storefront and see what great things they are accomplishing by helping spread ovarian cancer awareness.

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Back To School with Custom Backpacks

Summer’s almost over and the 2015 school year is about to start and what better way to make this year extra special than to have a Custom Backpack! Our Liberty Bags Backpack comes in 7 different colors including: black, red, hot pink, purple, navy, royal blue, and kelly green. They can easily fit all your back to school needs and more. Create your perfect pack by personalizing it to include dates, names, favorite animals, and anything else you can think of.

Custom bookbags make great gifts as well for teams, clubs, and organizations. Surprise your daughter and her best friend with matching best friend designs or help your son’s basketball team really stand out at the championship game. It’s all up to you! Custom bookbags are a unique and special way to make any event or year memorable.

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